Anastasia The Musical: Summary & Review

I was fortunate enough to be able to view the musical production of Anastasia twice, once as a dress rehearsal on May 12th and the opening night on May 13th. This blog post will discuss the production and what I thought about it from start to finish. This is based on those…

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Anastasia The Musical: My Journey To The Past… and Hartford, Connecticut

One of the first book genres I got really into was historical fiction. I loved the idea of a fictional first-person view on events that actually happened. Of course, knowing that even though this person may not have existed, is was a special kind of magic to pretend that maybe…

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Alternate Music Video: Two Is Better Than One (Anastasia: Anya & Dimitri)

Anastasia is my favourite animated movie. After seeing the musical adaptation last week my love and appreciation for the movie has exploded so I felt this was a good choice for my latest AMV post! The song is Two is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls (Featuring Taylor Swift). Enjoy!…

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