Music Monday: That Time of Year

I am a big fan of Spotify. Since I lost my iPod this May (RIP little guy… wherever you are) I’ve been using it as my main way to listen to music while I’m at home or at school. My commute is a whole different issue, but we’ll leave that alone for now.

I love making playlists and using it as a way to discover new music, as well as brush up on artists and albums I haven’t listened to in awhile. Back in August (yes, August) I made a Christmas playlist. And now that the red cups are at Starbucks and the decorations are popping up in shopping malls, I decided I’m allowed to start listening to my playlist without feeling like everyone hates me.

This is the list of my most favourite Christmas songs. You won’t find Jingle Bells or White Christmas on there but a whole bunch of happiness, nostalgia, and audio festivities all rolled into one.

(Note: if the Spotify player isn’t showing up, try viewing the post individually HERE )

What are your favourite holiday songs? I hope you enjoy mine! Happy listening!


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