Five Months on Accutane: Update

Alright…confession time. Last week I had two final cumulative exams and after I walked off of campus after writing 23 pages worth of essay on early Shakespeare last Thursday, my summer semester at school was finished and I was on holiday mode. I took the pictures for a couple blog posts and left to go make the best of my two weeks of summer vacation, I’ve been home twice for a couple hours and haven’t spent a night in my bed since August 17th.

But I never wrote up any posts to go with those pictures. I guess it just felt too much like homework and I haven’t really been on my computer much so my blog has been pretty vacant. You probably saw that tumbleweed bouncing by. I’ve been enjoying my two weeks of summer vacation to the fullest but my online output has definitely suffered.

So here’s much much delayed progress post. I am now into my sixth month (!!!) of Accutane treatment. If you would like to see how each month has varied for me, you can check out all the posts in this monthly series HERE 🙂

For August I did a second month of 40 mg daily.  To be honest my skin was pretty brutal this month. I am pretty sure my breakouts are generally linked with stress levels so having the end of term was enough in itself and then there was an issue with one of my exams that was particularly stressful so that didn’t help either (although I ended up getting 93% on it!). I was pretty lucky through June and July that we had a pretty mild summer but within the first couple weeks of August, nature cranked up the furnace. I’m not a fan of the heat in general and summer is my least favourite season so Accutane took that to the next level. As I mentioned last month, my least favourite side effect has been the sweating. Especially around my nose and upper lip it is just disgusting. I tried wearing makeup to an event and it literally just melted off even though I used primer, setting powder, AND setting spray. Ugh. It’s just not cute. Other than that, the 40 mg has been no different in terms of side effects which is really nice.

Now for my sixth month on Accutane I have been upped to 50 mg. Since the brand of Isotretinoin I am on (Epuris) only comes in 10, 20, 30, and 40 mg capsules I have to take one 40 mg and one 10 mg each day. I have been on this dosage for ten days and have experienced none of the extra breakouts that I did whenever I had my dosage upped before. Maybe I can attribute this to a lack of stress since I’m on holidays but I’m hoping 50 is my magic number and it’s really working some magic. The progress picture at the bottom of this post is from the 22nd and presently my skin looks way better than in the picture. My hair however is another story (haha).

I haven’t really experienced anything different this month but I’ll fill you in anyway!

  • Chapped lips: The split sides have retuned. I think the heat may be playing a part in this too but it’s been easily manageable with my trusty Aquaphor.
  • Dry skin: Just like before, this hasn’t been a significant issue. I did have pretty raw and red elbows for awhile but they’re not sore so it doesn’t bother me. I did get a bit sunburned after a day at the beach so that’s peeling but that’s my sun-related stupidity and not Accutane’s fault.
  • Dryness of nose and mild nosebleeds: This was a lot better in August. My nose was still pretty dry but is was just more on the itchy side rather than sore. It has been runny lately but I might be coming down with a cold or something so I’m not sure I can really attribute that to the medication.
  • Eye irritation: Nothing to report here!.
  • Joint and muscle pain: All good on this front too! My neck was actually really good this month. Going down a waterslide called the”Valley of Fear” did me no favours but after two days it was all better.
  • Temporary hair thinning: Like I mentioned last month,  I have noticed an increase in hair fallout. But I think I can attribute that more to the fact that I’ve been just throwing my hair up in a bun almost every day and haven’t had to wash it nearly as often, so the normal hair fallout just gets postponed and built up.  Side note… I feel like my progress pictures are better illustrations for how long my hair has grown… I even got a couple inches cut off during my treatment!
  • Depression: Two thumbs up! I can get a bit irritable but generally all sunshine and rainbows over here haha.
  • Other:  Nothing else really to report. The biggest negative has definitely been that my face gets sweaty and red but I’ve gotten a bit of a tan so even if I did want to wear makeup it wouldn’t match.

So this has been my (very late) update! No huge changes so far but I am definitely noticing more with the upgrade to 50mg so hopefully September’s post will be a real page turner… Or I guess a page scroller haha.

before and after

PROGRESS: March 22nd vs August 22nd 2016

Thank you so much for reading this post! Let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to help any way I can!


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