Cover This Page With White Things

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this picture (although with a hardcore filter over top haha) three weeks ago. This is another Wreck This Journal page that you can see me “wrecking” in the first episode of my Wreck This Journal YouTube series, and you can watch that quick video HERE if you wish. 
The sand and shells on this page are from the beach in Cuba (insert stereotypical “take me back” throwback Thursday Instagram picture) in April of this year. Yes, April. The sand and shells have been sitting in a Ziploc bag on my desk for almost seven months. That, my friends, is procrastination at its finest. Even worse, ninety percent of my motivation for this page was to get the bag off my desk because it wasn’t pretty and I would forget about it if I put it anywhere else. Yeah, I know.
So first, I covered the page in a mix of Mod Podge and regular school glue. Mostly because I’m running out of Mod Podge. Mostly because I spilled it. Moving on.
I was worried about how the sand would cover and if it would congeal to the glue and harden in a less attractive greyish blob. For my friend’s birthday in July I made her birthday card with some of this sand and it was a nightmare to work with. If you are planning to deal with fine, white sand and glue I recommend covering the entire space you want covered in sand with the glue, putting it on a surface like a drop sheet or a piece of cardboard and dumping all the sand on top so it is completely covered in a thick later. After it dries, dump off the access and “spot treat” any areas that didn’t get properly covered. It was easier with this page as it didn’t require precise angles and corners and I was covering the majority of it anyway with the shells.
Next, the shells. I started with just using school glue but that was not happening so I pulled out the ol’ glue gun. I like glue guns because they are quick and effective but because of them I have very little feeling in the pads of my fingers after burning myself and ripping layers of skin and glue off. Nice, huh?
My least favourite thing about glue guns are the glue threads. You can’t see them too much on the picture but they were everywhere. It was like a hairy little animal. I pulled most of them off but they in turn removed patches of sand and even some of the shells. The shells were hard to attach as it had to be a ring of hot glue around the very thin curvature of each shell. I started having the shells very close together but gradually fading down into a shoreline ombre effect. 
My journal now officially doesn’t close because of this page and that is an important milestone of Wreck This Journaling. 
I take this way too seriously. 
Thanks so much for reading! If you would like more information about my previous journal, this current one or WTJ in general, please check out my tumblr Journal page, which is a super cool hub of WTJ information. 
Thanks again!

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