Friday Five: First Reaction Favourites From “Lover”

Today is the day. Taylor Swift’s seventh album, Lover was released and after finally tracking down the deluxe edition I decided it would be fun to list my five favourite tracks after listening to it for the first time. On reputation, 1989, and even my favourite TSwift album (Red) there were a lot of “growers” so I thought it would be fun to document my favourite tracks off the album upon first listening to it and then do a full track-by-track review like I did for Rep (which you can find HERE) once that *new album haze* has lifted.

FIVE: Lover
THAT BRIDGE. It’s, pardon the meme but, *chef’s kiss*.

FOUR: Paper Rings
I am a big fan of the (in my opinion) severely, tragically underrated song “Stay Stay Stay” off of Red and “Paper Rings” has the same cheerful, hopeful, positive lovey vibe. It is just so darn cute.

THREE: I Forgot That You Existed
It’s not the most lyrically profound or even terribly unique but the first track off of Lover had me really excited because, as cool as reputation was, I found it difficult to relate to. Relatable lyrics is what first made me a fan of Taylor Swift and to have that feeling to return in the form of IFTYE was a big HECK YES from me.  

TWO: Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
When I first saw the tracklist, this title was the one that drew my eye right away. My initial reaction was along the lines of “uh…. what?” but my literature nerd heart was sure a story was coming. And oh boy… THE METAPHORS. THE IMAGERY. THE LYRICS. It’s unusual but interesting and I’m just obsessed with all the literary devices running rampant through the nearly four minute song. I admit, when it was announced that the album would contain political songs I was making an “ugh” face but even though people are claiming MA&THP is her most political song to date, it also tells a story beyond Taylor’s disillusionment with the country to the south of my own.

ONE: The Archer
Okay, probably cheating since The Archer was released weeks before the album so it’s not really a first reaction to call this my favourite but this, for me, is the most impactful song on the album and similar to Lorde’s “Liability”, I feel it and relate to it in a way that I haven’t to a Taylor Swift song in a really, really long time.

Have you listened to the new album? What are your favourites so far? Taylor Swift’s Lover is available now,  and you can stream it on Spotify HERE!

Thanks so much for reading this post!


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