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Hi, My name is Adrianna Mary-Anne and this is my creativity and lifestyle blog!

My blog name comes from me jokingly making a pronunciation guide for my first name and I started it with “EH” as a nod to being Canadian. Just like that interpretation of my name, I try to look at everything in a potentially creative way. I love creating things whether that be characters for a story, the interpretation of an art journal prompt, a Sims family, the plan for my week ahead, art for my bedroom walls, blog posts, or a cute outfit!  I hope to help inspire you in any way I can and provide a space which makes you feel that no matter what happens in life, you can go through it by filling your world with beauty, creativity, and a whole bunch of inspirational quotes!

Thank you so very much for checking out my blog and reading this little “about me” page! I’d love it if you stayed awhile to hang out!

All of my social media is linked on those little buttons over there, but if you’d like to chat, you can easily track me down on these core four:

  • Instagram: Where I post pictures of all my goings-on… as long as they match my colour theme!
  • Twitter: Where I share the quotable things people around me say and the funny thoughts I have at 2am. Also the best place to stay updated on everything I post everywhere else!
  • Tumblr: Where the fandom-crazed quote-obsessed side of me runs amok. But only in a colour-coordinated, aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • YouTube: Where you can see me make stuff. Or ramble on about things. Or ramble on about the stuff I make.

If you are interested in working with me, either on my blog or through any social media outlet, I can be reached via email: contact@ehdreeahnah.com

However or whenever you’d like to chat, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Disclaimer: Some posts contain affiliate links which means if you choose to click them I am compensated either financially, or through a point/ store credit system. Thank you very much if you choose to click them!


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