Wishlist Wednesday: Sephora VIB Sale 2016


The very first Wishlist Wednesday post I did was my VIB Sale wishlist for 2015 and it’s time for the 2016 version!

I went a little crazy, adding everything my heart desired to my digital cart but when I went to look even 20% off doesn’t make $1,180 look anything less than terrifying. So I purged. I took out the Sunday Riley sets that I’ve been lusting over, the GlamGlow gift pack, the $300 GHD hair straightener (I mean, I was never actually going to buy it but hey, a girl can dream), the eyeshadow palettes, and the Sephora Favorites sets that include products I already have. After saying goodbye to all those things, I got my cart (and wishlist) down to a much easier amount to swallow.

I figured there was no point spending large amounts of money on fancy skincare while I’m on Accutane. When I’m done the treatment perhaps I’ll revisit the fancy masks and the Sunday Riley… well, everything. For now I need to keep it simple(-ish), so here are the things I am hoping to pick up at the sale!


1. BUXOM 6 Degrees Below Sexy Mini Full-On Lip Polish ($40). This first thing is kind of my big #treatyoself item off the list, and is still kind of a “maybe”. I’ve been eyeing it since the release in September and feel like the 20% discount makes it a bit more justifiable. In general I am more of a lipgloss person than lipstick or lip stains and and Buxom are my favourite. I currently have three from Sephora Favorites sets over the years and two of them are my absolute favourite lip products in my stash, so I thought this was a good way to try some more colours. I even debated getting a full size of my favourite shade, but might save that for next year. These glosses are amazing, tingly, and not too sticky. I adore them.


2. BITE BEAUTY Amuse Bouche Lipstick – Mauvember 2016 ($30).  First, the Bite Beauty lipstick formula is by far my favourite. Second, their products are all made from natural food grade ingredients, and third, they’re Canadian. To add to the list of amazing things about them, this limited edition lipstick colour is made in support of the Movember Foundation and proceeds go directly to support mens cancer research. I purchased the Canada-exclusive 2015 version of this colour (and adored it) but the 2016 version is a different shade of mauve so naturally I need it too. It’s a beautiful colour, a great product, and a wonderful cause.



3. BEAUTYBLENDER: The Original ($28). My skin and makeup application game has been a hot mess since starting my Accutane journey back in March. Because of that I ended up throwing out my old Beauty Blender because it just wasn’t working like it should and I was worried it might be doing more harm than good with my skin. That said, it is an amazing product and the difference between using this one and a “no name” brand one is definitely notable. I bought my mom one at last year’s 20% off sale, and ended up getting myself one after my Sephora makeover in February. I don’t think I’ll open it up until I’m off Accutane, but since it is a pricey product I wanted to get it on sale and put it away. I am getting my mom another one too!


4. BITE BEAUTY Agave Lip Mask ($30). I received a sample size of this in last years Bite Discovery Set and it lasted me the whole year. Given, I was using it pretty sparingly because of the size (0.18 oz) vs the full size (0.52 oz). Since starting Accutane though, it has been amazingly helpful on the dead, dry, desert that are my lips. It is a VERY thick, lip product so not something you’d use instead of lip chap. I was tempted by the Maple version and actually had that on my list originally (I’m a sucker for anything Canadian exclusive) but since I only use it at night before bed, figured the tint of the Maple one probably wasn’t a good choice with my white pillowcases. I’m sticking with the plain one, which I liked. The only thing I disliked was the packaging. It’s a metal toothpaste-esque tube but the painted label on the outside was peeling/chipping off and started mixing in with the product and getting all over my hands. I’m hoping the full size doesn’t have that problem.


5. ORIGINS Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask ($20). I have talked about this quite a lot since starting Accutane. It was one of the products I purchased as soon as I started the medication and I am SO happy that I did. I’ve gone through two, but haven’t had it in a couple months and I’ve been missing it. It is meant as a night mask but I used it as a nighttime moisturizer. I found it the perfect thickness without being too greasy AND it sunk it by the morning so there was no gross leftover residue. The smell is incredible and it lasts a LONG time. If you have dry skin, I 100% recommend it!


6. GLAMGLOW ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment ($24). Okay, remember at the beginning of this post when I said the GlamGlow set had a giant strike through it on my wishlist? Maybe, not all the way. I tried a mini size of the ThirstyMud from a previous Sephora Favorites set and ADORED it. ADORED. Yes, that was bolded, italicized, and underlined. But it’s pricey. This jar, though, is small. But I figured my dry winter + Accutane skin as well as the 20% off is a good excuse to splurge. It’s similar to the Origins product but sinks in a bit faster. I’ll hold off on the other GlamGlow masks and the sets, but this one is a must have for me.


7. SEPHORA COLLECTION Mask It! All Over Set ($31). Can you tell I like masks? I have tried a couple of the Sephora face masks and I am really interested about the other ones (foot, eye, AND hand masks!). I had picked one of each for the sale, but it works out that you essentially get a pore strip free with this set. I can’t personally use the pore strip (yay Accutane) but my mom would probably enjoy it.  I think this is a great way to try the Sephora masks!


8. SEPHORA FAVOURITES Hair Rescue Masks On The Go Kit ($35). This set is the perfect amalgamation of all my favourite things: hair products, Sephora Favourites sets, and masks. I was pretty torn on whether or not to grab this because it is just a lot of sample sizes, but I really like the variety. It has been going in and out of stock so whether it is or not when I check out will decide whether I get it or not!


9. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Conditioner ($42). This is my very favourite conditioner. It smells incredible with a texture like whipped cream and makes my hair so incredibly soft and shiny. It’s pricey (as you can see) so it’s definitely a luxury item and I haven’t had a tube for quite awhile. But it’s time.


10. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Wishes ‘Do Come True Kit ($50). I repurchase the conditioner the most often (because I find it makes the most difference, even when used with a different shampoo) but I do love the whole line. Normally this set comes with the shampoo, conditioner, and the primer but I don’t go through the primer very quickly and still have two bottles sitting around. This set comes with the actual hair oil which is exciting because I’ve only used a perfume sample size of it. I’m not a big fan of hair oil in general but I love this line so much and did enjoy the sample when I used it. In addition, (following the theme) my hair has been super dry because of Accutane so I’m interested in using this oil just for an extra dose of moisture. Plus, since I go through conditioner so much faster than shampoo I can use up this mini size and switch over to the full size while using up the shampoo. It’s amazing stuff.

Note: All given prices are in CAD and are the full price, before the 20% off discount.

Thank you so very much for reading this post! Are you thinking of picking anything up at the sale? I’d love to know what’s on your list!


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