Empties #1: Winter 2016

If you aren’t familiar with “Empties” blog posts or YouTube videos, they are a popular form of product review. Essentially, you go through all your empty products or products you’ve used up in a certain period of time (usually since the last instalment) and review them and include whether or not you would repurchase them. Yes, it may seem a little trivial and holding onto your garbage is definitely a gateway drug to being on Hoarders: Buried Alive but Empties are some of the best product reviews because the person has used up the entire product and can give more than what is often a first impression.

So, a new addition to my blog are my Empties! This first post is all the products I’ve used since last June when I did Empties videos on YouTube, up until the first day of Spring.  If you include the ones I’ve done on there, this is technically Empties #3.5 but I decided not to count the ones I’ve done on my YouTube channel and just start fresh!

Before delving into this post, you can check out my previous Empties by clicking the links below:

I’m not sure if I will switch between posting Empties on here and my YouTube channel or just stick to posting them here but we’ll see how it goes!

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 00 13 PM

Well, we might as well start fancy. Just kidding. This is my toothpaste. It was alright, I’m not super picky and it lasted me about a year. Probably not a super convincing way to start this post, but it can only get better!Photo 2016-02-29, 8 02 53 PM

Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior is the face mask that I have repurchased most often. As I have angry, acne prone skin this combats that and helps make my face feel clean and uncontested. It smells pretty brutal with garlic and tea tree as the main ingredients but I personally like it. I know, weird right? Lush has a return program where if you bring in five of their black containers (emptied and cleaned) you can get a free fresh face mask! Most of the ones I’ve gotten are through that exchange. It’s a nice way to justify my addiction to Lush products. Cosmetic Warrior is only available for purchase in store but you can check it out online! It’s $7.95 for 60g or you can get one for free by redeeming five empty black pots!

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 03 15 PM

Rosy Cheeks is another one of Lush’s face masks. Throughout the last year I made it my goal to try every one of the fresh face masks that Lush offers and this fella was the last one I had to cross off my list. Rosy Cheeks is one of two newly added face masks and is quite a bit more expensive than the other ones. However, it is LOVELY. It’s a really nice smooth consistency and I noted a visible difference in my skin afterwards. It was hard to track down as it is so popular, but if you ever collect five of the empty black Lush pots and redeem them for a free face mask, I 100% recommend this guy. Rosy Cheeks is $12.95 for 60g and you can read more about it HERE.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 17 58 PM

Yup, you guessed it… another Lush face mask! This one is the second one I ever tried but I had to track it down again to compile pictures of all the different face masks for a blog post. That said, I don’t want to keep going into so much detail with these but I do want to note that Catastrophe Cosmetic is my favourite smell out of all the masks I tried! CC is the same size as the other face masks, is $7.95 and you can learn more by clicking HERE.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 03 55 PM

Okay, enough with the face masks. This was the So White shower gel from Christmas 2014. It is seasonal so it only comes out around Christmastime but it was nice and smelled like apples. I struggle with sticking to one shower gel so I wouldn’t buy this larger size again, but it was nice! Since it’s only out for a couple months, it isn’t presently online but you can check out Lush’s current shower gels HERE.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 04 52 PM

Lush’s Volcano Foot Mask is by far the most high maintenance product I’ve tried from Lush and definitely a top contender for the messiest. It’s a similar idea to a face mask but instead you coat your feet in the thick cream and have to wrap them in plastic wrap (I used plastic shopping bags) and wait for ten minutes while it works at softening your feet, and then wash it off. I have used the larger size pretty early in my Lush adventures and was excited when I saw they had introduced a smaller size with less commitment. It makes your feet feel clean and tingly and is definitely a unique Lush experience. My main issue is that I feel quite ridiculous while using it, having to sit on the bathroom floor with plastic wrapped around my feet. Unlike hair or face masks where you can put it on and carry on with whatever level of productivity you feel like, you can’t really do that here. Lush has a whole bunch of new footsore products so I definitely want to try some more! These, as well as Volcano, can be found HERE.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 10 55 PM

Grease Lightning is Lush’s spot treatment. It has amazing reviews and people swear by it. Personally my acne is so bad (hence, going on Accutane) that it didn’t do anything for me. I ended up using most of it for mosquito bites in the summer time and it seemed to do a pretty good job of taking the itch away!

