People Reading My Writing?

I want to be a novelist.

But I have anxiety over sharing my writing with others.

It has gotten better, I’ll admit, since I’ve gotten older. When I first started seriously writing, I would type documents with a font so small that even I wouldn’t be able to read what I had written because I was so scared of someone reading over my shoulder. Maybe it extended from feeling like it was “uncool” and I never really wanted people to know how seriously I took it. When I started high school, I anonymously submitted a really cheesy poem as a joke when my friend wanted to submit a bunch of her poetry to a magazine. Mine (that I submitted under the name “Rose Dawson”) got published but hers didn’t. I submitted again for the following edition of the magazine, this time under my own name and with a piece of a story I was working on. It got published also.

One of my classmates saw it and showed it to my Social Studies teacher who was head of the English Department (#privateschoolproblems) and while I was completely mortified that it was travelling through the ranks of the school, including my teachers, it also acted as a way of me, in a way, facing my fears. People read my writing. And people liked it.

The excerpt that was published was from the novel I wrote that year. I ended up printing the whole thing up and binding it as a book using a whole lot of masking tape and some wrapping paper. It got passed through the ranks of my female students and a wait list started to grow. I made a second copy and then a sequel which also got passed around.


I talked a bit more about this on my NaNoWriMo post a couple weeks back if you would like to check that out.

This made me a bit more “ballsy” in sharing my writing. I posted quite often on FictionPress, Deviantart and later on Figment.

Unfortunately I had the experience of someone copying and pasting one of my stories and claiming it as their own. This heartbreaking and frustrating experience led me to taking down almost all of my writing, especially the pieces that complimented my novels and works I would eventually like to see on bookshelves.

That unfortunate situation has led me to be hesitant to post any of my writing online. It still scares me and is intimidating and I have posted many things and taken them down shortly thereafter due to anxiety.

But I want to be a novelist.

So, I need to put myself and my writing out there.

This post is acting as a bit of a heads up that I am going to start posting things I have written. I think it will be nice to have a bit of an online portfolio to have on here! Of course, I would love to hear feedback from you guys and hope this is something you’ll enjoy seeing on my blog!

Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope to be able to thank you for reading some of my other writings as well!



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