Crack The Spine // Leave This Page Blank on Purpose

For anyone who has done a Wreck This Journal, the page that asks you to crack the spine of the book creates the first real obstacle. It goes against every instinct of a book lover to purposely bend the spine of the book, but at the same time it’s the first page you are presented with after the table of contents and “page numbering” page. It attempts to kill the perfectionist in you right away by this simple but meaningful task.

That being said, cracking the spine is actually the first thing I did in this journal. I actually did in in April and it is part of Episode 1 of my WTJ Series on YouTube.

The page included on the same DPS (double page spread… Yearbook lingo holla) instructs the wrecker to leave that page blank on purpose. This is reminiscent from a page that used to be included in all our provincial exams that said “THIS PAGE IS INTENTIONALLY  BLANK” which made us laugh at the black text on the “blank” page. Anyway, the challenge there is do you actually leave it blank or do something with some degree of devil-may-care-ness? If you scroll through the Wreck This Journal tag on tumblr its filled with various “no” memes plastered on this page. In my completed journal I decided to change it up and placed a sticker that said “beautiful” over blank, and left that page… well, beautiful.

This time around I went a similar route but made both pages go together. One of the movies we watched way too often as kids was the animated movie Babes in Toyland. The villain is Barnaby, who, like most villains in Christmas movies, wants to stop Christmas. Although, unlike the Grinch he is a bit more determined and enlists the goblins (who are absolutely terrifying if you go back and watch) to help. Again on the same track as animated villains, Barnaby also has an epic villain theme song. And of course, it’s catchy as heck. You can check it out here!

So after watching that little gem, you’ll get my inspiration for this page! Now my journal is as crooked as Barnaby, and I know I didn’t follow the instruction to leave that page blank… but I guess maybe I’m morally askew too!

Thanks for reading!


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