What’s On My Bedside Table?

Throughout my life I’ve only moved house once but I’ve had six different bedrooms. Weird, I know. If you’d like to read a post I wrote about the different bedrooms I’ve occupied, you can check that out HERE.

My bedroom has always been my oasis. In grade twelve we had to do a presentation on a work of art that best reflected ourselves and I kind of went outside the box and said my bedroom. Although my decorative freedom was pretty limited until we moved into our new house, expressing myself through things in my room has always been something I’ve been passionate about. This started as a mini bulletin/ white board that was my first quote board and decorating my dad’s filing cabinet that had to stay in my room with wrapping paper, magnets, and window paint. If you saw the bedroom I had for most of my teenage years you would be shocked at the room I have now. From lime green and black with collages on every flat (or flat-ish) surface… to white. White on white on off-white on cream.

Maybe this is part of that whole grown-up thing?

Anyway, in late 2014 I discovered a leak in my nook where I kept all my art supplies. I figured that water was not something I wanted hanging out with my hundreds of dollars worth of paper (I know, don’t judge) so for a few months my room was a mess of boxes and laundry baskets full of paper in the middle of the room while we tried to dry out the nook. My mom suggested that I move my craft supplies (which took up the majority of my room anyway) into her craft room since she wasn’t using it.

I’ve always had this… quirk, we’ll call it, where I very strongly dislike keeping things of mine outside my room. The only possession of mine that was kept past the threshold of my bedroom door for the longest time was my rollerblades which I hid under the stairs in the garage. Over the past couple years I’ve allowed myself to move three mugs, a basket I keep all my tea in, and four water tumblers into the kitchen. That’s probably some kind of OCD symptom but I think it started when I watched a fire safety video in Brownies and the kid who had his door closed while the house was on fire still had all his stuff while his sister and parents’ stuff was all burned and melted. So, since I keep my door closed, all my stuff is safe in case of such an emergency, right? Well apparently I’m OCD and materialistic. Oh well.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to have half my stuff in a different room so long story short, my brother (who moved out)’s room became my mom’s new craft room, my mom’s old craft room became my room, my old room became a spare bedroom, and the old spare bedroom became a storage room. Whew.

I haven’t done much of my decor-related plans yet, so stay tuned for that!

All of that (probably unnecessary) background information leads me to this point. One of the prompts in the 365 Blog Topic Ideas book was “what’s on your bedside table?”. I figure that since I’m not quite ready to do a full room tour, I can do a mini bedside table tour. Is that weird? Probably.

Also, probably weird, I technically have two bedside tables. In the Great Room Shuffle of 2015, my mom decided my bed would be good for someone else so she gave it away and told me I could have the one from the old spare bedroom. A king sized bed. This is pretty ridiculous since I literally only sleep on 1/3 of it, but the other 2/3 functions well as a clean-laundry-holder. And a pretty good makeshift desk for when I’m studying and writing papers at 3 am and want to take a power nap but don’t want to move all my papers and textbooks and computer. My biggest qualm with the whole thing is bedding is WAY more expensive for a king than a twin. Oh well, I’ve finally tracked everything down with the last additions being the headboard ($40 at the auction) and the bedskirt ($20 from Target in the States).

The bedside tables (YAY FOR FINALLY GETTING TO THE POINT OF THIS POST) were under $20 each from Jysk. My original bedside table was too wide and it looked strange having the bed pushed up against the wall. I actually had my eye on different bedside tables from Jysk that were about $60 but I stalked the store for months and they eventually went on sale for $40. When I showed my mom she pointed out these guys, where I could get two for less than the price of one of the others. I wasn’t keen at first because they didn’t have drawers, but we found co-ordinating baskets which work just as well.

The two lamps came in a set from Costco, which I believe was about $100. I was so picky about lamps and whenever I found ones I liked, it would have been stupidly expensive to get two and I like symmetry too much to only go with one.

I actually put the lamps and the tables together myself, which I was pretty proud of because the instructions said it was a two person job. A big pat on the back happened with that.

The one I use as more of the traditional bedside table is on the side I sleep, the right side of the bed facing the wall. The table on the left is more of an extra storage situation.

Photo 2016-04-29, 3 17 51 PM

Photo 2016-04-29, 3 18 23 PM

This table houses mostly knick-knacks as well as extra planner supplies. I have a couple candles and a canvas quote on there as well.

Photo 2016-04-29, 3 19 41 PM

This basket is where I keep all my lotion. I am ashamed to say this is actually only the reserves and not the stuff I actually am presently using. I’m a monster, I know. But hey, if anyone ever needs body butter, hand cream, or has any other moisturizing needs… I’m your girl!

Photo 2016-04-29, 3 10 40 PM

As I said, this is the side I actually use as more of a bedside table in the traditional sense. On the top you’ll almost always find some kind of water tumbler, although I’ve gotten in the habit of taking this one around the house with me, but this is it’s nighttime home. If my iPad isn’t somewhere on the floor charging, under my blankets somewhere, or in a bag, it lives on the surface of my side table as well. My radio clock is the only thing that has travelled with me through all of my bedrooms and this Christmas it will be seventeen years old. I’m pretty sure the tape in the cassette player is a still a Care Bears one.

Photo 2016-04-29, 3 10 13 PM

On the shelves I keep a Kleenex box, books that I am in various stages of reading, and a heating pad. It’s actually my mom’s, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who uses it so he lives here now until someone tracks me down and asks for it.

Photo 2016-04-29, 3 19 24 PM

This basket is most of my bedside essentials. I keep all my chargers in here, as well as everything from hand/ body lotion (these are ones I have on the go and thus are not in the reserves drawer haha), my pill organizer, Benedryl, my wrist brace, Vaseline, my go-to hair clip, peppermint oil, and a rosary. Even though the basket looks pretty small, it actually holds a lot of stuff and actually works better than drawer systems I’ve had in the past.

Thank you so much for checking this (kind of strange) post! What kind of stuff do you keep in your bedside table?

I hope you’re having a great day!


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