Five for a Fresh Face Mask (May 2017)

As an extension to my “empties” posts, both here on my blog and on my YouTube channel, I started this little series to cut down on how many things would be in my normal empties, as well as be able to redeem the empty pots for Lush face masks as soon as I have enough, regardless of how full my empties stash is. If you’d like to check out the first instalment of this series, it’s HERE! 🙂

And here’s to round two!

1. Let The Good Times Roll: This is one of Lush’s clay cleansers. I’ve actually tried them all (and wrote a post about them HERE) and Let The Good Times Roll is definitely one that I will repurchase in the future. It smells beautiful (think walking into the yummiest bakery EVER) and has a foamy, squishy texture but is surprisingly abrasive (in the best way). LTGTR was one of the very first products I purchased post-Accutane and I have nothing but good things to say about it… there’s no surprise to why it’s one of the cult favourite products that Lush sells! For more information about Let The Good Times Roll, you can check out the website HERE.

2. Love and Light: This hand cream was in a Christmas gift set a couple years ago and I picked it up at the BOGO Boxing Day sale. My mom got a bigger size of it as a gift and wasn’t crazy about it so that’s in my manicure kit right now. This guy isn’t the BEST smelling lotion, it’s kind of a strange herbal/ fruity scent but it works! I’m not sure if I’d specifically repurchase this one, but it’s sufficiently moisturizing and worth a try! Love And Light is available in stores and online!

3. Ultrabland: If I was to pick a number one, can’t-live-without Lush product, it would be this guy. Ultrabland is a creamy wax-like cleanser that I use to take off makeup. I went a couple months without this and it SUCKED. I tried liquid makeup remover and makeup wipes and nothing was working for me, so I dropped the money (or technically a gift card I got for my birthday) and repurchased it. Ultrabland is hands down my most repurchased product from Lush and I will continue to have this in my arsenal indefinitely! Check it out online if you’d like to see for yourself!

4. Christingle: This is another one of the products I got from the 2015 BOGO sale. I love Ro’s Argan and African Paradise Body Conditioners so I thought I’d give Christingle a try. It wasn’t something I reached for regularly because the STRONG spearmint scent isn’t my favourite. I really did like it combined with the Frank Body Peppermint scrub and it is really refreshing in the summertime but not something I’ll repurchase. Christingle is a Christmas exclusive item so if you’d like to check it out, keep your fingers crossed for it to come back this holiday season!

5. Rosy Cheeks: This is the face mask I got in my first Five For a Fresh Face Mask post. It’s a great mask that I think everyone should try! I find it contains more uses than the other masks and it works well! Rosy Cheeks is more on the drying side with soothing properties so if you have really oily, irritated skin, this might be a good one for you! You can find out more online, if you like!

These five black pots were exchanged to get this mask, free!

Brazened Honey: My biggest skin issues right now are dryness and uneven skin tone. Brazened Honey has scrubby bits in so it provides extra exfoliation after having the mask do its job! It’s supposed to help with congestion while brightening and stimulating the skin and I feel like it does that pretty well! Definitely a mask I will pick up again and again! For more information on Brazened Honey, you can read about it online but just keep in mind that it is only available to purchase in store! If you’d like to check out the post where I tried all the Lush fresh face masks, it’s available HERE.

Thank you so much for reading this post! For all other (past and present) Five For a Fresh Face Mask entries, feel free to check out THIS link! I hope you’re having a great day!! 🙂



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