For me, Blogtember has become a list of thirty prompts that are given in September and that I start off completing successfully in the assigned order and timeframe but then peter off and end up slowly getting them done throughout the rest of the year. My goal is to finish the ones from 2016 before September 2017 and then do this dance all over again! If you are interested in refreshing your memory on the list of prompts or would like the lowdown on what Blogtember is all about, the original post by Bailey Jean is available HERE and all my Blogtember posts are HERE! 🙂

I have a handful of posts left to complete in the next few weeks so here’s the next one… Ah yes– the mood board prompt rears its head once again.

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016: Make a mood board! Are you brainstorming a room re-do, a capsule wardrobe, or already planning for the holidays? Show us your ideas! 

For some reason I really struggle with these mood board posts, which is probably strange especially considering how much I love collages. Since it’s a bit more unique, and more fun for me, I’m going to continue with what I did last time and do another Tumblr mood board (hopefully that’s okay with you too!).

If you know me, you probably know how obsessively I plan my Instagram “theme”. Or, well, planned. I took a lot of pride in the colour coordination of it all, from “transition pictures” to hoarding posts for up to a year, even to the point of using secondary apps to organize all the images.

And then, in the middle of June, I relinquished it all.

It wasn’t easy, and as someone who struggles with both change and loss of control (which, if we’re gonna Psych 101 this whole thing, is probably why I have an Instagram theme in the first place) I stressed a lot about the upcoming elimination of my aesthetic Instagram layout. If you’ve seen my account lately, you’ll notice a new “theme” of sorts, but I’ll talk about that in another post.

Long before I had my colour coordinating posts on Instagram, I had it on Tumblr. Giving up the whole Instagram theme was an easier transition, like only taking one training wheel off, since I still have my original outlet for my unnecessarily organized social media posting.

So here’s another not-really-a-mood-board mood board featuring my Tumblr archive (as of July 2017)!

If you’d like to see more colour coordination (or the shown posts in their entirety for the full effect) you can check out my Tumblr HERE (darn ads kind of throw the whole aesthetic off but hey, what can you do) and again, my Instagram is HERE. Thank you so much for checking out this post and I hope you have an awesome day! 🙂


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  1. August 6, 2017 / 8:45 am

    I like your mood board, so many nice photos! I might make my own. I like the idea of blogtember, it is a great way to add more interesting posts to you blog and inspire creativity! look forward to seeing your next posts!

    • Adrianna
      August 26, 2017 / 11:57 am

      Thanks so much, Lisa!! Totally! I love big prompt lists and challenges, definitely a great way to keep the content coming!! Good luck! 🙂