Simply Earth Starter Box & Big Bonus Box Unboxing/ Review

My mission statement for 2019 was “create constantly & consume consciously” which sounds great and while the lack of posts across my social media show that I didn’t quite uphold the first half of it, I did make significant progress on the latter.

My decision to try and be a more conscious consumer was based in trying to reduce my own footprint, mostly by making more eco-friendly decisions (utilizing reusable shopping bags, straws, lunch containers and the like) and “voting” with my money by shopping Canadian whenever possible and buying more ethical products. Now that we are a couple weeks in 2020 (yikes!), I still want to continue these choices going forward into the new decade.

One company that I discovered in 2019 (well, it kind of happened the other way around haha) is Simply Earth. While I was looking into more natural beauty products, I was constantly being pointed towards essential oils but the world of EOs was so overwhelming, I had no idea where to go beyond my one (very expired) vial of peppermint oil that I used for migraine relief.

From June through October, Simply Earth very kindly sent me their Essential Oil Recipe Box to unbox and review on my blog (you can check out those posts HERE) and this gradual introduction to four oils at a time made everything so much more manageable. I was able to not only make the recipes included in the boxes, from the daily moisturizer I use every day and my new favourite face scrub from the August box, but learn about the uses and benefits of certain oils and make some of my own creations! I even placed an order over Cyber Monday and, well, I’m smitten.

For the new year I will be receiving/ reviewing one box each quarter starting with the Starter Box! The Starter Box is available for when the current month’s box sells out but instead of having to wait until the following month to subscribe, you can subscribe any time and would receive this right away! As of when this is being posted, they still have some of the January box available but if it does sell out in the next day or two, you are still able to subscribe and get this one (and the Big Bonus Box for free!) instead! On that note, here is what’s in the Starter Box:

The oils included in the Starter Box are:

  • Lemon: Lemon oil has been historically recognized as a cleanser and reached the height of fame when the British Navy used lemon to counteract the effects of scurvy. This citrus fruit is energizing, cooling, and promotes mental clarity. ($7.99 USD)
  • Tea Tree: Tea Tree Essential Oil is one the best known and loved oils around the world. It has been affectionately known as “First Aid in a Bottle” as it is amazing for skin care, natural cleaning, and respiratory support. It can also be beneficial for those in need of confidence. ($9.99 USD)
  • Frankincense: Frankincense has been used throughout history, with its most notable appearances in the Bible and ancient Egyptian history. Historically, Frankincense was used by ancient Egyptians for incense, treating wounds, and easing arthritis. In more recent times, Frankincense has been used in soaps, perfumes, and even in some pharmaceutical products. ($19.99 USD)
  • Sleepy: Sleepy Essential Oil Blend was created to help to relax your mind and body before sleep. Being fully relaxed can lead to a better quality sleep. [Ingredients: Lavender, Grapefruit, Ho Wood, and Bergamot.] ($11.99 USD)

(Descriptions found on Simply Earth’s website)

The extra products included in this box are:

Now, I am not the intended recipient of this kind of box. As the name implies, this is for people just starting with Simply Earth’s subscription service and as such, these are the perfect oils for beginners. I already had Lemon, Tea Tree, and Frankincense between the five monthly boxes I received in 2019 and my Cyber Monday order. However, of all the oils in my collection now, these are the ones I will need backups of first! I use Lemon for cleaning and both Tea Tree and Frankincense to add to my skincare products. All three of these are actually in my cuticle oil recipe (YouTube video coming soon!) because of how beneficial they are for skin and nails! I’m excited to have the Sleepy blend as well, and it makes me happy that the colour of the label is not unlike Sleepy’s shirt from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It’s the little things, I tell ya!

When you join the subscription service, regardless of if you are receiving this starter or a monthly box, you will also get the Big Bonus Box for free! It also comes included with your box every six months, and since this would have been my sixth box I can say that they timed that out perfectly. I was completely out of some of the products so it was definitely a welcome sight!

