Haul: Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2016


It’s Labour Day and in Vancouver, BC that means one thing… well, okay maybe a few. But one of the big events that goes on every Labour Day long weekend is the Aritzia Warehouse Sale. It takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre and the madness is comparable to Black Friday Sales in the States… except that it’s all girls (and some brave boyfriends), lining up and fighting the crowds to get some heavily discounted Aritzia merchandise. I confess that I meant to get this post (and the video that goes with it) up on September 2nd but I was working with some pretty brutal (nearly-nonexistent) public wifi and accidentally left my charger at home, two hours away from where I was for most of the long weekend.

But hey, better late than never right? Anyway, here’s my haul for the 2016 Aritzia Warehouse Sale. It was my first year attending and won’t be my last!


The Castings Mid-Rise Skinny Halton (regular price: $185, sale price: $74.99)

One of the things on my wishlist for the sale was a pair of nice jeans. Aritzia boasts some of the fancy jean brands that are out of financial reach for the average student. I was total heart-eyeing all the Rag & Bone jeans available but after trying on a couple, I wasn’t willing to brave the crowds again to get a different size. Maybe next year. Instead I got a really nice pair by The Castings. To be honest I hadn’t heard of the brand before but when I was digging through the giant piles of jeans every time I grabbed one that was super soft, it was always this brand. You can bet this is what I’m wearing for my first day back at school!

TNA Torrindon Sweater (100% lambs wool) in Kale (regular price: $125.00, sale price: $49.00)

This is a very similar sweater to TNA’s Sea-To-Sky one that’s INSANELY popular. I have the longer buttoned version of the StS but when I saw this, I almost died. It’s a bit of a combination of the two (long but zippered) but without the traditional designs. Forest green is my favourite colour and these are the warmest things in the world. It also fit really long (despite being a size small) which is always something I look for. I think this will be perfect around Christmas!


Talula Kasai Overalls in Black (regular price: $65, sale price: $24.99)

Shortalls have been on my wishlist for a couple years now but I’ve never found a perfect pair. Although these ones aren’t denim like I wanted, they are so comfy and light that I couldn’t resist. I also figured that since the time bomb on the overall trend is probably going to go off any second, these are a bit more forgiving since the fabric makes them look more romper-esque. I also tried on the same pair in gray, but the black was $5 cheaper and they looked more flattering.


Talula Yerwood Vest in Grove (regular price: $125, sale price: $49.99) 

This is another thing that was on my summer wishlist! I actually saw this one in store when it was full price (and later on sale for $85) but wasn’t crazy about the shade of green. I spent the rest of the summer looking and everything kind of sat around the $40-$50 range but the quality was still not enough to justify that kind of money. When I saw this guy at the sale I decided to just dive in and cross it off my wishlist. It has a nice thick weight to it that feels really high quality but is still very soft. And the colour is growing on me. I think this is my favourite thing that I picked up at the sale.


TNA Alps Hat in Dark Olive (regular price: $25, sale price: $9.99) 

I have this hat in black and I love it. I have always been tempted to buy it in the olive green but never pulled the trigger until I saw it in the giant accessories bin at the sale. I have a really big head so a lot of toques (and hats in general) look dumb on me but this style looks so cute and casual. Erica got one as well and she has a teeny tiny head… so for a hat to work for both of us says a lot. 100% recommend.


Talula Caslon T-Shirt in Lila (regular price $35, sale price: $14.99) 

Another thing on my wishlist for this sale was casual, basic tees. Unfortunately we barely saw ANY, but I grabbed this comfy, flowy one in a nice magenta/ wine colour.


Babaton Cohen Pant (mislabeled) in Lake (regular price: $110.00, sale price: $29.99 and further reduced to $9.99)

Okay. Look at that price discount. Upon closer inspection I realized that this is clearly not the item labelled on the tag so I’m unsure what the original price actually was but I’m gonna stick with it and say $110. It’s a really cute forest green skirt that I think will look really nice with tights and booties. Yay for fall fashion!
(All prices are in CAD.)
It works out that I got $670 worth of clothing for $234.93 (before taxes)! This must be how those extreme couponers feel… minus the five-hundred rolls of toilet paper. Be sure to go HERE and check out what Erica thought of the sale, as well as all the things she picked up! 🙂
And of course, we had to vlog the whole experience! You can check out the craziness in the video below!

Thanks so much for reading (and watching)! Did you get a chance to check out the warehouse sale? If not, maybe I’ll see you next year!!


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