Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2017

Last year was my first time braving the crowds at the infamous annual Aritzia Warehouse Sale. I went on the first day, early in the morning, and was super prepared. I walked away with a bag full of new things and a receipt that clearly showed the serious deals I found. You can check out that post HERE, if you wish 🙂

This year was a bit different. Even though the sale was running from August 30th until September 4th, a couple days longer than the normal labour day weekend event, it had slipped slowly down my priority list. I definitely wanted to go, but I was experience a post holiday jet-lag of sorts and was just completely exhausted. There were other things I wanted to do (like the PNE!) and so Erica and I worked it out that we would go on the last day. If nothing else, it would be an experiment to compare to last year.

I figured it would work one of two ways, either everything would be picked over and we’d find nothing or, since they restock every day and periodically throughout the day, it would be possible that everything would be put out on the last day, you know, saving the best for last.

It wasn’t really either situation. There was definitely better stuff than last year, seeing online hauls was a lot more exciting than what we saw in 2016. But, as my first scenario suggested, it was slim pickings. Not quantity-wise, as the Convention Centre was PACKED with racks filled with clothes and other goodies… but we found it was a lot of the same stock as last year that was likely from years prior to that. That and, a lot of the clothes had foundation stains on them from people who had tried them on previously. Nice, right?

Here’s a quick look at what the Warehouse Sale was like this year!

While I’m glad I went and definitely plan on going again next year, I have concluded it’s worth going earlier in the week. If you’re not a fan of crowds or lines, definitely give it a look after the initial hype has died down but if you’re like me and don’t mind, it’s worth it. I am not (yup, that’s bolded, underlined, AND italicized there, folks) a morning person so this time around it was nice sleeping in a couple extra hours (plus it was Labour Day so the West Coast Express wasn’t running), so while I would definitely go the first day if I can, I don’t know if I would go first thing in the morning and stand in the brutal lineup.

Last year my philosophy was “if in doubt, buy it”. This year, it was “if in doubt, don’t”. So, my haul is especially small this year.

I got a single pair of jeans.

If you saw my post from last year, I mentioned that one of the things on my wishlist was Rag & Bone jeans. It’s one of those brands that’s not super financially accessible, with a single pair generally hovering around $200-$300. Last year I picked up jeans for $70 by a brand I hadn’t heard of before and they have been one of my most worn pairs of pants ever since.

All jeans this year were $19.99. Yes, you heard me. Twenty bucks for a pair of fancy brand jeans. But, like I said, most were picked over and the ones I saw were odd sizes, strange styles, and a lot of flairs (which I remembered from last year as well). Something on my wishlist for the past year or so has been white jeans, but I didn’t want to be spending serious money on a “good” pair because I know who I am and know they likely won’t stay white for long.

So enter these jeans:

They’re white Rag & Bone jeans, and unfortunately the original price was ripped off so I can’t tell you how outrageously discounted they were but if you give Rag & Bone a quick search online, you’ll get a pretty good idea.

They are a bit too big for me but wearing them high waisted with a belt or folded as more of a boyfriend style should work just fine!

Part of the pocket is ripped and although initially I wasn’t sure if it was intended distressing, I’m pretty sure it’s not. However, it isn’t super noticeable and the jeans themselves have a bit of distressing to them so it isn’t TOO bad.

All in all my receipt is quite a bit shorter than last year but that’s probably for the best (says my wallet). 

Were you able to get to the sale? Let me know if you found any great deals!

Thanks so much for reading this post!


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