Friday Five: DIY Decor

I’m a firm believer in having your own personal space. I don’t mean that in the sense of personal bubble (although I’m a fan of that too) but a place, generally a room, that you can go to recharge and completely be yourself.

Whether it’s your room, office, man cave/ lady lair, or other such space, I believe that it is so important to have a safe place, filled with things that bring you joy where you can just be. 

Friday Five is a new series that I’m starting on my blog, inspired by Liz Marie’s “Favorite Things Friday“, which is one of the first blogging segments that I ever actively tracked and followed! Instead of limiting it to favourite things, however, it’s going to be five anythings. So it could be favourites, but it could be things I’ve learned or done or want to share. It’s similar to my “Top Ten Tuesday“, but a bit more informal and random. I felt this would be a good way to make shorter blog posts, potentially more frequently, and on any kind of topic. I really like theming things around the days of the week and gosh, alliteration thrills me. So anyway, welcome to my first ever Friday Five!

For this very first instalment, I wanted to share five different examples of DIY room decor that I have made for my space. I hope it helps you if you’re looking for inspiration, are aching for that next creative project to tackle, or if you’re just curious!

Quote Canvases

I have been obsessed with quotes since back when my e-mail address dubbed me “popcorn_princess_25” and MSN Messenger display names/ away messages were as integral to my identity as my Neopets account. In short: it’s been a long, long time. I found many ways to display this love in my space over the years, but they were pretty permanent and my wall space was dwindling. My answer to this was to start making quote canvases. They’re easy to hang and display, lay on a surface, or take down and switch out whenever necessary. The best part is they cost next to nothing – just dollar store canvases and scrapbook paper or adhesive vinyl! These were just the first three I grabbed to give a random and even sample group but I have close to fifteen scattered around my room. I’ll admit that the very-not-inexpensive Silhouette Cameo makes these look a lot more polished, but they can be done with whatever lettering technique you prefer or have available to you.  Quote canvases also make a great gift since it’s personal, unique, and handmade!

Box Shelves

While a lot of my DIYs tend to be on the more aesthetic side of things, it can be even more gratifying to create something functional rather than purely for fun. One of my favourite examples of this are my box shelves that I made out of an old bed frame. I had the long sides cut into eight pieces, connected them, painted them the same colour as my furniture, then hung them on the wall with metal angle brackets. I originally used them as bookshelves for my art journals (you can see that HERE, if you like) but as you can see, I have a bit of an addiction and when I came home from a cross-North America road trip with almost thirty new Starbucks You Are Here mugs (HERE‘s a haul post if you’re interested), they needed a new home and fit in the box shelves more perfectly than Cinderella into her glass slipper. Of course, the addiction is real and I have since acquired a couple more so a new box shelf might be in my near future! I live near train tracks and my room shakes whenever one goes by but the angle brackets ensure that the shelves aren’t going anywhere unless the whole wall is gonna go too. As for the mugs, there have been no casualties! (Excuse me while I go knock on wood and pray).

Mod Podge Projects

My relationship with Mod Podge is the epitome of Love/ Hate. It can be broken down to that I absolutely detest working with it but the projects that it allows me to do fill me with unsurpassable amounts of joy. You might be wondering why there is a pair of shoes pictured in a blog post about decor, and the answer to your very reasonable question is that while I did make the shoes to wear for convocation when I graduated university (and blogged about the whole process which included the very cathartic yet sacrilegious experience of ripping up Romeo and Juliet), they’re not exactly my go to pair of everyday shoes, so they essentially serve as a conversation piece on my shelf. Mod Podge is the DIYers duct tape and has a place in the arsenal of most artistic minds… and their Pinterest boards. If you like custom, quirky projects like my Archie Comic “A” or just have a lot of scrap paper or photos and want to display them in a unique fashion, I recommend giving Mod Podge a try. Definitely not a piece of furniture or a decorative accent, but my favourite Mod Podge project would be my carry-on suitcase, which you can see HERE. Mod Podge is available in all kinds of finishes, from gloss, sparkly, or matte and can be found pretty much anywhere you find craft products. I generally just use the original formula and get it from Michaels with a 40% off coupon.

Nail Polish Shelf

I spent a significant portion of my childhood in home hardware stores. My parents were big on re-doing rooms and general home improvement, to the point where they now get contractor discounts at many of them. The smell of lumber, the sound of BEEP-BEEP-BEEP as forklifts reverse around you, and the ashy remnants of inconsolable childhood boredom bring me back to being trapped in concrete floored places filled with don’t-touch-thats and you-can’t-sit-theres. But, as an adult I am slowly and remorsefully starting to understand the necessity of such places… even if I refuse to enjoy it. One such necessity was born when I needed a place to store my nail polish in a way that permitted me to see them all (the old Rubbermaid tote wasn’t cutting it anymore),would still work with the other features of my space, and not cost a small fortune off Amazon. I (reluctantly) went to RONA and (with a series of dramatic sighs) purchased two long pieces of 1″x 2″ plywood. They were cut to size and with a nail gun were attached to a sheet of fibreboard that was laying around. I painted it to match my furniture and voila – my very own nail polish rack. The trick now is just to not let my collection outgrow it!

Quote Boards

Remember my aforementioned love of quotes? This is the shrine where my obsession is displayed for all to see. It’s still a work in progress and some are becoming more collage-y than quote specific but these are probably my prized possessions and I have not-quite-jokingly admitted that when I die, I want them cremated along with me. One of the very first blog posts I ever wrote was about my quote boards. I don’t think there’s many other things I love more than being surrounded by inspirational/ memorable/ funny/ sad/ heartbreaking/ maddening/ beautiful words, especially these ones that have lined my walls and have become a giant, wall-sized scrapbook page documenting and bearing witness to the last fifteen years of my life. Having a fixture that is permanent but also can be added to and grow with you is something I think is a really special addition to any space.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favourite DIY projects that I’ve made for my indoor space and maybe found some inspiration for your own!

Have a great weekend!


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