Lush Like Love Lust or Loath: Cleansers

I have tried all the Lush cleansers. Well, except for the solid ones. And Movis because the whole bread thing weirds me out. And Kalamazoo because I don’t have a beard. Oh and I missed the Christmas Buche De Noël. But other than that, all the boxes have been checked. There are two sections of cleansers on this post, the first being the clay cleansers and the second being non-clay. The clay cleansers are a bit more high maintenance and involve pinching off a bit of product, mixing it with water in your hand, and then using that solution to wash your face. It’s not for everyone, but I personally like it.

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Herbalism: LOVE
I have such a soft spot for Herbalism. It was one of the products I got in my very first Lush Haul and I repurchased it a couple times after. It smells VERY earthy and herbal, and personally I LOVE that smell but it’s not for everyone. It reminds me of when my dad used to de-moss our backyard growing up and we’d play in the… dead moss like they were raked up leaves. Okay, kinda weird but stay with me. Herbalism (and all the clay cleansers from Lush) is a thick chunk (think of modelling clay) where you break off a smaller piece, mix it with water in your hand and mush it around until you have a paste like consistency which you wash your face with for a cleansing and mild exfoliating experience from the ground almonds. It’s wonderful. Herbalism is marketed for those who have oily, problematic skin and while I loved it, it didn’t do much to help my acne prone skin.  Now that I’m done Accutane, if my skin goes back to oily I will definitely pick up a new round of Herbalism!

Herbalism is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $15.95.

Dark Angels: LIKE
Dark Angels (how badass is that name?) is the next step I took after I found Herbalism to be ineffective against my acne. It’s marketed for the same crew as Herbalism (oily and acne prone folk) but a bit more aggressive. Instead of Herbalism’s ground almonds, DA uses sugar as an exfoliant. It is slightly more dry and chalky than Herbalism so it requires a bit more work to get to the point of being able to use it. I did like this product and found it made my skin VERY soft and helped the oil production, but my skin was just too far gone. One thing to be aware of is that it is VERY messy. The process of the clay cleansers isn’t self contained like most cleansers that you just push a pump or squeeze a tube but DA takes this farther than any of the other ones. After cleansing with Dark Angels my sink looks like an early episode of Supernatural. My friend uses (and LOVES) DA but only washes her face with it in the shower, which is probably a good call.

Dark Angels is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $13.95.

Aqua Marina: LOATHE
If you read the post where I talked about trying all the Lush fresh face masks, you might remember my little rant about how much I hate seaweed. For a refresher: I reeeeeally hate seaweed. This cleanser was actually given to me. She had asked me if I wanted a face mask that she bought and tried it but didn’t like it so I said sure. What she ended up giving me was the 250g container of Aqua Marina. I tried to use it and like it but the smell and texture and knowledge of wiping seaweed on my face was a mild form of torture. The cleanser itself is calamine based with seaweed mixed in. The website says there’s sea salt for exfoliating but I didn’t notice any. I ended up using it as a body cleanser (mostly on my legs) so that I wouldn’t waste it… but I was very relieved when that tub was empty.

Aqua Marina is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $12.95.

Angels on Bare Skin: LOVE
I’ve talked about this product a few times on my blog since I purchased it last Spring. When starting Accutane I knew I needed an exfoliant (because I need to exfoliate or I go crazy) but it is one of the things you’re not supposed to do while on the medication as your skin is super thin and delicate. AOBS is a beautiful almond and lavender based clay cleanser that provided the perfect amount of exfoliation while still being gentle. This cleanser is marketed at those with sensitive skin and it’s just beautiful. I have no negative things to say about it other than the fact that I don’t have a free lifetime supply.

Angels on Bare Skin is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $15.95.

