My Sims Family: The Original Household

Twelve years ago I started a family on Sims 2 and since then, it has grown to contain almost four-hundred individual Sims within seven generations!

I once mentioned the near-neurotic extent to which I keep track of the family and actually received a request to make a video explaining it in detail. I did (which you can check out HERE) and then started receiving multiple requests for more videos about my monstrosity of a Sims family. As much as I would like to make videos where I share gameplay, I feel like there is so much (twelve years worth of, to be precise) groundwork to lay first. That’s where my first family tree video came in! I was really pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback I received on it, but in order to make it through the entirety of my Sims family tree in this manner, it requires twelve (yikes!) more videos.

In order to cut down on redundancy, instead of going through the first two generations in every single video, I thought it might be helpful to do it here! This way, instead of watching the first family tree video or the video where I talk about how I organize everything, it’s more user-friendly to just pop this post up and if necessary you can refer back to it or whatever is most helpful. This will then also become kind of a hub for my Sims family tree videos, and will just make navigating around them easy for everyone (me included, haha).

So without further ado, it is my (incredibly dorky) pleasure to introduce my Sims 2 family!

Originally, I made a Sims version of my real life family. I was really into reading these Legacy stories that other Sims users would post on the Sims 2 website (RIP) and you can check out the official rules and see more details to/ of this challenge HERE. I did a more relaxed version of the challenge because I didn’t plan on uploading it to the internet (joke’s on me), like starting with a family rather than just one individual Sim and I play all the kids and not just one selected “heir”.

The family started with the Simselves of my parents, myself, and my two brothers. I made the Sim versions of me (Adrianna), my middle brother (GM), and youngest brother (EM) younger life stages than we were in real life just to have more time playing and forming their lives/ memories etc. Pretty early on, my Sim parents both rolled the want to have ten kids, so that’s the direction it took… eventually ending up having thirteen (including three sets of twins).

Just a heads up that I use initials for my real-life family members’ names, for the sake of privacy.

Generation One

GM I is the Sims version of my dad. He was in the Education career path and had brown hair, green eyes, and the second lightest skin tone. There’s an inside joke in my (real life) family about barbecues because whenever we would go to someone’s house or a store that would carry them, he could, almost without fail, be found admiring the barbecue. When this happened in the game (with him even standing the way he would in RL), I couldn’t help but take a screenshot haha.

JM is my RL mom, sim-ified. She doesn’t really look anything like my mom in real life other than her basic colouring. Since I grew up with a stay-at-home mom in real life, and logistically since she was having thirteen kids in the game JM was unemployed but used items from the Open for Business expansion pack to make and sell things, and she mastered most of those skills. She was also the creator of Geeves, the family’s beloved family Servo who currently resides at the Mausoleum.

Elder time! The smile says it all: no more babies!!

Generation Two

Adrianna (aka my Simself) was a CAS (Create-a-Sim) that started out as a kid. She had a job as a teen (mostly because the family was BROKE lol) and went to Sim State University where she majored in Literature (not gonna say I predicted the future but guess who got a BA in English in real life several years after Sim Adrianna graduated…?) and graduated. She went into the music career path just because it was the highest paying job (STILL BROKE) that benefited from a degree in literature, got married, had kids, etc etc etc. You can watch the video going through Adrianna’s family line HERE.

GM II is the Sim version of my “middle” brother who also started as a kid. He (like Sim GM and Adrianna) has green eyes even though in real life we all have olive/ hazel eyes… but we don’t mess with custom content in this house. I think he studied math at Sim State University (where he met his wife), and he ended up in the gamer career track. This was very apropos for him at the time (when he was about fifteen?), as was the hairstyle haha but neither are really an accurate reflection of him now. You can get to know all the Sims in GM II’s family line, HERE.

EM is the Sim version of my youngest brother who started the game as a toddler. His hair is pretty spot on and for some reason he has the light blue eyes of JM which isn’t actually accurate but I can’t fully explain the rationale of myself at sixteen. He also went to SSU (they all did so I’m going to stop reporting that tidbit haha), and ended up in the Adventurer career.

