Sunday, September 11th 2016: Round up of your favorite Instagrammers! Who should we follow?

I always struggle with these kind of posts. I usually just use these to promote my friends’ accounts because it kind of weirds me out to dedicate a whole post to giving shoutouts to people who don’t know I exist. I don’t know, that’s probably just me.

So instead, I’m going to switch it up and recommend five of my favourite Instagram hashtags to search through!

  1. #BBG: BBG or Bikini Body Guide is Kayla Itsines workout program that has millions of followers. I admit it seems a little cult-y sometimes but the results are undeniable. I like lurking through this tag for inspiration. People post their body transformations, as well as post-workout pictures mixed in with food and quotes. It’s helpful to see other people on their journeys as well, and even though I don’t post mine publicly, I really enjoy seeing how everyone is changing their lives.
  2. #WreckThisJournal: My Wreck This Journal images are my most liked on Instagram (and my videos the most viewed on YouTube) so I like seeing how other people interpret those same prompts. If you’d like to see my WTJ Masterpost, that’s available HERE.
  3. #DagneDover: These are the best bags and somehow everyone who has one seems to be a master photo taker. This whole tag is just pure bag porn. I did a “What’s in my bag” post for mine, which you can see HERE!
  4. #NOTD: I find it really fun to check out all the colours people are painting their nails these days. I’m a stickler for brands so this is how I branch out and see what else is out there as well as how certain shades look on real people. This is also a tag that I use a lot… also #Nailfie but that sounds sillier haha.
  5. #InkwellPressPlanner: The planning world can be overwhelming at first glance. You have personal vs A5, bound vs binder, Kikki K vs Filofax, Erin Condren vs MAMBI, stamps vs stickers… the list goes on. My planner is the Inkwell Press and I love seeing how other people utilize theirs. There are different versions of the IP planner so I find it interesting to check out how they vary based on the many different people who use them. It’s especially fun now that everyone’s receiving their 2017 planners and you get to see what people picked for next year vs this year, and new arrivals to the Inkwell Press community. If you’d like to check out my planner related posts, you can do so HERE.

Thanks so much for checking out this post! You can find me on Instagram HERE 🙂


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