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 13 17 PM

Lush’s cleansers are another group of products I’ve tried almost all of. 9 to 5 is a cleansing lotion that is unlike any of Lush’s other cleansers but comparable to other ones out there. I personally picked it up because the effects are supposed to be similar to Ultrabland, my favourite Lush cleanser but a bit lighter. First of all, it smells AMAZING. Like a light, fresh jasmine and even though it was just the small container it lasted quite a long time. I really liked that I could use it with my Clarisonic, something that I couldn’t do with the other Lush cleansers I’ve tried. I didn’t find it removed my makeup as well as Ultrabland so I would use 9 to 5 mostly in the morning or at night after I’d already taken off any makeup. I would definitely consider repurchasing it once I’m back in the market for another face wash. 9 to 5 is available in two sizes and can be found online HERE.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 17 18 PM

This little guy is a sample of Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. When I tried the sample I liked the product but felt it wasn’t abrasive or potent enough to do much of anything for my angry, acne prone skin. Fast forward a few months and enter Accutane: I purchased the full size and love it. Accutane has changed my oily skin to dry and has made it really sensitive so exfoliants are discouraged so as to not damage the already thin and fragile skin. AOBS is gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my skin but I can still use it a couple times a week just to make my skin feel a bit softer. It’s an absolute godsend! (pun not intended but appreciated nonetheless).

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 05 04 PM

Since discovering Lush my Bath and Body Words addiction has all but disappeared, but there was a time where I couldn’t walk past one without walking around and smelling everything. When I was in the States one of the BABW shops I went to had a set of this Charmed Life fragrance (that I had never heard up) on clearance so I picked up the whole line. I figured at the time it could be my signature scent. The Charmed Life body lotion was the same as all other BABW lotions so not much to report there. I actually ended up using the container to hold my half of a Proactiv body wash that my brother and I had to share for awhile.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 05 18 PM

Over the past few months I have tried quite a few products from Fresh. One of the little sets I purchased was a rose one and although I really liked all the other products, I was not a fan of this face mask. It is a gel mask which I’m not a fan of in general but was more of the liquid side and had pieces of rose petals in it. The one thing I did like was that it was much more subtle than the majority of face masks so I didn’t have to hide in my room while it was on, aside from the brown rose petal fragments it was almost undetectable. It lasted quite a long time for a relatively small container but I just didn’t like the texture or consistency.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 14 54 PM

This Rose Floral Toner was also in the aforementioned set. I did really like it but the bottle is TINY. I got three usages out of it which is sad because it did smell really nice. The packaging isn’t ideal as it’s an open top bottle with a paper label so it stained quite quickly.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 06 25 PM

A good substitute for the Fresh Rose Floral Toner is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. I used up two from the Skincare Sephora Favorites sets I purchased at the end of 2015. I used them as toners and they worked well but were quite on the light side. If you’d like to learn more, I talked about them in the Sephora Favourites roundup post.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 08 58 PM

I have a total soft spot for Bumble and bumble products. The first time I got my hair cut in an actual salon I was eighteen they used Bb products and my hair had never been more soft and shiny. I have been using the Hairdressers Invisible Oil collection on and off for a couple years as it is quite expensive. I like picking up the little sample sets as a treat and have purchased the full sized conditioner a few times. It’s my favourite conditioner and so luxurious and smells AMAZING. I love this whole line and will continue to go back to it.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 09 23 PM

These are the Bb Hairdressers Invisible Oil primers. They are my favourite hair primers and I use them whenever I heat style my hair. They come in the mini travel sets and I think one came in a Sephora Favorites set as well. I believe I just emptied one of these into the bigger bottle as it had difficult (and illogical) to store so many of the same product. I like that they provide heat protection without weighing down my hair or making it look too product-heavy. Definitely recommend!

