Nail Polish I Wore This Summer

Summer is (finally) over! As much as I dislike the heat and general grossness of the season, I do love neon nail polish! While I’m not opposed to wearing neons any time of year, I feel that they just work the best from June-August and it is generally something I save so they can lift my spirits during my least favourite time of year.

I’ve been painting my own nails regularly since the beginning of 2016 and since I documented my nails every time I got them done back when I had acrylics, I thought it would be fun to start doing it again! I originally documented my nail “looks” for a mix of fun and to keep track of what polish I had tried and to avoid being a nail polish “repeater”. Now that I paint my own, I thought I should start keeping track of the polishes I use regularly and which ones I need to try and make a more concerted effort to reach for. However, I have become pretty picky about what goes on my Instagram feed (gotta preserve that colour theme, man!)

(You can find my feed HERE, if you’d like to check it out!)

So while I do post nail-related images occasionally, my polish colour changes much more frequently than my Instagram gets updated. A little over a year ago I decided to utilize the Instagram Story Highlights feature and make one a “nails” story, where I can post an image of each nail look as I change my polish, without spamming my feed. This worked great, but after awhile it started to get overwhelming because there were SO many stories in the highlight. To resolve this, I remove all the stories from the highlight at the beginning of each season and started fresh so the highlighted nail stories are more relevant.

So, on that note, I just uploaded my first image for fall nails (fall polish colours are THE BEST) but I thought it would be a fun way to reflect on the polish I used that season, similar to how people do monthly/ seasonal favourites videos/ blog posts.

I don’t want to repost every single one of the stories I posted, so if you’re interested in that in the future, be sure to check out the highlight on my Instagram profile! Instead, I thought I’d go over the ones I liked wearing the best and, conversely, ones I didn’t enjoy so much. In addition, I’ll also mention any special events I painted my nails for and any sort of “challenges” I gave myself since… I do that kind of thing occasionally(lol see: The Great Monthly Birthstone Nail Polish Challenge of 2017).

Overall, the first thing I have to say about the polishes I used in summer 2019 was… there weren’t a lot of summery ones. We had a pretty mild summer (yay!) and I ended up gravitating towards darker colours and neutrals.

With that said, I did give myself the challenge of going through “rainbow order” (can you tell I work in a grade two class?) with my more summery shades! You can see the results of that challenge in the featured image of this post. Most of my more neon shades are from Orly and China Glaze, with the two super neon ORLY polishes being my favourites.

I always get so many compliments on these two especially. I actually had a middle-aged dad come up to me in the mall and tell me how awesome he thought my bright orange nails were. I know a lot of people are nervous about using neons but if I can do it with my sad little nails, you can too!

(Shown: ORLY’s Melt Your Popcicle and ORLY’s Glowstick)

Summer also gave us Taylor Swift’s 7th studio album, Lover. For the release week I wore several layers of a super pretty glitter topper situation. I picked it up at Winners shortly after the release of ME! back in the spring but felt it was a necessity to wear for the actual album release day. It’s definitely not a type of polish I usually feel drawn to but it matches the vibe of the Lover era so perfectly: magical, etherial, enchanting.

(Shown: OPI’s Butterfly Me To The Moon)

I also wore quite a few neutral colours this summer. Leading up to and following my neon rainbow, I needed a bit of a palette cleanser. Two notable ones are both by OPI and are pink-leaning nude shades.

The first is one I got on my road trip across North America (my OPI haul from that summer can be found HERE) so it’s sentimental, but also a pretty neutral-but-not-boring shade. I actually brought it to the nail salon and had it used for a pedicure too!

The second was a colour I was kind of indifferent about, but hadn’t used since I got it so I gave it a shot. Turns out, it’s the nail polish I’ve gotten the most messages about in over a year of me posting these to my Instagram story! One of my friends even liked it so much she went out and purchased it. Who knew?

(Shown: OPI’s The Taupe of the Iceberg (no longer available) and OPI’s Suzi Will Quecha Later)

My least favourite polish of the season is probably surprising because it’s actually my favourite colour.

The end of summer consisted of me being maid of honour in my best friend’s wedding. She had mentioned she was going to purchase nail polish for each of the bridesmaids and even though I have multiple greens, she wanted a specific shade that I didn’t have in my collection. The polish she gifted me is beautiful but the formula WAS SO BAD. Like dreadful. Since I was far from home and my bottle of nail polish thinner, it was just a thick, congealed mess that I also had to get on my toes. I am grateful for the nail polish but it was a major nuisance to apply. I’ll definitely introduce it to my thinner  and hopefully it makes the polish easier to work with, because it’ll be a beautiful colour in the fall and around the holidays.

(Shown: OPI’s Stay Off The Lawn)

My favourite manicure I did this summer is actually not summery at all but I adore the deep teal shade and I know it’s one I’ll reach for again before the year is over.

(Shown: China Glaze’s Jagged Little Teal)

My goal for fall nails is to try doing another “rainbow order” situation but with the deeper fall shades. I also want to give a “Skittles mani” a shot. I was going to try using all my OPI polishes with “Suzi” references but I think I’ll save that for winter.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at the nail polish I wore over the summer! If you’re interested in what’s on my nails now or during the current season, you can find it in my “nails” story highlight on my Instagram profile! If you’d like a look at my entire nail polish collection (as of March 2019) I have a declutter video on my YouTube channel where I go through and name every single one! Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope you have a great day!


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