Lush Love, Lust or Loathe: Shampoo & Conditioner Edition

I am a hair product junkie. I have never had my hair dyed, streaked, permed or anything like that but am constantly on the hunt for products to make my “virgin hair” as healthy and shiny as possible. I used the same drugstore shampoo/ conditioner for my entire childhood (Citre Shine… I was not a cool kid who got the fish shaped Loreal Kids) and then for ten years I used Biologe’s Shampoo/ Conditioner. And I was getting bored.

After some research I decided to give Lush’s products a shot in early 2014. In one of my first hauls I picked up some shampoo and conditioner and have been hooked ever since, trying to find the perfect combination.

Now, hair is one of those things that is very particular and as a quick disclaimer I am going to say that not everything that works for me will work for you and vice versa: products I can’t stand may end up being your holy grail! I have brown, thick wavy hair with a super dry scalp. If that sounds like you, maybe some of my experiences will help you out, and even if you have different hair types, some of these products could be worth a shot anyway!

That brings me to a segment I want to start on here: Love, Lust or Loathe. I am a sucker for alliteration and the fact that a few of these will be about Lush products just adds to that.

I will review the products I have used and include whether I loved, lusted over, or loathed them.

  • Love: I will or have already repurchased them.
  • Lust: It was great but too expensive to justify again/ on a regular basis.
  • Loathe: It may sound a little harsh in some cases but helps with the alliteration for products that just didn’t cut it for me.


Don’t get me wrong, I have so much love for Big Shampoo. The chunks of sea salt in it help add lift and volume to the roots of my hair that often get pulled down by my thick, heavy hair as well as “exfoliating” my scalp for an amazing, super cleansed clean feel. I especially loved using this after a leave in hair treatment and the smell is AMAZING… probably one of my favourites from Lush overall. But at almost $30 for a 325 g container it is hard to justify as my staple shampoo. I have so much hair I would have to use quite a lot to feel like my hair was getting sufficiently cleaned. Also, as it is such a classing shampoo I have to use quite a bit of conditioner in the actual length of my hair to make it feel soft… and much as I like my hair to be squeaky clean, I don’t like it to actually be squeaking as I run my hands through it in the shower. So yes, I have purchased Big shampoo three times over the past (almost) two years. The formula has varied a bit from each one, some having more salt than others but it’s great for a once-every-couple-of-showers super cleansing shampoo. It’s not currently in my shower but as soon as I deplete my current hair product stash, it will find it’s way back to my haircare routine.

Big Shampoo is available in Lush stores and online for CAD $27.95.

Dr. Peppermint: LOVE
This shampoo bar was my first shampoo purchase from Lush. I ordered it online as it was a “retro” product and not available in store. It has now since been discontinued but it can pop up in the Kitchen, something available online in the UK and will be available in North America sometime next year. Roughly the size of a small hockey puck, this cream coloured bar smelled, well, obviously, like peppermint. As someone who suffers from migraine headaches, peppermint is one of my favourite scents as it is so immensely soothing to the scalp, especially during a migraine attack. Another benefit of peppermint is stimulating hair growth, which was the reason I purchased it. For the amount I purchased it for, just over $10 I believe, I felt I got great value as it lasted about three and a half months for me. If I am able to get one from the NA Kitchen one day, I won’t hesitate to do so! I felt it was a great fresh, relaxing scent and that it definitely stimulated hair growth and my hair felt nice and clean without being too dry. Roots hair treatment is my current go to for the hair growth and peppermint but if you get the chance, I definitely recommend the doctor!

Honey I Washed My Hair: LOVE
HIWMH is another shampoo bar that has a popular Lush scent, based on the Honey I Washed The Kids Soap. First of all, the scent is divine. It is defined as a honey-toffee scent and every time I would open my bathroom cabinet I could smell HIWMH over all the other products I have in there, and every time I just melted… it’s that good. It is a bit more moisturizing than Dr. Peppermint and it lasted a good amount of time also. I definitely recommend giving it a sniff in store, and maybe a try in the shower! I won’t be repurchasing it for awhile, as I have a pretty substantial hair stash to get through first, but as it is more accessible than Dr. Peppermint, it might have to find it’s way back into my bathroom cabinet eventually.

Honey I Washed My Hair is available in Lush stores and online for CAD $9.95.

