Random Souvenir Haul

When I came home from holidays I figured that most of the things I purchased could fit into one of a couple pretty distinct categories. Except, of course, for the ones that didn’t.

From the things I picked up at Broadhurst Theatre when I went to see Anastasia on Broadway, to the various mugs I bought, here’s a haul video sharing some of the souvenirs I got across North America!

For more videos about my holiday, I have THIS playlist that will be updated as I upload them!

Also, in the featured image for this post there’s a Coach bag. I didn’t buy anything from Coach but was gifted something by my cousin in New York and used the bag to carry around all my stuff in NYC and to store everything in after leaving the state! Juuuust wanted to clear that up!

Thanks so much for watching! 🙂


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