Vlune Week One: June 1-7, 2017

Something I decided to do this year was “Vlune”, or vlog every day in June. I figured that June was full of actually interesting events for me and worth documenting. And I did vlog every day! However, all those interesting events meant that I did not have time to sit down and edit several hours of video footage. Between graduating, packing for a two month holiday, seeing everyone I wanted to see before leaving on said holiday, and all the little (less interesting) things that needed to get done before taking off, I didn’t find myself sitting down in front of my computer for long enough to edit everything together.

Even on the holiday, when I had time (generally on those eight hour car rides) there was no wifi, and when I had wifi I wasn’t spending time in the campsite but rather out enjoying the places I was in and spending time with my family.

So while these vlogs will be going up later than intended, I learned that while I may have great, well-intentioned plans, sometimes life just had other ones and it’s best to just enjoy the (generally eight hour) ride while you’re in it.

The first video is from the first week of June. Highlights include ferries, Sims, a nail polish haul, and my DIY grad shoes. Below you can check out the individual links for outfits, nail polishes, and other such things that I usually include in the description of my videos but didn’t because it would be seven times longer than usual. And that’s a little too crazy for the YouTube description bar. Enjoy! 🙂

All songs used throughout this and the other vlogs in my little mini-series can be found chronologically in THIS Spotify playlist.

DAY ONE (Thursday, June 1st)
>mug: david’s tea (gift)
>shirt: ed sheeran concert
>lockscreen & planner: inkwell press
>nail polish: china glaze
>birthstone nails series: here
>pearl nail polish: opi abalone shell (discontinued)

DAY TWO (Friday, June 2nd)
>shoes: converse
>leggings: vs pink
>purse: kate spade
>movie: the big year

DAY THREE (Saturday, June 3rd)
>sweater: aritzia
>movie: potc: dead men tell no tales

DAY FOUR (Sunday, June 4th)
>top: brandy melville

DAY FIVE (Monday, June 5th)
>top: garage
>nail polish: red, orange, yellow, green, blue
>nail polish swatch book: fabfitfun
>pen: sharpie

DAY SIX (Tuesday, June 6th)
>dress: abercrombie
>archie comic suitcase
>shoes: converse
>nails: julep adrianna (discontinued)
>artizia pants
>song of the cebu
>anne of green gables

DAY SEVEN (Wednesday, June 7th)
>diy shoes


June: Pearl ⚪️ #monthlybirthstonenails #opi #abaloneshell

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Thanks so much for checking out this post and watching the vlog if you did! I hope you had a great summer! 🙂


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