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If you search ‘Wreck This Journal’ on YouTube you will get approximately 93,000 video results. If you filter those results by view count, the eleventh (almost tenth!) most viewed video is mine. As of today, my video has over 830,000 views… that is just so incomprehensible to me! I never would have imagined that when, just over two years ago, I had set up my tripod to film a video flipping through all the pages of the little project I had been doing for fun over the past couple years, over three-quarters of a million people would end up seeing it. I am so grateful to every person who has watched my video, left a comment, or chosen to follow me in whatever capacity because of it.

Now, if you’ve gotten this far and are still wondering what the heck is a Wreck This Journal? I’ve got your back. Wreck This Journal is a bestselling book by Keri Smith. The best way to describe it is as a more grown up activity book (think those colouring/ wordsearch/ crossword books you got for long road trips or airplane rides!). Each page has a prompt and the challenge is to complete the given prompt in a interesting/ creative/ unique/ distructive way. I originally found out about WTJ in 2008 when one of the assignments for my creative writing class was to make our own journal inspired by Keri Smith’s. I actually posted some of my DIY WTJ pages on Tumblr:

When I finally decided to purchase the actual journal, I posted each individual page on my Tumblr as I completed them. Some posts actually became quite popular, like my “Press Leaves and Other Found Things” page that got over 13,000 notes!

Something I have struggled with is how to best create a “home base” where people can easily find all the content related to my journals. It started out quite simply, I had a page on my Tumblr where I typed up all the individual prompts. As I completed each one, I would post and link that page so that people could easily see all the pages. After I finished that journal, made the flip-through video, and started a second WTJ I decided I needed to rethink my layout. This has since gotten even more complicated as I have obtained other journals by Keri Smith and started posting YouTube videos featuring the process of “wrecking” pages, as well as writing blog posts on here.

So this post is my “hub” for a more linear way to navigate my WTJ posts across the different social media outlets that it exists on. I will have all the pages listed and all the versions of that page I’ve done, whether that be in-progress pictures, videos of the process, or the different ways I approached it for different journals. I hope this makes everything easier, whether you are looking for inspiration as you work on your own WTJ, or are just interested!



Cover (Before):

Cover (After):

Title Page:

Copyright Page:

This Book Belongs To…:



Add Your Own Page Numbers:

Crack The Spine:

Leave This Page Blank On Purpose:

Stand Here:

Pour, Spill, Drip, Split, Fling Your Coffee Here:

Poke Holes in This Page Using a Pencil:

Draw Fat Lines and Thin:

Handprints and Fingerprints:

Colour This Entire Page:

Throw Something:

Press Leaves and Other Found Things:

Scratch Using a Sharp Object:

Do Some Rubbings With A Pencil:

Scribble Wildly:

Tear Strips:

Glue, Staple, Or Tape These Pages Together:

Draw Lines While In Motion:

Fill This Page With Circles:

Document Your Dinner:

Chew On This:

Make a Funnel. Drink Some Water:

Tear Out, Crumple:

Make A Paper Airplane:

  • lost
  • out of the woods by taylor swift + video

Wrap Something With This Page:

Tongue Painting:

Write One Word Over and Over:

Swing Wildly:

Pick Up The Journal Without Using Your Hands:

Climb Up High, Drop The Journal:

Compost This Page:

Do a Really Ugly Drawing:

Place Sticky Things Here:

Pretend You Are Doodling On The Back Of An Envelope:

Journal Golf:

Make a Paper Chain:

Collect Fruit Stickers Here:

Cover This Page Using Only Office Supplies:

Bring This Book In The Shower With You:

Tie a String to the Journal. Go for a Walk, Drag it:

Rub Here With Dirt:

This is a Test Page for Pens, Paints, Markers or Art Supplies:

Drip Something Here. (Ink, Paint, Tea) Close the Book to Make a Print:

Sew This Page:

Glue a Random Page from a Newspaper Here:

A Place For Your Grocery Lists:

Collect The Stamps Off Of All Your Mail:

Trace the Things in Your Bag (or Pockets). Let the Lines Overlap:

Cover this Page With White Things:

Scribble Wildly Using Only Borrowed Pens:

Make a Sudden Destructive, Unpredictable Movement with the Journal:

Make a Mess, Clean it Up:

Doodle on Top of: the Cover, the Title Page, the Instructions, the Copyright Page/ Fold Down the Corners of your Favourite Pages:

Page of Good Thoughts:

Make Prints Using an Ink Pad and Cut Vegetables:

Ask a Friend to do Something Destructive to this Page:

Write Carelessly Now:

Glue Random Items Here:

Tear This Page Out. Put it in your Pocket. Put it Through the Wash. Stick it Back in:

Cut Through Several Layers:

Infuse This Page with a Smell of your Choosing:

Colour Outside The Lines:

Close your Eyes. Connect the Dots from Memory:

Hang the Journal in a Public Place, Invite People to Draw Here:

Collect your Pocket Lint. Glue it Here:

Trace Your Hand:

Draw with Glue:

Sample Various Substances Found in your Home:

Document a Boring Event in Detail:

Create a Drawing Using a Piece (or Several Pieces) of Your Hair:

Glue in a Photo of Yourself that you Dislike. Deface:

Draw Lines Using Abnormal Writing Utensils Dipped in Ink or Paint:

Fill in this Page When you are Really Angry:

Write or Draw With your Left Hand:

Find a Way to Wear the Journal:

This Page Is A Sign. What Do You Want It To Say?:

Create A Nonstop Line:

Space For Negative Comments:

Draw Lines With Your Pen or Pencil. Lick Your Finger and Smear The Lines:

Lose This Page:

A Page for Four-Letter Words:

Glue in a Page From a Magazine. Circle Words you Like:

Write with the Pen in Your Mouth:

Give Away Your Favourite Page:

:drawkcab etirW

Document Time Passing:

This Space is Dedicated to Internal Monologue:

Scrub This Page:

Hide a Secret Message Somewhere in this Book:

Sleep with the Journal:

Close the Journal. Write/ Scribble Something on the Edges:

Write a List of More Ways To Wreck This Journal:

Stain Log:

Doodle Over Top Of This Page And In The Margins:

Figure Out a Way to Attach These Two Pages Together:*

Rub This Page on a Dirty Car:*

Collect The Letter “W” Here:*

Collect Dead Bugs Here:*

Drum on This Page with Pencils:*

Float This Page:*

Figure Out a Way to Freeze This Page:*

Hide This Page in Your Neighbours Yard:*

Roll the Journal Down a Large Hill:*

Sell This Page:*

Turn the Book into a Shoe:*

Slide the Journal (This Page Face-Down) Down a Long Hallway:*

Smush Something Colourful Onto This Page:*

Squirt Liquid Here:*

Cover This Page in Tape:*

Trace Your Toes:*

Also From Keri Smith:

Tape this Journal Closed. Mail it to Yourself:

(Pages marked with an “*” are only included in the extended edition of the Wreck This Journal (it has a little notation on the cover that says “now with even more ways to wreck!”. This is now the most commonly available WTJ. The first journal I completed was the original and did not include these pages.)

Also, just a friendly reminder to not repost any images of my pages without crediting me @adriannamaryanne or @ehdreeahnah (or by linking back to this page). I truly appreciate that, so very much! 🙂

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any questions, I have a WTJ FAQ available HERE, and I am more than happy to answer anything not answered there in the comments of this post or through whatever social media works best for you! 🙂


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