Starting Fresh

“Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.”

You may have heard this quote or seen it in some form on Pinterest or as the caption of someone’s Instagram selfie. And it’s a perfectly good quote.

But just because we’re told to stop doing something, does it mean we do?

I am a procrastinator. Not just your run-of-the-mill putting off school assignments until the last minute, but of “real life” things too. Even on things that are likely enjoyable. Or that I know will bring me down the path of things I desperately want to accomplish in life. Tomorrow is when I’ll start waking up earlier. My new workout schedule will start on Monday. I’ll start writing again on the first of next month.

Starting is hard.

Maybe it comes from, as humans, our dislike of change. Perhaps it stems from wanting to keep in the stagnant state of present comfort as long as possible and avoiding any discomfort, whether it be the sound of an alarm going off or the prospect of fifteen burpees.

I’m guilty of telling myself (and others) that starting (insert specific time/ date/ phase of the moon) I’m going to be better, do better, and start. Start something. Take the first step on the path to where I want to go.

The beginning of a new year is usually the best place to start fresh. And even in mid-February when New Years Resolutions start to fall by the wayside, there are alternatives.

Yes, a new year can start on January 1st but also on a birthday – a new year of life, a new age, as well as new school years, which for me have started the day after labour day.

Logically I know it’s all a mental game. Why is starting on these specific dates in January, May, or September any different than starting today, right now? I guess it goes back to procrastination, pushing those impending uncomfortable things into the future to where I know they’re coming, but they’re far enough away where I can sleep in, eat junk, and avoid the list of things I could do because I planned a day to start all that, so I need to enjoy the time in between now and then.

Today is the day after labour day and for the first time in a long time, I’m not going back to school. I didn’t print out my schedule or stock my backpack or plan an outfit. Which, side note, I didn’t do in high school because I wore a uniform but for the sake of imagery we’re going to let that slide.

In June I graduated university and soon after left for an amazing holiday that brought me around North America and two months later, skidding home with a week left in August and my impeding adult future looming ahead of me like a giant smoky abyss emitting sporadic lightning strikes and haunted house sound effects.

So I fell back into old habits.

I’ll start on September 1st.

By start, I meant everything from eating healthier to cutting out Starbucks to a no-spend month to writing every day to posting daily blog posts and uploading YouTube videos three times a week.

Spoiler: It didn’t happen.

Mostly because I spent September 1st at the PNE, Vancouver’s end-of-summer fair where they only admit you if you have a full wallet and an empty stomach (only kind of a lie).

And then there was the Aritzia Warehouse Sale. I mean come on, I’d been away from home for like… seventy days or something, I needed to experience these Vancouver things and spend time with people I’d been away from for so long and reabsorb myself into normal #vancity society.

…I am really good at finding ways of justifying things to myself. It comes with the territory of having to write so many literary essays, I think.

So here we are. The day after Labour Day. Looking back I’ve had so many first-day-of-schools that it is strange to not be slinging a backpack over my shoulder and awkwardly wandering down hallways looking for whatever room number is printed at the top of my schedule. And, guess what, today isn’t my first day of dieting/ working out/ no TV/ sticking to my strict new social media schedule.

But if you’re reading this post, it means I’m starting somewhere.

So here’s to the soft launch of my productive adult life. I don’t have school assignments anymore (weird and also awesome) but now that I’ve left my biggest priority in life thus far behind, I have so much more room for new and exciting things. And to approach that hazy black unknown future of mine one step at a time.

I’m starting fresh. And that means I’m making changes. So if you stick around (which I really hope you do!) you’ll be seeing some new things coming on here, as well as across my other social media as well. As they say on the “under construction” signs in Disneyworld: We’re sorry about all the pixie dust… more magic is on it’s way!

This post started off with a quote. And while I have been pretty bad at following it in the past, I’ve cut ties (or rather… taken off my backpack) with the past, and now am onto seizing that moment and making the best of each one.

Thanks so much for reading this post. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or through whatever social media channel you like best!


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  1. Rheanator
    September 12, 2017 / 7:38 pm

    I believe in you adri-chan! Love your mermaid friend ?