Let The Good Times Roll: LOVE
Just in general I’ve always stayed away from products that are ‘for all skin types’ because for all the time that I’ve been into skincare my face has been extremely acne prone and oily, so generalizing just meant (to me) that it wouldn’t work well for me, specifically. Now that my skin has its life together and can be called “normal”, I feel like I have more wiggle room with the kind of products I use. I have always liked the idea of LTGTR because it’s got popcorn in it (and if you know me, you’ll know my deep love of popcorn) but never picked it up since it’s one of those ‘for all skin type’ products. Since being off Accutane I’ve been working at trying to get a skincare routine that doesn’t involve my pre-medication arsenal of acne products or my during-medication moisture infantry. Plus I only needed to try LTGTR to say I’ve tried all the Lush clay cleansers (except the Christmas one… maybe this year!) and oh my goodness, it is just beautiful. It smells incredible (people say like popcorn but I think it’s more like baked goods) with polenta, flour, and cinnamon. It has a very fine exfoliant in it that I found more scrubby than any of the other ones (with the exception of Dark Angels) but it was like a very fine sand so nothing too abrasive. The overall texture is more creamy and “squishy” which reminded me a bit of Herbalism. You even get a piece of popcorn on top! Overall it was an extremely lovely product and I definitely will repurchase it in the future.

Let The Good Times Roll is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $12.95.


Ocean Salt: LUST
Bath bombs aside, if you’ve only heard of one Lush product it’s probably Ocean Salt. It was one of the first products I purchased from there and it’s great. The scent is wonderful, it’s great at exfoliating while still leaving your skin soft, and it even makes your face/ body look a little brighter after usage. But boy is it hella expensive. The 250g tub will set you back almost $40 CAD. When I would use it on my body and face, it would only last me about six usages which is ridiculous. I ended up using it just as a face scrub for awhile to make it last longer (especially since it’s so abrasive that it is not a daily use product), but I found it most effective as a body scrub. Ocean Salt is a great product that truly lives up to the hype but just not one I can afford to purchase for what I like to use it as. As an aside, I now use Franks Body Scrub and ADORE it.

Ocean Salt is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $21.95.

Grease Lightning: LIKE
Grease Lightning is Lush’s spot treatment. It comes in a little pump and is full of good stuff like aloe vera and tea tree oil. As we can all conclude by this point in the post, Lush products did not help my acne. This does not mean it’s a bad product or doesn’t work on acne, it just means mine was too severe to be treated with these comparatively gentle ingredients. I ended up using it as a spot treatment for mosquito bites in the summer to stop the itching and it worked well for that. It would be unfair for me to give this a ‘loathe’ as I did not loathe it, I loathed my acne and was just kind of bummed that this product did not help me. After using this I actually purchased pure tea tree oil as a spot treatment which I much preferred as no residue is left over, whereas Grease Lightning does leave a bit of a film where you apply it (and when your entire face is covered in acne, that’s not a good look).

Grease Lightning is available in Lush stores and online for CAD $14.95.

Ultrabland: LOVE
Ultrabland is one of my top three Lush products EVER. It is my most repurchased item from Lush and I 100% recommend it. Ultrabland is marketed as a makeup remover or daily cleanser but I only use it as a nighttime cleanser when I’m wearing a full face of makeup. You apply the product (a thick waxy cream) on your dry face, rub it all over your face (focusing on areas like your eyes that have high concentrations of makeup) and wipe it off with a damp warm cloth (they say you can use a cotton pad or toner but I feel that would take forever) and BAM your makeup is gone! Because of all the wonderful natural ingredients, your face is also suuuuuper soft so you don’t have to moisturize if you don’t want. I am super paranoid and protective of my skin now so I will often go in and do a second cleanse and moisturize as well, but on the nights I’m feeling lazy I’ll just do the one step wonder.

Ultrabland is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $18.95.

9 to 5: LOVE
If you read the description of 9 to 5 it seems to be marketed as a kind of makeup remover. I originally purchased the cleansing lotion as a cheaper alternative to Ultrabland, with the hopes of putting my newly purchased Clarisonic to use with a Lush cleanser. In my opinion 9 to 5 does not compare to Ultrabland in taking off makeup, but it is a beautiful light cleanser that works really well when paired with a cleansing brush. The scent is beautiful (if you like the smell of R&B you will love this!) and it is my favourite cleanser in that regard. As it is a ‘cleansing lotion’ it leaves your skin super soft and feeling lovely. If you are looking for a more traditional gentle cleanser, or something to use with your Clarisonic… I’d definitely recommend 9 to 5!

9 to 5 is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $10.95.

Thanks so much for reading this post! If you’d like to see my other Lush Cosmetics posts, you can check them out HERE. Have you tried any of these Lush cleansers? Which is your favourite? I’d love to hear from you!

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