Jason And The Argan Oil: LOVE
As you can probably tell by now, I’m a fan of the shampoo bar. It’s a great product and is fantastic- especially for travelling. When the new shampoo bars were announced this year, JATAO was the one I was most excited for. A hot pink / magenta shampoo bar sharing the scent of Rose Jam- another Lush scent I love- and a mythology reference. Check, check, check. However, it was problematic and had to be reformulated upon the first launch, which is why I bought HIWMH instead. When it was re-released, I bought it and still have it in my cabinet now. I like everything about it, the smell is great and I feel it does a good job washing my hair. It is a bit of a “harder” bar than the other two I’ve tried and doesn’t lather as much. I think this is due to the oils, but I am unsure. Overall I like it, not quite as much as the other shampoo bars but it’s a great one to try.

Jason And The Argan Oil is available in Lush stores and online for CAD $10.95.



Happy Happy Joy Joy: LOVE
HHJJ is the first Lush conditioner that I tried. I found it was the most universally complementary scent, was light enough that it didn’t make my hair greasy but still thoroughly moisturized my hair. I like to use it in combination with R&B  as the scents compliment each other nicely and as I have a lot of thick hair, it adds a little bit of extra moisture. When I first bought HHJJ I wasn’t 100% sold and tried some other conditioners that Lush offers but now I’m back. This is the current Lush conditioner that I’m using. I even bought the big ol’  500 mL bottle of it which is lasting FOREVER. I may try some other ones if they release new conditioners to the line, but for now I’m staying loyal.

Happy Happy Joy Joy is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $12.95

Jungle: LOATHE
My experience with Jungle was a headache and a half. After such a positive experience with solid shampoos from Lush I wanted to give the solid conditioner a try. I ordered one and received two in the package. Bonus right? Unfortunately, it was a huge headache to use it all up. I hate throwing away products and felt obliged to use the entirety of both bars. The smell is nice but the process of using it is such a hassle. Unlike the shampoo bar, Jungle doesn’t easily run through your hair and feels tacky and grips onto the strands. It is constantly a weird mushy consistency that is neither solid nor creamy. In order to get any workable amount onto my hair it took a considerable amount of effort to break it off, mush it up and then massage it into my hair. This process made my hair knotted and matted…. kind of counter-intuitive to a conditioner. I tried melting the product in my hands as several people recommend but still didn’t feel like any significant amount of product came of that. Altogether I felt like it was just way too much work for a process that is supposed to be simple.

Jungle is available in Lush stores and online for CAD $9.95

American Cream: LOVE
There are a few Lush products I recommend just because of the smell. American Cream is one of them. First of all the name is just plain cute, but the strawberry vanilla scent lives up to the name and is completely dreamy. It is a bit more moisturizing that HHJJ which I liked. I bought a small bottle and really enjoyed it, my only issue was that I didn’t like the way it smelled with R&B and the shampoo I was using at the time. Obviously that’s not a huge deal breaker and I would definitely consider repurchasing American Cream in the future.

American Cream is available in Lush stores and online starting at CAD $9.95.

Retread: LUST
As I said, I have a lot of hair. People don’t necessarily assume this, especially after I got 18 inches cut off, but every time I get my hair done or cut the hairdresser has complained or commented or expressed a look of panic when they didn’t realize how poofy my hair gets because of how much there is. To try and thoroughly tame the masses, I gave Retread a try. Retread is Lush’s thickest and most moisturizing conditioner, with a consistency comparable to body lotion. A little bonus is that it comes in one of the black pots (so it’s eligible for the free face mask program!), and is the only conditioner to do so.  However, at $31.95 this is, as my family from Ireland would say, extremely dear. For $8 more you can get twice as much of a different conditioner. Yes it works. The smell is fine. I am glad I tried it. I just find that I get a similar effect from using HHJJ and R&B with a more moisturizing shampoo. Perhaps that is just me and maybe it is because I have A LOT of hair that is not necessarily coarse. I would still definitely recommend this product to people who have tried other conditioners and found them to be too light.

Retread is available in Lush stores and online for CAD $31.95.

Have you tried any of the other shampoos or conditioners from Lush? Do you prefer solid or liquid? What are your holy grails? Thanks so much for reading and I hope to hear from you!!


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