This Book Belongs To… A Pokémon?

One of the first pages in the Wreck This Journal involves writing your name multiple different ways. “This Book Belongs To…” is a pretty straight forward page but I had this idea to create something a bit more unique. Since my Pokémon Go addiction is so real, and my Instagram colour theme fit perfectly… I decided to finally bring this idea into realization.

The page starts off looking like this:

→This book belongs to ∘ #wreckthisjournal #wreckthisjournaleverywhere #adriannasjournaljourney

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The smaller version is Wreck This Journal Everywhere, which I haven’t started yet. The bigger version is the “before” of this page before I completed it.

In my first WTJ, I actually just honestly messed up and wrote my name on the wrong lines (whoops) so I covered the page in scrapbook page and started over. This is actually the first page I used scrapbook paper to make my own makeshift pages in the journal, and a monster was created.

This Book Belongs To… Then & Now ? #wreckthisjournal #adriannasjournaljourney #blockedoutpersonalinfo

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As you can see I took a bit more of a colourful route for my current journal! The following video shows the whole process to get to the end result. I hope you like it!

If you would like to see more of my Wreck This Journal creations, feel free to check out my Wreck This Journal Masterpost!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have an awesome day!


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