Wishlist Wednesday: Think Pink!

One of the blog instalments I have started to do is “Wishlist Wednesday”. Obviously I’m not going to do this every week because, really, that would be aggressive. Every so often there’s things I discover and would love to have in my life, but that may not necessarily mean that I will buy it. I love seeing what things people have found and want in their closet/ make up drawer/ bathroom cupboard so I want to share with you some of mine!

For the 365 Blog Topic Ideas, there are a couple prompts where it says to curate a wish list so this works perfectly! The first one I want to tackle is:

#40: Create a collage of some seasonal wish list items.

Just a quick disclaimer to throw out there: nothing on this post is sponsored in anyway and in no way am I asking for/ expecting any of these things for Valentines Day (or any reason or holiday for that matter). These are all just items I’ve been heart eye emoji-ing lately and they happen to be all pink, which makes me happy and naturally think of that holiday coming up this weekend!

So todays Wishlist Wednesday is a “seasonal” Valentines Day inspired pink-filled wishlist!

  1. A&F Faux Suade Shift Dress: Last summer I picked up a t-shirt style dress from Abercrombie & Fitch. I got it 40% off online and it’s currently my favourite dress. It’s navy blue and super versatile: the epitome of being able to dress it up or down. I wore it to Taylor Swift’s concert, my seven year anniversary dinner, and just to work. This pink dress is a similar Spring-y version of it, and I think it would be a super cute Valentines Day date-night outfit. I picture it being paired with nude flats and pearls: just so feminine and girly!
  2. Beauty Blender: As I mentioned in my Sephora makeover post something I have sitting in my Sephora.com shopping cart is the Beauty Blender sponge. I currently own the Sephora brand one, mostly just because it was a lot more affordable but am hoping to get one of the real deal soon! I actually got my mom one for Christmas and she loves it!
  3. Tarteist Lip Paint in FOMO: I have been lusting after Tarte lip paint since I’ve started growing my makeup collection last Christmas. This shade is a pretty mauve-y one, which is one of my favourite shades of lip colour. It is a VIB Rouge exclusive product which makes me feel a little fancy, but I had to Google what “FOMO” stands for which brought my ego right back down (insert old lady emoji here).
  4. MAC lipstick in Whirl: I recently bought my first ever MAC lipstick in Brave. I was torn between that and Whirl, and Brave won out. So… next on my list is Whirl!
  5. Kate Spade telegram notepad: I have almost bought this so many times it’s sad. It’s a Kate Spade notepad where each page is formatted like a telegram slip. So. Cute. The Kate Spade stationery addiction is real.
  6. Alice in Wonderland Floral Tank: Floral print, Disney, AND a quote?! This tank top is everything I love all wrapped into one. I have had my eye on it for YEARS but shipping is pricey. Maybe when I have a Disney trip on the horizon I’ll have to add this to my wardrobe.
  7. Frank Body Scrub: My boyfriend’s sister got this for me for Christmas and I am obsessed. I have been on the lookout for a body scrub that works well without breaking the bank and here it is! I still have some left but definitely plan on restocking eventually as well as trying out the coconut, peppermint, and cacao versions.
  8. Kate Spade Candle: Throwback to number five where I said the Kate Spade stationery addiction is real, in reality it’s not just the stationery. I am a sucker for anything with that little spade logo on it. I haven’t been able to justify buying a candle for the price that these are, but if I ever won the lottery you can bet your bottom dollar I would have them all.
  9. OPI Nail Envy in Hawaiian Orchid: I’m dealing with my natural nails for the first time in three years after finally taking off my acrylics. My little nubs are not happy and I’ve been using OPI’s matte Nail Envy which had been helping, but I love this coloured Nail Envy option. A pretty colour and a nail strengthener in one? Definitely a win/win!
  10. Kate Spade Teacup and Saucer:  Well, my KS addiction has now been well established, but fun fact: I used to collect tea sets. I don’t actively anymore since they are hard to store/display (and dusting… don’t get me started!) but I have a soft spot for teacups and mugs. And it’s just. so. cute!
  11. Kate Spade earrings: I know, I’m a monster. I have two pairs of Kate Spade earrings in darker colours but love these light girly pink ones. Another fun fact: in high school I had 320 pairs of earrings. I can’t even defend myself.
  12. Sugarfina Candy: I believe the ones pictured are called Pink Chocolate Sparkles but I’m not picky. A Sugarfina shop just opened in the new Vancouver Nordstrom and I’ve tried a couple samples but everything is expensive. Cute candy, man… marketing at its finest.
  13. Kate Spade Notebook: I’m just gonna apologize for this one. I can’t help myself. I love a good notebook… and it’s KS.
  14. Dagne Dover Tote: I’ve saved the best for last. A week ago missamaedesigns on Instagram posted about her new planner purse and I was smitten. I have been looking for a bag that can hold my laptop, iPad, planner, wallet, makeup bag, and all the other odds and ends that I carry around with me. The version that Marissa got was the mini tote, which I love because of the shoulder strap and secret zip pocket in the front. There are four sizes of totes (the Charlie, 15″, 13″ and mini) as well as a “tiny tote” purse. They are all stunning and it’s so hard to decide on one. If I have to pick a favourite I think it’s the 13″ tote in Bleeker Blush. It’s the perfect warm gray colour that is very versatile and would easily go with black or brown. I think this would be the perfect bag for school: carrying my laptop, books, planner and the like; but also a carry-on, gym bag, work bag, and just an everyday tote. I have been looking at everything from Kate Spade diaper bags to Michael Kors and Tory Burch totes but nothing comes close to the Dagne Dover. I haven’t found too many reviews online but have watched all the YouTube videos and scrolled through all the Instagram posts and I am just in love. All the compartments set my OCD heart alight… there’s even a removable water bottle holder! The one downside is there is no option for international shipping, which is common for smaller companies. As a Canadian this is frustrating but I do have an address in the USA that I get these sort of orders sent to. Dagne Dover currently has a Valentines Day promo for free shipping and a free card case that can hook onto a leather strap inside the bag. I am so tempted to make it a “treat yoself” purchase but just can’t afford it right now. Until I can save up, this bag is staying #1 on my wish list!

What is at the top of your wishlist? Do you have any plans for Valentines Day? I’d love to hear about them!

Thank you so much for reading!


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