GM, EM growing up, and GM II

Siobhan is the first baby that was born into the family. I named her Siobhan (pronounced sha-vawn) because I was obsessed with Irish names at the time. She had brown hair, light blue eyes, and was a Leo. It explains a lot haha. She went into the Politics career.

Teenage Siobhan playing piano.

Genevre is slightly younger than Siobhan and is the second baby born into the family. Her name (pronounced Jen-ae-vrah) is actually what my mom wanted to name me when I was born but my dad didn’t like it because it would just get shortened to “Gen” and my older cousin’s name is Jennifer. Anyway, Sim Genevre had brown hair, light blue eyes, and also is a Leo. She went into the Paranormal career path.

JM, Genevre as a toddler, and the sim version of our family dog.

Alexander is one-half of the first set of twins. His name is actually EM’s middle name in real life which six-year-old me got to choose. So, Alexander the sim is named (and my brother is middle-named) after Babar’s youngest son.  Alexander (the Sim, not the elephant prince lol) has brown hair, light blue eyes and went into the Military career track. He is a Sagittarius, somehow different from his twin brother…. Sims 2 logic, everyone!

Sean (pronounced like Shawn) is Alexander’s twin brother and is named after what real-life EM was actually named until my mom decided he “didn’t look like a Sean”. Sim Sean who, in my opinion, looks like a Sean also has brown hair and light blue eyes but is a Taurus (represent!). He studied business in school and went into the business career track.

Sean and Alexander as kids.

Holly already had her name when she was adopted as a toddler. Since the twins were also toddlers, it was SO fun having three at the same time! (Please tell me the sarcasm comes through). Holly has red hair, tan skin, and green eyes. She went into the Intelligence career track.

Odette is one of my favourites of the thirteen. She is named after the titular character in The Swan Princess and had brown hair with light blue eyes. She went into the Dance career track as it was always her “thing” while growing up. Get it? Since Swan Princess is originally a ballet? Hehe.

Kieran is one of the second set of twins. He was named just because it was one of the names I always liked. He had brown hair, green eyes and became a natural scientist.

Kid Kieran and Geeves.

Ariel is Kieran’s twin and is named because I asked my dad what I should name her and he suggested Ariel after The Little Mermaid haha. She had brown hair, light blue eyes and actually both she and Kieran were Leos. There were a lot of Leos in this family apparently. She went into the Oceanography career path… because The Little Mermaid is half fish. Yeah, I know.

Sally is half of the last set of twins and was named after the Giga Dino (off-brand Tamagotchi haha) I had as a kid. Sally (the T-Rex) was my OG Ride-or-Die and you bet I needed to pay tribute to her. Also I asked my dad to pick another name and that’s what he came up with (he also named the original Sally haha). Sim Sally had brown hair, green eyes, and went into the Slacker career path.

Ashling is Sally’s twin and the youngest of the thirteen kids. She is named after this girl that my mom used to babysit. Random yes, but how could I not use a name that cool? Sim Ashling actually became a witch in university so her name was Ashling McCarthy (her married name… spoiler alert!) The Infallibly Good Witch for most of her life. Since between the twelve other siblings and their spouses I had all the career paths covered, Ashling actually went into the “family businesses” with JM and sold things from Open For Business. She also had a “Witching Supplies” shop where she sold the things she made in her cauldron. Man, Sims 2 was the pinnacle of Simming. Ashling had brown hair, light blue eyes and was a Libra.

Well, there you have it! I hope this was somewhat helpful to get a look at the first and second generation of my Sims family! As I post more of the Sims family line videos, I’ll link them to the appropriate Sim bio above so that it all has a home of sorts.

The whole family. I used MS paint on Ariel because her torso glitched away lol.

Also, I apologize for the quality of these pictures. Most of them were taken with the in-game camera feature before I realized I could just take screenshots and the quality/ size of them are not great. Plus, many of them are over a decade old!

The family tree back before it was super confusing.

If you have any questions about my Sims family, or Sims in general, I’d love to answer them! I can be reached through social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr) or just by leaving a comment on this post! I cannot believe the positive response I’ve gotten from the couple videos I’ve posted so far, and am so grateful!  Thanks so much for your support and for reading this post!


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