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Over the last few months, I’ve been making my way through a decluttering challenge. At the same time, however, my parents have been doing one of their own, resulting in me “inheriting” a lot of things I can’t let them donate or toss. From my grandma’s books from the late 1800s – early 1900s to my great-aunt’s semi-precious stones from her rock-hounding days — there have been some treasures, for sure. Some (more recent and less literal) gems include my dad’s Disney Park hoard. I openly admit to my hoarding problem, but the bag of Disneyland and Disney World memorabilia (think: park tickets from opening year) validates me… I inherited this trait just as honestly as I inherit his treasures. One of the few pieces of ephemera that was not scrapbook-able was a bag of Disney World collectable pins from our family trip in 2003. A little less “oooooh” inspiring than the 1971 Walt Disney World ticket book, but shh.

I am trying to stop hoarding (or collecting, if you are a fan of euphemisms) just for the sake of hoarding/ collecting so if I am going to save something, it needs to serve a purpose beyond keeping me in need of storage solutions. If you’re familiar with my living space, you probably know about my quote boards and the idea of just punching these pins into the cork definitely occurred to me, but I also wanted it to be separate and a bit more special. I was inspired by some pins (HERE and HERE) I found while scrolling through good ol’ Pinterest and decided a pin pennant display was the way I wanted to go.

I have to give credit where credit is due, so this is an official shout-out to my mom. My skills as a seamstress are equal to that of a lumberjack, as my grade eight home ec teacher could attest to (RIP: the iron and two sewing machines I broke). In comparison, I grew up in mom-made dresses and unique, hand-sewn Halloween costumes in a bedroom with custom bedding/ curtains/ and so on (or sew on… hehe). Anyway, while it was my foot on the pedal, it was her guiding hand threading the sewing machine (and the echo of my home ec teacher’s shrill scoldings playing in my head).

Most of the examples of what I was going for used canvas, while some were calico or even burlap. To keep with the whites/ creams in my space I wanted something a bit lighter and less “shabby chic” so when I found this thick linen fabric at Hobby Lobby in the states it was the best of everything. I purchased one yard and it was about $7 USD (you’d think I would have saved the receipt even after keeping it for crossing the boarder, but alas… my hoarding only extends so far).

I used a pillowcase as the rough guideline of the size and shape, folding it to the proportions I wanted and using it as a tracer against the fabric. To get the pointed bottom of the pennant and ensure its symmetry, I cut the fabric while it was folded in half.

As my sewing kit literally consists of one needle and eight fluorescent mini spools of thread that were half-melted into a lollipop that I got from my friend’s ninth birthday party (she’s now twenty-seven), the supplies I used are my mom’s. Rotary cutters and cutting mats are truly magic. Metal metre sticks don’t hurt either! And when in doubt, pin it. And then put another pin in between those two. It’s worth the hassle to not have everything moving around.

After I had two layers of the roughly-pillowcase-shaped pattern cut out, they had to be sewn together.

This is where things get dicey. Okay, not really. It just took far longer than it should have and the sewing machine had to be rethreaded two more times than it would have if I had gotten the sewing gene from my mother instead of the hoarding one from my father. Because it is clearly an either/ or situation. I know how genetics work.

After a series of dramatic sighs, I also zig-zag stitched along the raw edges because the fabric was starting to fray and as much as I wanted to keep my interactions with the sewing machine at a minimum, I also didn’t want my Disney pins to slowly slaughter my pennant. I also had to sew over the already-sewn edges at the bottom to make the angled sides leading into the point.

You can tell that my patience with myself and the sewing machine was now fraying more than the best zig-zag stitch could ever save, because I didn’t take any more pictures of the sewing. So, I realize this isn’t as helpful as you may have been hoping, but we’ve gotten this far together, right? After the shape was complete, I turned the pillow case/ pointy sack inside out to get clean, finished seams. There was a lot of ironing to get out the creases that were in the fabric to begin with, as well as make the seams less bubbly. To make the casing for the dowel (the part that you hang) the top inch was folded and sewn.

I wish I could provide you with some helpful affiliate links or at least product pictures from the specific aisle at Lowe’s but the dowel I used was just laying around the house. So not helpful, I know. I imagine pretty much any thin-ish wooden pole would work. Even a sturdy twig, if you’re into a more natural vibe.

After cutting it down to size, holes were drilled about an inch from either side to thread the string through. It might seem obvious, but make sure the holes are going the same way or else things are going to be a bit topsy-turvy. As for the string, I used a thin satin cord. Again, anything could work depending on what kind of look you’re going for: twine for that aforementioned rustic vibe or even wire. That’s the punk rock way to do it.

(Because punk rock = a handmade display for Disney pins, right?)

Luckily for me (and my mugs), it fits perfectly where I wanted it to go!

All that was left was to neurotically stress over whether to organize the pins by colour or subject matter! I ended up adding other pins as well as the Disney ones, so it has more of a general travel theme rather than just, well, Florida. It kind of adds nicely to my wall of mugs from places I’ve been and I do enjoy unnecessarily theming things together! If you’d like to check out my post about my Starbucks You Are Here mugs (most of which were gathered in one road trip) that post is HERE, and I have a couple other hauls from that trip which feature pins (including the Mickey you can see in the centre) available HERE and HERE!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this post! I hope you enjoyed it and the rest of your day!


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