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 09 51 PM

If I ever won an obscene amount of money, you can bet I’d be stocking up on Sunday Riley products. These teeny tiny products were in the Skin Wonderland Sephora Favorites set. You can read more about them HERE but all in all they were awesome products despite being so small, and really helped minimize the appearance of my acne scars.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 11 24 PM

When I heard Bumble and bumble was coming out with a line of products to keep hair longer and stronger I was insanely stoked. As soon as it was released I bought the sampler and used it (and no other products) to ensure I got the full effects. This spray was meant to be used twice a day all over your hair and to be honest. that was a bit too high maintenance to be sustainable for me. I did it and didn’t really notice much difference aside from a dryer scalp. The smell isn’t the best from Bb and I wouldn’t repurchase this or anything else from the Full Potential line.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 12 22 PM

One of the first Sephora Favorites sets I got was Lash Stash a couple years ago in my pursuits of tracking down a good cruelty free mascara. These two were my favourites from the sets, with Better Than Sex giving insane volume and Buxom providing amazing length. I haven’t purchased full sizes as I still am going through other sample mascaras but I have nothing but good things to say about both of these!

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 13 43 PM

This cleanser came in the L’occitaine set that I talked about in my last Empties video. Despite being quite small, it lasted FOREVER. It is a watery consistency and has a foam pump so a little product goes a long way. I used it with my Clarisonic and it worked really well. After awhile it started to smell a bit like a dirty towel so I ended up getting pretty tried of it. You can check it out HERE, and in my opinion this small size is more than enough!

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 13 59 PM

When I first seriously started wearing makeup after I graduated high school I started buying things I never had before. One of those was a primer. I really like ELF makeup because they have pretty good quality products for super cheap. I was not crazy about this primer as it was very silicon-y and made my skin feel greasy, but I still used it. The packaging isn’t fantastic either as the top part of the bottle broke off and the lid (not pictured) cracked and chipped almost immediately. It was a nice to figure out how to use primers without dishing out a lot of money but I wasn’t a fan of this in general.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 14 14 PM

So… this isn’t really an empty. Well, it is empty but not because I used the whole product. When I placed my first ELF order (including the above primer) I was still in denial that I can’t do winged eyeliner. Maybe it was just the products I was using! I tried and experimented and went through a whole lot of makeup remover while trying to get this to work but without a steady hand, it just wasn’t happening. Fast forward to the beginning of this year when I was going through my makeup products I opened this and a completely solid black puck fell out and cracked. The cream eyeliner was no longer anything that could be described as cream. Oops.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 14 37 PM

The Nude Rescue Oil is probably the only beauty oil I’ve used for its intended purpose and finished. I have a second bottle that I’m using more sparingly but overall it’s nice. It’s light enough that it doesn’t break me out but still leaves my skin looking and feeling nicer. You can read more of my thoughts about it on my Sephora Favorites post.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 15 18 PM

I have really chapped lips so I’m always using some kind of product. My go to is actually Vaseline but I got this guy in my stocking and used every last bit. I really felt like it worked well and the packaging is just way more convenient than Vaseline haha.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 15 29 PM

Fresh Soy Cleanser is a light cleanser for all skin types. I actually ended up buying a bigger size of it because it’s so perfect for use with the Clarisonic. These sample sizes are pretty common both in Sephora Favorites sets and as point perks or free samples. It’s pretty easy to get your hands on one without having to pay for the bigger size. That said, I can’t see finding much wrong with it other than it being more on the expensive side. Again, you can read more of my thoughts HERE.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 16 32 PM

I have gone through two duos of the Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo/ Conditioner (I just go through conditioner faster haha) so I feel like I can give a pretty thorough review. This first pair came with a Sephora Favourites haircare set and the second was a Sephora 500 point perk that came with some extra products from the same line. Because they had such a full line of products I stuck loyally to these products instead of switching up my shampoo/ conditioner/ products like I usually do every time I wash my hair to make sure I would be getting the full benefit from the line. Unfortunately my already really dry scalp was even worse with bad flaking around my hairline. As products marketed with “moisture” on the label I found it had quite the opposite effect. Maybe it could be from the other Caviar products but all in all they’re not products I would consider repurchasing. However, according to reviews on Sephora’s website my experience seems to be in the minority so perhaps these products would work for you! THIS is a set that includes these sizes of shampoo/ conditioner.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 16 48 PM

