Sims x Wreck This Journal

It’s almost been a year since I’ve uploaded either a Sims or a Wreck This Journal video and to remedy that I pulled out my good ol’ stone for these two birds. This video has been on my to do list for over two years so it has been a…

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This Book Belongs To… A Pokémon?

One of the first pages in the Wreck This Journal involves writing your name multiple different ways. “This Book Belongs To…” is a pretty straight forward page but I had this idea to create something a bit more unique. Since my Pokémon Go addiction is so real, and my Instagram colour theme…

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Get Creative: More Ways to Wreck This Journal

Today’s Prompt: Get creative! Sketch, paint, dance play music, whatever- then give us a glimpse. This prompt was one I was both excited and nervous about. When compared to some of the other 30 prompts, it was one I felt I could do and do well, but the uncertainty came with what to…

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