Music Monday: Time Capsule

One feature of Spotify that I really enjoy is the curated playlists. Awhile ago, I talked about the one they made for the end of 2016 featuring songs I listened to throughout the year (you can check that post out HERE if you like!) and now they’re at it again!

This time, the playlist is called “Your Time Capsule” and contains songs based on your birth year and music tastes. It’s basically a huge #throwbackthursday jam session and I’m obsessed! It was fun checking out the songs, especially since I was with one of my best friends who even though we are the same age and were friends in elementary school had some TOTALLY different songs. We laugh-cried to Jojo and The All-American Rejects and it was amazing.

This playlist feature is a super fun way to listen to music you totally forgot about (but still totally know all the lyrics to!) and I recommend checking out your own playlist if you haven’t already (it should come up as soon as you open the app)!

Here’s my Time Capsule if you’d like to take a look (or a listen)!

Are any of your old favourites on there? Let me know!

Thanks so much for checking out this post and I hope you have an awesome day!


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