My Sims Family: The Original Household

Twelve years ago I started a family on Sims 2 and since then, it has grown to contain almost four-hundred individual Sims within seven generations! I once mentioned the near-neurotic extent to which I keep track of the family and actually received a request to make a video explaining it…

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My Sims 2 Family: Episode One

I started my Sims family ten years ago. A lot had happened in that decade, but (in case you missed it) one of those things is six generations of my Sims family. It’s something I love and, in a really dorky way, am proud of. If you saw my video…

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How I Organize My Six Generation Sims Family (With Over 350 Members)

I’m not much of a gamer. Aside from the educational computer games we were allowed back in the day, a Harvest Moon stint, and a fair share of Pokémon games… I don’t have much of a gaming repertoire. But my Simming makes up for it. Even though I’ve played all four instalments of…

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