Nail Polish I Wore This Fall

Personally, I consider fall to start on September 1st and end on October 31st. Until the calendars catch on though, winter didn’t officially start until December 21st and that’s when it was time for me to change my “Nails” highlight on Instagram. I tried something new to be able to talk about the nail polish I’d worn during the summer (which you can check out HERE) and I really liked being able to document it with some  commentary. I went into more detail about how and why I have been taking pictures of my nail polish in that post, so if you’re interested, that’s the place to go 🙂 Anyway, here is the highlight reel of all the nail polish I wore this fall!

The first “challenge” I gave myself with my fall nails was to do another rainbow order situation like I did with the summer neons, but with my fall colours. Like I said in the summer polish post, fall is my favourite season and provides my favourite colour palette to work with, whether it be for nail polish or like… anything haha. You can check out my rainbow order in the featured image for this post! I have a lot of favourites in there but most notably are the red and green!


The red is one of my favourite OPI polishes of all time, and one of the only colours I used more than once when I worked at a nail salon and was determined to never be a polish repeater. It’s the perfect shade of  burgundy that is blue-toned without being purply. I think it’s super flattering and always a go-to for fall. The green is one of my favourite polishes because of the name (it’s part of my ~BrAnD nAmE~ after all haha). I cyber-stalked it for over a year before finally pulling the trigger and making the purchase. In the bottle it looks a bit yucky because the shade definitely leans to the yellow side of the olive green spectrum but on the nail it’s actually really flattering! Dree is not a colour you hear talked about very much online, so that makes it all the more unique!

(Shown: OPI’s Malaga Wine and Zoya’s Dree)

Also in my fall-toned rainbow was my orange shade! I actually wrote a whole blog post (you can read it HERE if you like!) about my hunt for the perfect burnt orange nail polish colour, and this is the one I went with!

(Shown: OPI’s It’s a Piazza Cake)

While we’re getting through the rainbow, I have to mention my yellow pick! I can’t decide if I love it or hate it?

It has one of my favourite nail polish names EVER and I actually used it for the first time on the deck of a cruise ship (while it was windy and cold…. it was a mess haha) and wore it in Japan so there’s definitely some sentimentality to it.

(Shown: China Glaze’s Mustard the Courage)

The highlight of fall 2019 for me was definitely my trip to Tucson, Arizona! Whenever I travel I either have a small existential crisis over what nail polish to wear… or pack several options to alternate between. Since we were only going for a weekend (you can check out a post about my travel day HERE) I couldn’t justify bringing multiple, so I went with tried and true black nails.

It’s a horrible picture, I know, but they were chipping like crazy (my black is very old but it was one of the first OPI polishes I ever got and I’m grossly sentimental) and I needed to get the picture while it was light our and I was wearing flip flops (IN NOVEMBER!! THE NOVELTY!!) before I changed my shoes to go for a walk. Because I wanted to get my pedicure in the picture too. I know… I know.

(Shown: OPI’s Black Onyx… and OPI’s My Solar Clock is Ticking)

I don’t really have a least favourite manicure this time around since fall is just, you know, the best but the polish that was most disappointing is actually one of my favourite shades.

This OPI polish is my absolute favourite colour (dark foresty green), it’s from the Iceland collection which was AMAZING and the polish name is BOMB but the polish is tricky to work with and always chips really quickly. I’m still going to keep it and use it, but it’s such a bummer. It’s very similar to one of the shades in OPI’s Scotland collection for fall/winter 2019 but I like this name better haha.

(Shown: OPI’s Rebel Without A Moss (no longer available). Similar to: Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green)

My Halloween nails probably ended up being my favourite mani of the season!

I used a summery orange with a matte top coat and LOVED how it turned out! It was actually my first time using this orange shade and it definitely won’t be the last!

(Shown: OPI’s No Tan Lines with Essie’s Matte About You)

My favourite polish shade to wear in November is grey.

This light grey is actually one of my most used polishes! I love how simple it is but it always looks chic and super flattering. Plus you just can’t beat the Zoya formula.

(Shown: Zoya’s Dove)

While we’re about the Zoya hype train, I also want to mention my pre-Christmas nails. I have two of these holographic sparkly polishes from Zoya and they. are. stunning! This emerald green is one of my absolute favourite nail polishes I own.

It’s perfect for Christmas (and St. Patricks Day… and my birthday… and, you know, whenever else) and even when it started chipping, I wasn’t ready to part with it so I did a few touchups to make the colour last a bit longer. Plus the name is a Disney reference… so, so, so good.

(Shown: Zoya’s Merida)

Not my best mani but I did an accent nail for my most interesting manicure (lol… insert sleepy face emoji) and I actually ended up using that accent colour again for a full mani. It’s perfect for the holidays because it goes with everything but is still pretty festive.

And that Zoya holographic again. Ugh. Love.

(Shown: OPI’s You’re So Vain-illa (no longer available) and Zoya’s Brighton)

My goal for winter nails is to, well, take a break. Once Christmas is over I think I’m going to let my nails breathe for the new year and take a bit of a polish hiatus. I’m moving at the end of January and it’s going to be a super busy, stressful month so I might just wear a clear coat if anything. After that, I want to try doing some skittles manis and maybe try using all the OPI polishes with Suzi’s name in them. Since I did my rainbow for fall, I think I’m going to wait until spring to do that again with some pastels.

So that’s a look at the highlights of my fall manicures! If you ever want to see what’s on my nails presently, my “nails” story highlight on my Instagram profile is the best place to look! I also have a nail polish declutter video from March 2019 where I go through every single polish in my collection. Of course… I may have accidentally acquired some more since then but… shh! Thanks so much for checking out this post and I hope you have a great day!


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