September’s Little Letters

Where I spent the first of the month!

We’re into the last week of September… eek! Last month I took part in a linkup hosted by Kristen of Taz + Belly dedicated to writing little letters to, well, anything that has been a part of the last month. Since my August edition of this (which you can check out HERE) was posted on the 11th, a lot has gone down since then! I think from here on out I’m going to post these near the end of the month so it’s more… about the calendar month rather than the month-ish since the last little letters post, if that makes sense.


Here’s my September edition of little letters!

Dear August,

In the words of Rose DeWitt Bukater AKA Rose Dawson:

Come Back!

Even though I’m not a fan of summer (as you know, hot weather and I do not get along), I had the best one ever. You were a great month to end off with and even though you were a hot one (ugh), it was so much fun that I (almost) didn’t care! From Savannah, Georgia to Disneyworld, New Orleans to Yellowstone National Park… and then home… you were definitely a month to remember.

Dear Instagram,

It’s been awhile. Like over a month. I’ve never spent that long away from you but I feel like I just have to make some changes before I come back to you. You’ll see.

Dear baby brother,

Happy 21st birthday!!!

Dear planners,

I don’t know which one of you to buy for 2018! Since I’m done school I don’t need a super fancy one but… I kinda want a super fancy one? So far it’s between the Inkwell Press (the same one I had for 2015 and 2016), Kate Spade inserts (they’re zodiac themed and I’m in love), or just a cheap notebook style one? Help make my decision easier please!

PS: What’s with all the 17 month planners?

Dear fashion bloggers,

How do you take such bomb outfit pictures so often? I bow down to you.

Dear Americans,

Phase out the pennies. We did it. We were sad and angry and opposed at first but now whenever I go to the states I realize how pointless they are/were and they just take up ridiculous amounts of space in my wallet. Purge. Cleanse. It feels good.

Dear Apple products,

Why you gotta be so expensive, man? Your girl just needs a new desktop computer and you’re so not helping her out!

Dear Game of Thrones,

TWO YEARS?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dear autumn,

You are my favourite season. Please be longer than two weeks. I know our seasons here in Vancouver are more like:

  • RAIN
  • RAIN

but just… fight a little bit. For me? Please? I need you and your sunny crisp days and cold clear nights with leaves and sweaters and scarves… Please?

Dear September,

You were a weird month. I admit, I was dreading you a bit because not only would your arrival mean the end of such an amazing summer (summer totally ends September 1st and anyone who tells you differently is lying) but also the start of my life in the “real world”. The first day of you was spent at the PNE with one best friend and the last day will be spent hanging with another best friend so really, shouldn’t the meat of the September sandwich be, by default, great when the bread is so nice? Bad metaphor? Is bookends better? Anyway, it was swell hanging with you but I’m excited for what October will bring!


If you’re interested in taking part, or would just like to learn more about this linkup, be sure to check out Kristen’s post!

Thanks so much for checking in and I hope you’re having an awesome day!


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