Five Books That Changed My Life


Today’s Prompt: The five books that have impacted your life the most.

I have always loved to read. My mom will passionately tell anyone about how it was her goal to have me reading before starting school, and she did and I could. In grade one I had read the entire Babysitters Little Sister series (that was a hand me down from my older cousin) and even some of the Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High books… Even though I didn’t really understand most of them so I didn’t read the rest until I was was in grade three or four

But when it comes to picking books that have impacted my life the most, that’s hard for me. Generally I only read books once. I’m not much of a re-reader and as such, don’t have a collection that will inspire any bookshelf envy. So these are books (/series) that stuck with me for whatever reason. Maybe not life changers, per se, but ones that made me think about and remember, even after closing the back cover.

1. The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner: When I was in grade two I started attending public school. I was a total teacher’s pet and I remember one of the books our teacher would read to us, a chapter a day, was The Boxcar Children. This was so enfuriating to only read a chapter at a time and wait a whole day to continue. When the Scholastic book order came in, I asked for the whole series. I was obsessed with the idea of the kids (four siblings who I totally fell in love with)  living in a boxcar and scavenging for cutlery and making bowls out of things they found out of the woods and fending for themselves. This probably, obviously without knowing, set my heart in the direction of young adult dystopian fiction, which is my favourite genre,

2. The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin: If fandoms were a thing in the late nineties, I was hardcore in the BSC fandom. I loved all the girls and their families and families. I wanted to be a member like you would not believe. Obviously, the stories weren’t life changing but they solicited my love for reading… And Claudia is the inspiration behind my candy stash!

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket: Well, here’s another group of orphan siblings. I discovered Lemony Snicket’s series when our librarian recommended the book at one of our lunchtime book club sessions. I was hooked and went out and bought the whole series up to that point. I loved the clever and unique writing style and nothing since then has ever come close. I was part of the online community (I still have my commonplace book) and had a countdown to every book release. As soon as any of the books came out, I went to Costco within the first couple of days so I could add the newest hardcover to my collection. Seeing the movie in theatres was my first ever opening day experience. I am SO excited for the new Netflix series… Even the trailer gives me chills!

4. My Anastasia by Sharon Stewart: This is probably the book that I have re-read the most, simply by taking it out of the library so many times because I have yet to track it down and add it to my collection. I did a book report on it in elementary school and it is the reason why Anastasia is my favourite animated movie. And the writer is Canadian, so that’s always a bonus.

5. The Gone Series by Michael Grant: If you like dystopian, YA, stays-with-you-forever novels with INSANE characters: read this series. It ruined my life but in the best possible way. This was my post-Harry Potter Harry Potter series. It is quite gruesome and none of your faves are safe. Except the dog. I would never recommend a book/ series where the dog dies.

If you would like more books I’ve read, check me out on Goodreads!

Thanks for reading!

DISCLAIMER: The prompt for this post was originally from BraveLoveBlog's Blog-Tember Challenge. I did not complete Blogtember during the month of September but adored the prompts so I am going to continue using the prompts out of order. ALL credit for the idea behind Blogtember and the creation of these prompts goes to Bailey Jean and her blog, BraveLoveBlog. You can find her original list of Blogtember 2015 prompts HERE.

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