Halifax Shopping Centre Haul

While I was combing through the 240 GB of files from my summer holiday, looking for the pictures I took for the haul that I had intended to post today, I actually stumbled upon these! So instead of the things I purchased in Winchester, Virgina (which I may or may not have accidentally deleted…) here’s a surprise (for both of us haha) haul from Halifax, Nova Scotia!

These pictures were taken in Prince Edward Island, where a random guy saw me, came over, and we had a nice ten minute conversation. That sums up PEI pretty well! Anyway, enjoy picnic table haul #2!

These purchases were all made at the Halifax Shopping Centre. It was the only mall (and there were a lot) that I went to twice, and I enjoyed it both times!

The first thing, and why I actually wanted to go to the mall, was to grab this mug. I talked about it a bit more (and showed a couple other ones) in my random souvenir haul, which you can check out HERE!

Next, I stopped at Lush. Now, if you saw my West Edmonton Mall haul, you might be wondering why I went back to Lush instead of getting these things in WEM with Alberta’s blessing of only 5% sales tax (compared to Nova Scotia’s 15%). And trust me, I was wondering that too. But the two trips were almost a month apart and a lot happened in between them. One of those things was that I figured out that the super gentle cleanser wasn’t cutting it and I needed something with a bit more abrasiveness that was a bit less aggressive than my shower scrub.

To aid the congestion I was experiencing on my face, I picked up a small tub of Let The Good Times Roll. I’ve used this cleanser before and enjoyed it once again. It definitely helped bridge the gap between the two face washes I had brought. I’ve actually tried almost all of Lush’s cleansers, so if you’d like to read more about my thoughts on LTGTR or any of the other ones, that post is available HERE!

I also found my lips were SUPER chapped to the point where no lip products were helping, and I hadn’t brought my lip scrub from home. I own Bubblegum and it’s literally the longest lasting Lush product ever but since that’s almost empty I thought I’d purchase a different one and have that for when Bubblegum runs out. I ended up picking up Honey, one of Lush’s newest permanent lip scrubs. I love Lush’s “Honey I Washed The Kids” line of scents and while it’s different from that, it’s less shockingly sweet than Bubblegum is. I think Lush’s lip scrubs are one of the best value out of any of their products and they have a scent/ flavour for everyone! If nothing works from the year-round collection, be sure to check at the holidays (especially Christmas and Valentines Day) and they usually have a couple new limited edition ones!

Next I went to Bluenotes. They were actually closing down the specific location and were having a massive sale. I got three tops for ten dollars (combined, not each!) and the Mickey Mouse pullover for $10. Since it was all Disney licensed apparel I felt I was getting a great deal and the girl there who helped me was AMAZING. I actually wore this Beauty and the Beast tank top to Magic Kingdom in Disney World (on the same day I was going to the Be Our Guest restaurant… but I changed beforehand). It’s comfy and cute and the perfect lightweight top for anyone crazy enough to brave the Florida heat in August!

One thing I had been on the lookout for was a Star Wars shirt to wear in Hollywood Studios. I hadn’t seen any I liked up until this point but even though this one isn’t exactly what I was looking for (I just wanted the logo or something more on the plain side), for less than $4 I could not complain. I wore it with shortalls at the park and was even complimented on it!

The second Star Wars shirt I picked up was for my brother. I loved the pattern (I’m a sucker for all things stars/ astrology/ astronomy) but it would have been too big for me and I felt the pattern might have been a bit overwhelming with Mr. Vader all over it as well. It worked perfectly for my brother though!

My $10 Mickey pullover didn’t get worn in Florida… or anywhere else this summer but I did wear it when I did my Disney World haul video (which you can check out HERE!) and I think it’s a cute classic Mickey Mouse pattern and I’m excited to wear it now that the weather is cooling down!

Aritzia is a Vancouver-based store that I really “discovered” in my 20s, as I could never afford anything from Aritzia when I was in high school. It has since become one of my favourite clothing stores and I have shopped the Warehouse sale both in 2016 and 2017. It was kind of weird being at a location that is not in Vancouver, but the staff was nice and they actually had two shirts that I’ve had on my wishlist on sale. Aritzia sales are generally laughable (think three dollars off a $50+ shirt) but with five dollars off of both these shirts, it made them a bit more affordable. Especially with that tax… man, it just kills ya.

The first shirt I got is the Alder T-shirt. This has been on my wishlist, in my online cart, and stroked longingly when I walked past it in store for well over a year. I even asked a random girl in one of my classes how it fit (Aritzia sizing is notoriously random) so I’d know what size to try on. The colour I got was a bit of a cool tone oatmeal-y colour and it is SO comfortable that I’m in love. The thin waffle-knit is a bit unexpected but there’s definitely a good reason why it’s one of their bestsellers.

The other shirt I got is this dark gray (“heathered black” but I mean, really, it’s dark gray) version of the Del Mar T-shirt. I got a Del Mar shirt a couple years ago in a lighter gray but it has cuffed 3/4 length sleeves. I had been kicking myself for not getting another one because they have an AMAZING length to them. As a taller, bustier person I always struggle finding shirts that are the right combination of looseness and length and often take a size L or XL even when the medium fits just to get the length. Everything about this shirt is perfect and they’re probably one of my favourite tops. SO comfy, ideal thickness (not a sweater but not see-through), and long length both in the hem and in the sleeves. It’s perfect with leggings and runners and at $35 full price, you really can’t lose.

Lastly I got a Sephora Favorites lip set. This is the third edition of Give Me Some Nude Lip that Sephora has come out with this year, and is still available online. Since I was on the road all summer I couldn’t order it and I had to scope out stores across Canada to track it down. I had no luck until Halifax (AKA the other side of the country to where I started). 

This guy is part of the reason I really wanted that lip scrub. I also purchased the set released earlier this year but have been reaching for these colours a bit more. They’re definitely a bit more brown toned than I was expecting based on what they look like online, but I like it a lot. Those Buxom lip glosses are my FAVOURITE and I didn’t have any of the products in here already, which is more or less the problem I face with lip sets now.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post from Halifax (and technically PEI). Let me know if you have any thoughts on any of the things I picked up, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for reading!


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