Close The Journal. Write/ Scribble Something On The Edges.

I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement of an English-speaking human being to love Dr. Seuss. I even had a VHS of The ABC’s of Dr. Seuss and I can still hear the narrator in my head: “Big A… Little A… What begins with A?” I honestly can’t tell you why I watched that as many times as I did.
For my graduation gift from my godmother I recieved a hardcover copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”. As did my boyfriend from his, and pretty much everyone who has graduated ever. It is a pretty perfect gift for graduation.
It’s filled with inspiring goodies and beyond perfect quotes. I think one day I’ll have to go to Value Village and see if I can find an old copy and use it for an art project, but in the meantime I did a page of my Wreck This Journal inspired by it.
Something I found out (the hard way) from my first WTJ (which you can find HERE) is to do the page where you have to write on the edges of the book first. Or close to first. I did it early on but when I wrote along the edges the sharpie bled through the pages that were done (and a bit thicker) and were visible on lots of the pages. Now, it is a WRECK This Journal so it’s not the biggest deal but I have major control issues.
So on the edges of this journal I wrote part of Dr. Seuss’ book, which you can see in the title picture. One of my favourite lines in the book is “Kid, you’ll move mountains!” so both the writing on the edges and the quote shown on the actual page connects to that line.
On the left side of the page(s?) (I’m so tempted to call it a DPS… throwback to my yearbook days!) I just did a quick watercolour drawing of some mountains. Back in the day every picture I ever drew had to have a sun (with sunglasses, of course) in the corner and some stellar mountain ranges, so I was well practiced for this day. The watercolour set I got was from a dollar store, so hurray for being thrifty!
On the right side page I made the cover of the book that I guess is supposed to be the journal into a quick version of Oh! The Places You’ll Go. Both the lettering of the line on the left and the title/ author’s name were done with leftovers from my Martha Stewart paper punch that I’ve kept from previous projects. I love how the mismatched rainbow letters give it a super Dr. Seuss-y look. If you’d like to check out those paper punches (one of my favourite crafting purchases ever!) I found them super cheap on Amazon and made a shopping “playlist” of all the things I used on this page of my Wreck This Journal! You can find it HERE 🙂
Also on the right side you can kind of see the blue-green writing that goes behind the book. This is one of my favourite techniques that I’ve used in art projects for almost ten years… and it’s not going to be retired any time soon. On this one it’s about the first half of all the text in Oh! The Places You’ll Go. I think it kinda looks like grass which goes with the picture on the other side. Or something…
You can watch the entire process of me “wrecking” this page in the following video!
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