Best Day Ever

Today’s Prompt: Tell us about one of the best days of your life.

This was one of the topics that I really struggled with. It should be easy, right? Who doesn’t have a “best day”?

I guess that would be me.

Now, I’m not setting this up to be a total Debbie Downer post, so hear me out. It’s even going to be a short one.

I think for most people, their best day is a huge life milestone like the day they married the love of their life or the day their child was born. Maybe it’s the day where they landed their dream job or perhaps graduated from University with a degree they worked really hard towards. And all that that is so wonderful!

For me, I think instead of a “best day” I have more of a list of Greatest Hits, like Charlie from Lost. These little moments are the mental snapshots I have that I think back and just make me smile. Those moments are what makes my life, mine.

And maybe my list isn’t filled with as momentous of occasions as (however fictional) Charlie Pace’s list, they are moments and events that I can mark as plot points (or just random side-stories that aren’t fulfilling the overarching plot line but make for good monster-of-the-week instalments) in my own story.

It is nice to think that my “best day” is still ahead of me. I’m not looking back on one day in the past, but instead looking forward to something still on the tracks for me. I just haven’t hit it yet.

And hey, if I ever write the story of my life, the pages connecting my greatest hits might make a much better read than just one best day!

Thanks for reading this post!


DISCLAIMER: The prompt for this post was originally from BraveLoveBlog's Blog-Tember Challenge. I did not complete Blogtember during the month of September but adored the prompts so I am going to continue using the prompts out of order. ALL credit for the idea behind Blogtember and the creation of these prompts goes to Bailey Jean and her blog, BraveLoveBlog. You can find her original list of Blogtember 2015 prompts HERE.

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