Wishlist Wednesday: Sephora VIB Sale


Today’s Prompt: What’s on your wish list? Be sure to include links so we can shop too 😉

Starting this Friday (November 13th) to Monday (November 16th) Sephora is holding a 20% off sale for their VIB members. As of about three weeks ago, that now includes me!

If you know me or have even simply seen me in person, this probably sounds farfetched. When I told Erica I had reached VIB Insider status, she laughed out loud as she said, “HOW?!”.

I don’t really wear makeup but I am a sucker for hair and skin products.

To achieve VIB status, one must spend $300 at Sephora in a calendar year. Really, when you think about the prices of a lot of the products they carry, it’s not that hard to achieve. The majority of things I buy there are their “value sets” where I can try a variety of products without potentially spending a large sum of money on the full size that I may or may not like.

One thing I absolutely love that Sephora does is their “favourites” packages (you can check the ones in stock HERE). Every so often, generally around the holidays they will release packages of selections of products they carry. As someone who doesn’t really wear makeup, I’m not emotionally prepared to shell out $30 on a mascara and $20 on a blush when I don’t know what I like or what looks good on me. These products are great for the “where do I start?” shopper like me. Last Christmas I got the Superstars, Lash Stash, and Give Me More Lip packages which were a variety of Sephora’s best sellers, a bunch of mascaras and a selection of lip products respectively. These products have been re-released for the 2015 season with some updates. The 2015 editions of Superstars has some repeats from last year, as does the Lash Stash. I couldn’t justify buying either, especially as I found a couple mascaras I really liked from last years and don’t need to try new ones. I did, however, repurchase the Give Me More Lip as there were no repeats from last year and really, you can never have to many lip products… right? I’m not getting any more for this year, although I definitely recommend them for anyone who hasn’t purchased them already and is looking for ideas for the sale!

I will write another post going more into my Sephora Favorites from 2015, but for now, here is my wish list for the VIB sale this weekend (in no particular order)!

  1. GLAMGLOW GLAMTASTIC Facial Set (I am a sucker for face masks! I have tried some GlamGlow masks before and they are AMAZING!)
  2. STILA Sending My Love Set (I really like the colours in this palette and I’m curious to try Stila)
  3. URBAN DECAY Naked Smoky (I have the Naked 3 palette and it is my holy grail eyeshadow set. I can’t justify getting both this and the Stila one so I will have to think about it!)
  4. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Mini But Miraculous (Bumble and Bumble is my all time favourite haircare brand. This Christmas rebranding of their invisible oil collection is cheaper than the normal set, and my favourite line by them so I just can’t pass it up! Plus, pretty packaging is my weakness)
  5. BENEFIT COSMETICS Real Cheeky Party Beauty Kit (I feel like this is a good deal, getting to try these super popular Benefit blush/ bronzer/ highlighter colours without investing in a single full size. Contouring is something that terrifies me and I already have the mascara/ eyeliner that this comes with through other Sephora samples. I’m not sold but I am intrigued.)

I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to get all those items, but hey, it’s just a wish list right? I also think I’m going to get some of my Christmas shopping done with the sale too! My mom told me she wants one of “those egg sponge things” so I think I can make that happen 😉

Are you shopping the VIB sale? What is on your Sephora wish list?

Thanks for reading!

DISCLAIMER: The prompt for this post was originally from BraveLoveBlog's Blog-Tember Challenge. I did not complete Blogtember during the month of September but adored the prompts so I am going to continue using the prompts out of order. ALL credit for the idea behind Blogtember and the creation of these prompts goes to Bailey Jean and her blog, BraveLoveBlog. You can find her original list of Blogtember 2015 prompts HERE.

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