Nail Polish Declutter

March 1st is, in my mind, the first day of spring and thus, time to start spring cleaning! For me this means getting back into my decluttering challenge which I started last year. Unfortunately, it soon got put on hold when my external hard drive died and all the content I had recorded (we’re talking HOURS of video and hundreds of pictures for the declutter challenge alone) became inaccessible and unrecoverable. So instead of the hardcore marathon of Marie Kondo-ing that I had been doing, I hit that road block and then the debilitating monstrosity that is my “paper” category. But I’m getting back to it!

In any case, I will try my best to share the lessons I’ve learned thus far and documenting the rest of the process as I continue. I was able to refilm my nail polish declutter, which in all honesty was the most fun to go through anyway. Enjoy!

Also since filming this declutter, I may have accidentally acquired a couple new nail polish colours. Oops.

The first two were ones I technically owned while filming this, they just weren’t in my possession at the time. I had placed my order from KL Polish, but as they don’t ship internationally I had them delivered to my US mailbox and hadn’t gone to pick them up yet. Anyway, these are “Taurus” and “Taurus 2“. I am not quite sure what the status of KL Polish is right now (closing? under new management?), and as of this post I haven’t tried these colours so I can’t speak to what I think of them either way.

Two other new additions are Orly’s “Rage” and China Glaze’s “Show ‘Em Who’s Blossom“. The latter is next on the manicure docket for me, since I feel like it’s the perfect start of March colour… not quite SPRING but definitely taking baby steps in that direction.

All the polish links on this page go directly to the sites I purchased them on with no affiliate codes or anything attached. Mostly because I was too lazy to log in to my MagicLinks account haha.

Thanks so much for checking out this post! I hope you’re having a great weekend and HAPPY MARCH! 🙂


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