This is a weird product. When I got it in one of Sephora’s haircare sets it was one that I tried first but I was shocked that you had to use it all at once. Yes, the entire tube. As someone who can make one of these smaller size tubes (especially if it is shampoo) last a few weeks, that seemed appalling to me. I used it as directed and I have to say I absolutely LOVE the scent. My hair felt nice and clean but thoroughly conditioned which is impressive from one product (regardless of the freakish amount you have to use). You can check out a similar size product in THIS sampler from Sephora.  I recently ran out of conditioner (a phenomenon which NEVER happens to me because I’m usually such a hair product hoarder) and decided to give Wen another go. Since I have half the amount of hair that I did when I tried this bottle, I figure that I may be able to get away with not using the whole tube but we’ll see! I ended up picking up THIS sampler and am excited to try the other fragrances as well.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 17 30 PM

This itty bitty size of moisturizer actually lasts quite a long time. It’s light while still being moisturizing, without leaving any residue. Again, more of my thoughts can be found on the Sephora Favorites postPhoto 2016-02-29, 8 17 50 PM

I reeeeally wanted to love this, but I didn’t. It was okay. As someone who had drawers full of lotions and body butters I am definitely someone who likes these products but I felt that the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil didn’t live up to the hype I’ve seen. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really like the Apricot scent, or that I felt I needed to use a lot to feel sufficiently moisturized. For $15 it’s definitely really pricy for a relatively small size, and I’m definitely going to be more likely to spend that on the Body Shop Body Butter. This was also a part of a Sephora Favorites set.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 18 13 PM

Ben’s Instant Firming Beauty shot is definitely a unique product. I liked to use it under makeup as an extra sort of primer, but in combination with the Sunday Riley product I feel like it really helped minimize the appearance of my acne scars.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 18 24 PM

Okay, okay I know. Toothpaste is weird to be showing like this and this one looks dirty so that’s even weirder and kind of gross. This is the little guy I kept with me in my purse for dental hygiene emergencies and travel. I got it in a little travel set and it is legit the best tasting toothpaste ever. Okay, I’m done with the toothpaste now.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 18 42 PM

I’ve been using L’occitane hand creams for a few years now, back to when the only place I could get them was the outlet mall just outside of Seattle, so they were always a bit of a luxury. Since then the stores have become more popular and the products have spread to other stores as well. I love the smell of their stores and always walk a little slower when I pass the new one at the mall. I’ve tried quite a few of their hand creams and the Shea scent is by far my favourite. This little guy didn’t last very long as I am compulsively using hand lotion. This is from a Sephora Favourites set so you can read some more HERE if you like, or check out Sephora’s range of their hand creams HERE.

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 05 32 PM

This lotion is pretty much a giant “ditto” on the last one. The only difference is this one is a bigger size and the rose scent, which is the one I’ve used the most. After the Shea fragrance, this is my favourite. Definitely recommend!

Photo 2016-02-29, 8 18 54 PM

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins is a product I have gotten a couple times from Sephora in various samples and sets. The small sample size surprisingly lasts quite a long time and I ended up buying a bigger size because I liked it so much! You can read more about it in my Sephora Favorites Roundup post!


Photo 2016-02-29, 8 19 16 PM

Alright! The last product are these two Philosophy shower gels. I got them at London Drugs awhile back for like $12 or something which is great considering how big they are and how long they lasted. The green tea scented was more bitter while the water lily was a pretty floral scent that I tried to savour more. All in all, they were great shower gels and I’m keeping the containers because I’m a sucker for inspirational text.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I apologize for the sucky pictures. I actually took these and started this post in November (whoops) so most of these have long since been put in the recycling. Upping my blog photo game is something I’m still trying to work on, so I appreciate you putting up with me in the meantime. Let me know if there any any posts you’d like to see! Thanks again!


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