Lush Like, Love, Lust or Loathe: Face Masks

Lush is one of my favourite stores. I love trying the different products and it’s actually kind of obnoxious, to the point where the staff will try and recommend me products but I have tried them all. It’s happened a few times where I have ended up recommending THEM products.

I love recommending products to people in general, but Lush products especially. I think Lush’s reputation is mostly sparkly bath bombs, but there is so much more than that and so if you haven’t already, I definitely recommend checking them out (in store or online)!

One product that is a great starting point for anyone looking to try Lush for the first time, is their face masks. I made it my personal goal to try all of them, partly so I could write this blog post… but mostly just to say that I have.

They are a nice treat even though they are among the cheaper products that Lush offers. Another great thing about the fresh face masks is that you can get one FREE if you bring back five empty black pots (the containers that many Lush products come in). Since they are made with all fresh products, they have a pretty limited shelf (or… fridge, rather) life but I never had one go bad even when I had it past the expiry date. If it didn’t start smelling weird or have little bonus things growing on top, I figure I am good to go. Because of the nature of their super fresh ingredients, these masks are not available online and have to be purchased in store. It became quite tricky when I was just looking for a couple masks to finish off this project, as some stores never had those particular ones in stock. The hardest to find was Rosy Cheeks.

Photo 2015-11-24, 2 56 47 PMedit

So here is my third instalment of this little series: Lush Like, Love, Lust or Loathe: Face Mask Edition. If you would like to see the other two posts, you can check them out HERE. All the masks unless otherwise noted are $7.95 CAD, but most of mine were redeemed free after bringing in the black pots (a big addiction equals a lot of empty pots haha).


Photographic evidence that I tried ALL THE MASKS

(Note: They’re not in any particular order, other than referencing the above image from left to right and then bottom to top)

Brazened Honey: LOVE
Brazened Honey is a great mask and I really enjoyed using it. It’s more on the thick side, which I generally prefer and you are able to exfoliate with it as well. It smells great (like honey, surprised?) and makes my skin feel all nice and tingly. As I said, it’s pretty heavy and might be a little intense for people with sensitive skin, but I do recommend giving it a try!

Love Lettuce LOVE
Well, it’s not called “Like Lettuce” haha. This is a great mask for those who like to exfoliate (like me). You leave the mask on, like normal, but when you go to wash it off it has particles that gently buff the skin as you remove it. I like to massage it in quite a bit and my skin is left soft, smooth, and glowing!

Don’t Look At Me: LOVE
When Lush released two new face masks, one being Don’t Look At Me, you would not believe how excited I was. I was torn with which to try first and ended up going with DLAM because of how unique it looked. Whenever someone sees me in my natural state (with a face mask on, of course) I always dramatically say DON’T LOOK AT ME so I loved that this was chosen for the name of the bright turquoise mask. The lemony scent is beautiful and the scrubby bits are more substantial than most of the other masks. It is a bit more expensive than most of the masks, so I was going to give it “LUST” status, but went with “LOVE” because it is my favourite of all the fresh face masks. After I wash it off my face is left super smooth and soft as well as feeling refreshed and hydrated. I wholeheartedly recommend giving this mask a try! Don’t Look At Me is available in Lush stores for CAD $10.95.

Oatifix: LOATHE
This mask is made with banana and oats and people say that it smells like cookie dough or banana bread. If you know me, those are two of the things I make on a pretty much weekly basis. They are the foundation of my nutritional intake. I actually prefer banana bread batter to cookie dough and I friggen LOVE cookie dough. I will make banana bread just so I can scoop out a spoonful (or… a dozen) of the batter for myself. So, in theory, this was a face mask made for me right? Wrong. The mask smells good, but the second I started to smooth it onto my face I felt sick. Even though most of the masks involve food products, the sensation of rubbing oatmeal over my face with Oatifix just made me queasy. It looked more like vomit than any other of the masks and I couldn’t wait to wash it off. My face felt nice enough but when I went to use it a second time I could’t stop gagging. I left the container in the fridge for well over a month past the expiry date and ended up washing it down the sink. Plus side, it wasn’t moldy after all that time? Since starting Accutane I wish I didn’t hate this since it’s supposed to be the best for dry skin, but I’ll have to find an alternative.

