My Sims 2 Family: Episode One

I started my Sims family ten years ago. A lot had happened in that decade, but (in case you missed it) one of those things is six generations of my Sims family. It’s something I love and, in a really dorky way, am proud of.

If you saw my video (and blog post) on how I sort my Sims 2 family with over 350 Sims, perhaps you are curious on a bit more of a “deep dive” into my family and a closer look at the individual Sims that make it up. If not, that’s cool too (haha).

I have been sharing my Sims family in various forms throughout the years, primarily through Tumblr via the “my Sims family” tag on my blog. In addition, I made a side blog (literally, where I have an individual post for each Sim where I document a little profile on them and link to their immediate family members. It’s quite ambitious and I am still on generation two so it’s presently a private blog.

Since posting my Sims video I’ve gotten a few requests to do more, and I wasn’t quite sure how. Since the computer I have my Sims on is over ten years old and running Windows Vista, it’s not very… well, functional. It’s basically my Sims machine. Presently, it has no internet and thus any way to screen record and is too old for the couple of programs I’ve tried. My tentative plan is to save up and buy an iMac which I plan to run Boot Camp on so I can have my (Windows) Sims 2 files on an actual nice computer. Until then, I don’t think I can do Sims 2 “play with me” style videos (but would totally love to when I have the ability!). In the meantime I am trying to come up with video ideas and styles that may be less traditional but hopefully still entertaining.

My plan is to make a thirteen episode video series with each focusing on one of the original (generation two) kids in my Sims family. The first is that of my Simself, Adrianna. This is her little bio thing off of that private Tumblr I mentioned before:

If you are interested in hearing about Sim Adrianna and her descendants, as well as welcome the first couple members of generation seven, feel free to check out the video, HERE or watch the embedded version below!

I’d love to know how else I can make Sim videos that would interest and entertain, so be sure to let me know what you want to see!

Thanks so much for checking out this post and stay tuned for episode two!


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