The Big Bonus Box contains:

  • Almond oil: Almond Oil is like Goldilocks’ porridge: it’s just right. It isn’t too oily, but still moisturizes. It nourishes, but doesn’t clog pores. It is full of vitamins A, B, and E, promotes healthy skin, and can have a lasting effect on your hair and nails, too! What can’t sweet almond do? ($7.99 USD)
  • Coconut oilPeople have fallen head over heels for coconut oil and for its amazing effect on the skin. It nourishes and softens discoloration on the skin, and can also be a highly effective makeup remover, hair mask, and shaving lotion. The uses go on and on. ($8.99 USD)
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil: (liquid form of above) ($7.99 USD)
  • Beeswax: 100% Pure. Sulfate-Free. Natural Skin Care. ($3.99 USD)
  • Roll-on bottles: Amber glass is best for storing essential oils because it’s great at preserving essential oil properties. This high-quality, durable amber glass bottle will be perfect to make your own ready-to-use essential oil creations. ($0.99 USD each)
  • 5 mL oil bottles: Ready to start making your own essential oil blends? These durable amber glass bottles are perfect for making your own essential oil creations. ($0.99 USD each)

Something worth noting is that now the roll-on bottles have a metal ball instead of the plastic one they had before! This will be perfect for cooling and de-puffing, as a lot of eye serums have this kind of applicator.

There was a single casualty, one of the roll-on bottles arrived with a couple significant chips (two, about 3/4 of an inch), which were also in the box. I can attribute this to not only the cold winter weather, but also that my box travels a significant distance to get to my home in BC, Canada. It is the first time this has happened with any of their products, but I feel like it is worth noting. Every interaction I’ve had with the people at Simply Earth has been more than pleasant so if this was something that was in my Cyber Monday order that I had paid for, I have no doubt they would go above and beyond to accommodate this kind of situation.

Of all the recipes in this box, I was immediately drawn to the Toxin-Free Surface Cleaner. The majority of cleaning products readily available are full of toxic chemicals, and even though I don’t have any pets or children, it’s still a concern for my own long-term health. Since I’m moving at the end of the month I have been researching what kinds of products I want in my new personal arsenal and this cleaner is one I’m definitely going to be using as I clean my current home, and when I move into my apartment!

The recipe itself was straight forward and super quick to complete! After filling the bottle with the right measurements of water and vinegar, you simply add the Lemon and Tea Tree oils. Be sure to shake it well before you use it or you’ll get the spray (and smell) of pure vinegar like I did. I had been cleaning out old lipstick tubes and had an aggressive lipstick smudge on my floor, but this surface cleaner removed it with no problem!

I have really enjoyed building my collection of essential oils and am excited to keep doing so and learning more about them as I make recipes from Simply Earth and my own creations in my new home!

If you are interested in the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box, or any of the individual products, you can check them out on their website, HERE. The subscription box costs $39 per month (+ $9.99 shipping to Canada) and you receive over that value in the oils alone, in addition to getting six recipe cards and extras (products that are easily accessible and commonly found in most households are marked with “*” on the recipes). Getting the Big Bonus Box for free when you choose to subscribe is an incredible value and if you use the code EHDREEAHNAHFREE you also get a $40 USD gift card to spend on future purchases, whether that be your next box, a diffuser, a curated oil set, or whatever products catch your eye and interest! The starter box is also available for individual purchase HERE if you are apprehensive about subscribing to the monthly box, but it is a much better value to subscribe and you can cancel in the future if you decide to.

Just a heads up that, as I live in Canada, it takes three weeks from the time the box is shipped to the time it arrives at my doorstep. In addition, I was charged $14 in duty for my Cyber Monday order (which was about $90 CAD after currency conversion). I’m not 100% sure how and if duty fees would be charged for the subscription box. While this is less than ideal, I pretend-shopped on a well known MLM essential oil website for the same products I ordered (four oils, one blend, and two products that this other company doesn’t carry) and it came to $138 CAD ($181 CAD without a membership) just for the five 15mL oils, before tax. No one likes paying duty, but when the products are of an equivalent quality for substantially less money overall… I feel like that’s a fair trade.

I 100% recommend checking out the Simply Earth website for resources from their blog, a free beginners guide, and a blend comparison guide. Last but not least, Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to end human trafficking, with a different organization benefiting from each month’s box. You can read more about this movement HERE.

Thank you so much to Simply Earth for sending me their Starter Box + Big Bonus Box and, of course, to you for reading this post! I hope you have a wonderful day!

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review and utilize affiliate links in this post. Thank you for supporting me and my blog!

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