Catastrophe Cosmetic: LIKE
Catastrophe Cosmetic is the second Lush Fresh Face Mask I ever purchased. I really like this one, but it is the most “high maintenance” mask so it didn’t quite get the promotion to “LOVE”. First, the scent of this mask is my favourite out of all of them. It’s made with calamine and blueberries so the smell is a calming creamy blueberry one. It feels amazingly soothing on the skin, especially when your face is hot or irritated. However, it has a bit of a chalky consistency so it’s a bit harder to apply because of the thickness. Also, it dries quite fast. I like to leave my face masks on for quite awhile but you can’t really do that with CC. After it dries, the mask starts to flake off in powdery chunks… so my shirt and whatever I’m doing will be COVERED in blue tinted dust. As much as I love many aspects of this mask, that part is just such a major drawback.

Cosmetic Warrior: LOVE
Cosmetic Warrior was the first face mask I bought from Lush and is also the one I have repurchased (/re-traded empty pots in for) the most often. I have really angry acne prone skin and I love using Cosmetic Warrior as a way to address my problematic skin without using harsh scrubs and chemicals. It doesn’t clear my acne by any means but my face feels so fresh and clean afterwards, kind of like pressing the restart button. Aside from active breakouts, the majority of my skin will look nice and clear after using this mask. It is made with garlic and tea tree oil so the smell is pretty… intense. I personally like it but I can definitely see it being a drawback for other people. It has a smooth watery consistency but sometimes there are garlic bits inside which can feel weird so I usually pick them out. Overall I really like this mask and will continue to keep it as a frequent addition to my skincare routine.

Ayesha: LIKE
I found it very odd that one of the main ingredients in this is asparagus. Don’t get me wrong, I love asparagus… but it’s just not the first thing that pops into mind when I think of foods that would be good to rub all over my face. I personally didn’t find it to smell very asparagus-y but that might be just me. Overall it was a nice mask, I’d pick it up again, but it wasn’t a huge stand out to me.

Cupcake: LOVE
Cupcake is marketed specifically to teenagers and is geared towards oily, acne prone skin. I didn’t find it quite as good for that purpose as Cosmetic Warrior but it smells amazing (like minty chocolate icing!). It’s nice and thick, wonderfully tingly, and super easy to reply. This would be my recommendation to try first, if you’ve never used a Lush face mask before!

BB Seaweed: LIKE
I really dislike seaweed. I don’t like the smell, the taste, the feel… nothing. After a rather negative experience with Aqua Marina (Lush’s seaweed-based cleanser) I was dreading this mask. I left it really close to the end of the list, always trying to pick up whatever other mask was available before this one. When it came to the point where I was down to two face masks left to try (Rosy Cheeks and BB Seaweed) and Rosy Cheeks wasn’t in stock, I sighed dramatically and picked out BB Seaweed. For science. However, when I finally tried it I was beyond pleasantly surprised. The other scents/ ingredients in the mask completely remove the smell of seaweed and you’re left with a nice, calming scent. Seaweed is loaded with nutritional benefits and so it has undeniably amazing effects for your body and skin so I’m happy that I can use this product and enjoy it. It leaves my skin soft and feeling great! The only reason this doesn’t get “LOVE” status is that the chunks of seaweed are quite large and thus don’t blend with the texture of the mask completely. This leaves them hanging off my face, sometimes falling out, and makes for a really messy take-off experience. So, if you’ve been putting off this mask because you dislike seaweed… I do recommend giving it a try!

The Sacred Truth: LIKE
This is marketed as Lush’s anti-aging but not Anti-Aging mask, if you know what I mean. It’s ideal for mature skin, but doesn’t work as drastically as many products officially marketed that way. The Sacred Truth smells pretty fruity and has a creamy/ pasty texture. Overall it’s lovely and it makes my skin feel nice and soft after using it. I don’t have anything negative to say but it rests pretty much in the middle of the pack for me.

