My Sephora Makeover Experience

Confession: I am a Sephora VIB Rouge member.

How did that happen? I don’t even know. But until December 30th, 2016 I have that shiny red membership card for Sephora. There is a bit of debate if it is really worth it, with perks being very similar to basic VIB status. I haven’t seen any of the “exclusive rouge events” or “special gifts” but it’s pretty cool that there are some products that are only available to VIB Rouge members and free shipping on all online purchases. One of the perks that was most intriguing was “unlimited access to the beauty studio”, which translates to unlimited free makeovers. The closest things I’ve had to a makeover would be my mom doing my face paint for Halloween, another performer in my acting class showing me how to do eyeliner, and having my foundation colour matched at the MAC counter in The Bay.

Aside from my new crimson coloured membership card, the VIB Rouge welcome package included a Nars mini blush in the colour ‘Goulue’ and a voucher for a friend to get a free makeover, I think it was called “A Taste of the Rouge Life”.  Erica and I decided that we would get our makeup done together on February 1st, the day we were going to the Arkells concert.  There are a few Sephoras accessible to us but we decided to go to the Robson Street location because, well, look at it:

The store is stunning- a giant floor of all the aisles of products, and then an upstairs beauty studio. I definitely recommend phoning the store to book, especially if you want to go with someone else. It took Erica and I almost two hours to book online before we gave up and I phoned the store- which took less than five minutes. Lesson learned.

When we arrived (late… eek! We felt so bad, definitely try your best to be early if possible!) we had our skin colour matched using the Sephora Color IQ technology. Essentially they have a little machine that gets pressed to your face and neck, and a unique code gets calculated. The code (mine was 1R04 but I believe she used products that were a shade lighter- 1R03) then corresponds to a selection of products that will be a true match to your skin tone. I was kind of worried my skin would be too red since we essentially ran to the the store but it didn’t seem to alter the results too much. If you look online you can see all the products Sephora has that go with the colour, which is a great feature to have if you’re like me and prefer online shopping.

After getting matched we went upstairs to the beauty studio. I really liked that it was separate from the actual store, as most of them in other locations tend to be in the middle of the floor so everyone is walking around you and looking right at you. This offered a bit more privacy with the less claustrophobic conditions that I truly appreciated.

The makeup artist working with me was Noori. She did an amazing job and spent a lot of time with me, even though we were late. The makeover is designated to be 45 minutes but I was in the chair for about an hour. She asked what kind of look I was going for, and I told her I was down for anything. She left with the lady that did Erica’s makeup to grab products from downstairs (we thought this would be the most fun part of the job… going shopping for people!). When they returned I was excited that she picked some products that I already had (Naked 3 and Roller Lash) mixed in with ones I didn’t and she showed me some ways to use products that I had never thought of (a light shimmery colour from the Naked 3 palette as a highlighter… Who would have guessed!?) and diminished my fears of bronzer and winged eyeliner.

Got my client @adriannamaryanne concert ready ?

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The products she used are:

(I am unsure if those are the lip products that were used, but I think they’re close. Items marked with a “*” indicate products where I am unsure about which specific shade was used of the specified product brand but made educated guesses by comparing colours on and using my Skin IQ number)
Photo 2016-02-01, 4 33 58 PM

All in all it was a great experience! Both Erica and I were very pleased with our makeovers and we’re excited to do it again! For non-VIB Rouge members these makeovers are free with a $50 purchase and VIB members get a voucher for a free makeover with their welcome package (which I never used… oops). The makeup artists can’t accept tips but you can leave a review online talking about your positive experience which can help them get promotions or other positive internal commendations at work. They don’t work on commission which means there wasn’t “pressure to buy” but I was asked which products I liked and if I would be interested in purchasing them. I didn’t get any at the time as I only had a small purse and didn’t want to carry around extra bags to the concert, but I am interested in the Laura Mercier powder and finally picking up a Beauty Blender… both are sitting in my online shopping cart now… oops!

Photo 2016-02-01, 4 55 37 PM (1)


You can CLICK HERE for more information on Sephora and their membership levels!

[Update: I got another makeover on December 28th, 2016 if you would like to read about it HERE]

Have you had a Sephora makeover? How was your experience? Thanks so much for reading this post and I look forward to hearing from you!


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