Five for a Fresh Face Mask (October 2016)


I’ve been doing pretty lengthy “Empties” posts (which you can check out HERE). These have included the used up Lush pots that I save up in order to trade them in for a free face mask. Instead of hoarding them all to include with the Empties posts, I decided from here on out to share them separately. I’ll still include the bottled and other non-black pot products from Lush in the regular Empties post, but I thought it would be fun to do little mini Lush specific Empties of five products and then the face mask that I trade them in for! I have tried all the Fresh Face Masks that Lush offers (at least up to this point) and wrote a post about them (with some awkward pictures of me testing them all out, of course) HERE.

So here it is, my first instalment of “Five for a Fresh Face Mask”!


1. Don’t Look At Me: This was the result of my last trade-in at Lush. It was my first choice (depending on what they have in stock, sometimes you need to have a plan B, C, or Plan ah… what the heck, I brought the empty pots with me anyway… I guess that one will do) because I wanted something with a little bit of extra exfoliation, as well as the lemon that helps in brightening and acts as an astringent. My skincare routine has become very simple over the last couple months so I brought this fella in just to add a bit of zest. Even though it has the exfoliants and the astringents, it also has tonnes of moisturizing ingredients so your face doesn’t feel tight or dry afterwards (which is huge for me since being on Accutane) so it’s the best of both worlds! I have a hard time saying YES this product is my number one favourite, but I’m pretty certain Don’t Look At Me is my favourite of Lush’s masks. Again, if you’d like to check out what I had to say about all the masks, that post is available HERE. Lush’s Fresh Face Masks are only available in store, but you can read what their website has to say about Don’t Look At Me, HERE.


2. Angels On Bare Skin: One of Lush’s clay cleansers, AOBS is not a product that drew me in right away. In fact, I always thought this would never work for me since I have such problematic skin and this is marketed as gentle for sensitive skin… and for all the problems my skin has, sensitivity is pretty much the only one not on the list. Even after trying three of Lush’s other clay cleansers, this never enticed me like many of Lush’s products do.  However, I got a sample of it in a gift last Christmas and adored the smell. I liked it and enjoyed using it but didn’t feel like anything was really happening either way with my skin. Enter Accutane, and one of the first things on my list was this guy (you can check out my Accutane Product Haul, HERE). Angels on Bare Skin is aptly name because on Accutane, it was a godsend. You’re not supposed to exfoliate while on the medication but every once in awhile I would use this as a cleanser and my skin was so soft and felt so nice that it was completely integral to surviving the first few weeks when my skin was freaking out. It was gentle but still effective at scrubbing away the dead skin and other fun stuff that regular cleansers miss. This is one of Lush’s best selling products and I’m not surprised. A+, would recommend. You can find Angels On Bare Skin HERE.


3. Jasmine And Henna Fluff-Eaze. One of my very favourite scents is jasmine and as you can guess by the name of this product, it smells heavily of Lush’s jasmine fragrance (often known as Lust based on one of their perfumes). I wrote a more in depth review of this product when I compared all of Lush’s leave-in treatments which you can find HERE. It smells beautiful (and the scent LASTS!) and brings out the red in my hair which I am all about. In a nutshell, I love this hair treatment and will continue to purchase it whenever my budget allows. Jasmine And Henna Fluff-Eaze is available HERE.


4. Retread. The heavy duty conditioner in Lush’s haircare line. I did review a number of Lush’s shampoos/ conditioners HERE so for more information you can check out that post. I have a pretty itchy, dry scalp on the best of days but with the introduction of Accutane, the dryness with my scalp and hair has increased exponentially. To combat this, I repurchased Retread even though I found it could be a bit heavy for my hair with regular usage. However, on Accutane I wash my hair much less than I did before so it was the perfect consistency (with R&B hair moisturizer especially!) and worked extremely well. I did use a significant amount, especially on my roots which I would never do pre-Accutane. It is a bit pricey so I probably won’t repurchase it right away, but we’ll see how much longer I’m on the medication and I’ll make my conditioner purchasing decisions based on that. I personally like the scent but I know many people don’t, so I’d recommend checking it out in store before purchasing. You can find it on Lush’s website HERE.


5. Charity Pot. It is no longer the “New” Charity Pot but is more floral whereas the original one had more of a chocolatey scent. I wasn’t a big fan of the original formulation but LOVE the newer version. It is one of my very favourite lotions and it checks all the boxes of good moisturizing and fragrance. One thing to be aware of is this particular one was much more watery than ones I’ve purchased previously so it’s a good idea to check inside the container before you purchase. 100% of the proceeds for Charity Pot go to charities and have images on the top lid depicting one of the many organizations your money could be supporting. You can find more information about Charity Pot HERE.

And these five pots got exchanged for this face mask:

Rosy Cheeks. Lush’s most expensive Fresh Face Mask (which makes getting it for free even more rewarding) was my first choice this time around. Since the weather is changing and getting colder, my skin is feeling more irritated and I wanted something soothing and calming. Also, I found that Rosy Cheeks lasted longer for me than the majority of the other masks. It smells and feels beautiful and I’m hoping it makes my face feel a little happier 🙂 You can find more information about Rosy Cheeks HERE.

Thanks so much for reading this post! What’s your favourite Lush product? Have a great (long for my fellow Canadians) weekend!



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