Rosy Cheeks: LUST
The hunt for this face mask was unreal. It was released with Don’t Look At Me about halfway through my quest of trying all the face masks, and since they were both so new and exciting… I, of course, had to add them to my list. Unlike DLAM, Rosy Cheeks was constantly sold out. There’s about four different Lush stores that are accessible to me and for WEEKS I would go and they wouldn’t have it. Anyway, when I finally stumbled upon it at this random mall I hardly ever go to, it was the last mask I had to try. I would say this is probably a top contender for my favourite mask, but since it is significantly more expensive than the rest of the masks (and harder to find), it has “LUST” status. It has a really unique consistency, very smooth and even though I’m pretty liberal with applications, it lasted me five uses instead of my regular three. The calming rosy scent was beautiful and my skin always felt amazing afterwards and looked brighter and healthier. I did found it started peeling off if I left it on too long, but because of the smooth consistency it didn’t bother me at all. I would definitely recommend trying this one out, but bring five empty pots to avoid the higher price tag. Rosy Cheeks is available in Lush stores for CAD $12.95.

Cranberry: LIKE
On one of my Lush trips around Christmas 2015, I saw that they released Cranberry, a limited-edition mask for the holiday season. Even though there were still a couple more on my list, I decided to get this one instead of a year-round mask. Because of it’s seasonal status, I didn’t know how fast it would sell out or if it would be restocked. Overall it was a nice mask. I liked the pink colour, similar to Rosy Cheeks since I could wear it outside of my room and as long as no one was looking directly at me I wouldn’t get any commentary on it haha. It is on the chunkier side, which I believe was from crushed up cranberries. The smell was okay, definitely smelling like the berry for which it is named and therefore very bitter. It wasn’t a game changer, and I wasn’t heartbroken after it left with the Christmas products.



Mask of Magnaminty: LIKE
Because it’s not a Fresh Face Mask, I didn’t want to include it with the others but felt it still belonged in this post… because it’s still a mask. And it’s the first picture in this series that I took and the reason I decided to try all the masks… so I couldn’t leave him out. This mask was REALLY close to getting a “LOVE” but I decided to go with “LIKE” for a few reasons. MoM was one of the first Lush products I purchased, and I genuinely did like it. Since MoM isn’t a fresh mask, it has a much longer shelf life. Instead of the three-ish weeks allotted to the 60g mask, I got close to six months with the 315g container of this guy. With that said, I got really bored with it. For me, part of the reason I like face masks is the novelty of using them a couple times and then moving on to the next one. It’s a treat and a luxury for me and my skin. Face masks are not a product that I want a long term relationship with. If I love a mask I will repurchase it again after trying some other ones, which I have done many times. Although I adored the smell of MoM (it smells like this specific brand of mint chocolate chip ice cream we used to always get!) and liked that it had the scrubbing particles to make your skin super smooth afterwards, I have never reached for it again in store. I found it a struggle to use the whole thing up, even when applying it quite generously (as you can see). I ended up having to start using it as a body mask/ scrub to finish the container since I was significantly past the expiry date. I was relieved when it was empty. For a product that is supposed to be luxurious and pampering, I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to feel. That said, I would consider buying the 125g version of it, as that is a bit less committal and I did enjoy the product for the first couple weeks.  I tried the original Mask of Magnaminty, but it is now available in a self-preserving formula as well. There is also a new-ish mask called “Cup o’ Coffee” that is a similar idea to MoM, but I really disliked the smell so it remains the single mask I have not tried, but since it’s not one of the Fresh Face Masks… I can still say I’ve tried them all. Right? The original formulation of Mask of Magnaminty is available in Lush stores and online for CAD $25.95.

Thanks so much for reading this post! If you would like more information about Lush’s Fresh Face Masks (and the other ones too) you can check out their website HERE! Which is your favourite mask? Are there any other product lines that you would like me to do a Lush Like, Love, Lust, or Loathe for? I look forward to hearing from you!


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    Such an amazing and helpful post! Can’t wait for more comparison/Like-Love-Lust-Loathe posts 🙂

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      Thanks so much Ana!! I’ve got some in the works 😀

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