Sunday, September 6th, 2015: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?

I am from Vancouver: the land of Lululemon and the home of Aritzia. We were actually named one of the worst dressed cities in North America, which may sound horrible but it’s pretty accurate. On an average day attending Univeristy classes you will likely see dozens of girls in the Vancouniform: leggings (often from Lululemon), a sweater (usually the infamous Arizia cocoon cardigan) and Ugg boots. The end result is looking like a really adorable slob. Aaaaand… that’s pretty much my style.

I totally aspire to be the kind of girl that can have constant OOTD blog posts with adorable pictures and outfits where I can break down where I got everything and inspire others with my comfy but cute aesthetic, but generally my outfits are broken down into top/ bottoms/ shoes and that’s it. Not really blog post worthy, but I hope to get there!! 🙂

To answer the categories on today’s prompt I’ll break it down to the given categories:

love: Everything I pin onto my clothes/ accessories board on Pinterest. Ugh. Goals. And other similar reaction phrases. While I do have some of the pieces I pin, I really struggle with putting together outfits. Basically I love cute, slouchy layered looks and mostly neutral colours with pops of blue, green or red and the occasional striped/ floral print. I’d say my aspirational style is “comfy cute”.

frequent: As I said before, I am a frequent user of the ol’ jeans and hoodie look. I am not a fan of summer whatsoever and 90% of my wardrobe is aimed at Fall/ Winter/ early Spring, so in the Summer I often look like I’m wearing my pajamas everywhere. I love jeans and leggings and have a couple pairs of yoga pants, although I don’t really wear them much. As for tops I have a pretty impressive collection of white tank tops from Garage. I wore a uniform in high school and they were the best tops to wear under the polo shirt and I have just grown my collection and wear them under hoodies/ jackets/ cardigans/ pretty much everything. My “tops” section of my closet is split between tank tops for layering/ cute tank tops that can be layered or worn alone, t-shirts that aren’t actually meant for women, athletic tops, “nice” t-shirts… and then jackets and sweaters (by far the majority of my closet). When it comes to shoes, I pretty much live in my Roxy flip flops, Toms, or Steve Madden Troopa boots. I’m not going to lie, I usually forget to put on jewellery/ accessories of any kind but I’m a fan of toques, scarves, unique necklaces, classy bracelets (I’m a sucker for Pandora), and of course, earrings. In high school I was notorious for my earring collection: I had 320 pairs!

avoid: I just don’t have that red lip classic thing that you like and I’m not really one for a tight little skirt. I am tall and chesty so it limits quite a bit of my clothing choices. High necklines and crop tops are a no-no, and short dresses/ skirts just can’t happen. I’m not a fan of animal print or anything that’s super tight fitting. Mostly, I’m a great personal shopper for other people and I just stick to my casual usuals for myself.

What’s your style? What trends do you like or dislike?

Thanks for reading today’s post and I hope to see you back here again! 😀


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