Decluttering Series: Makeup

Decluttering makeup can be really intimidating. The next thing I did during my Decluttering Challenge was go through my entire makeup stash and you can see how it went in the following video!

After the Taping:

My decluttering video was actually filmed in March and a lot has happened since then. For one, my birthday and a Sephora VIB sale!

These are the makeup products (all lipstick) that I’ve picked up since the above video was filmed (from top to bottom):

  • Bite Beauty’s Taurus (limited edition)
  • ColourPop’s 27
  • ColourPop’s Taurus
  • Fenty Beauty’s Freckle Fiesta

Since editing the video and just, you know, living my life… I was able to go back through my makeup and re-evaluate some of my choices. So while these products survived the first wave of decluttering, I ultimately have decided to part with them. Most of them are things I had dumb reasons for keeping in the first place (the YSL lipstick makes me feel “fancy”) but most of them are just so similar to colours where I liked the other formula/ size/ etc. better.

It’s also probably worth noting that my declutter video was filmed before the whole Kat Von D anti-vax debacle. I’m sure a quick google can fill you in on the nitty-gritty, but basically Kat Von D made a statement that in addition to some totally cool natural choices she’s making in regards to her pregnancy and how she’s choosing to deliver and raise her child, the decision to not vaccinate him (and assumably any future children they may have) is one that I personally cannot stand by. Being a consumer, especially in the beauty industry that is, in theory, an optional luxury, I feel like making conscious decisions on who to support can be overwhelming but still, important. I no longer feel 100% comfortable supporting and promoting her through her brand which she owns and is very publicly the face of. This decision is similar to that of no longer supporting Nars after they announced that they would be selling their products in China (and thus would begin animal testing) and Jeffree Starr who is, well, just not a nice guy. With that said, I’m not going to dump all my Kat Von D products, but will not purchase any in the future and will only keep what I 100% love for what they are.

What We Have Learned Today:

(cue Veggie Tales song)

  • STOP buying bulk makeup sets. As much as I love the Sephora Favorites sets, the value disappears when I only actively use a couple of the products. It’s less wasteful and ultimately a better financial choice to select products I love individually and potentially get a bigger size and the exact colour I want.
  • STOP buying things for Instagram/ social media. Just because I have an awesome picture idea does not make it worth purchasing an overpriced product.
  • STOP looking at it like a makeup “collection” where you have to have the most/ them all/ a full set. It’s wasteful and dumb.
  • STOP comparing yourself/ your makeup to other people. ESPECIALLY to beauty YouTube/ Instagram influencers. They get paid to wear makeup and talk about it. You do not. Even people who aren’t influencers who always have their makeup done… you do not wear makeup enough to justify having all the products they have. Stop fooling yourself into thinking you’re going to be someone you’re not: AKA someone who wears a full face of makeup five+ days a week. Sleep > Makeup. It is the way.


Going through your makeup and purging things you don’t need/ use is very cathartic. I went from three acrylic containers to two (I gave one away, donated another, and purchased a new one that was more practical for my needs) and can now see all the makeup that I own, easily. I feel less overwhelmed by what I have, especially the lipstick and when I want/ need to wear a certain colour, I know exactly what tube to pick up. Makeup has definitely been one of my vices in the past (I was VIB Rouge one year… yikes!) and going through everything has made me more aware and more able to control the impulse to go crazy at Sephora. Whew.

Thanks so much for  reading this post! Do you have a makeup addiction too? Do you find it helpful to declutter, or is it too overwhelming? I hope this video/ post helps a little bit! If you’d like more information on my Decluttering Challenge, the introductory post can be found HERE.

Have an awesome day!


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