Sephora Favorites “Meet Your Match” Review

I have an obsession. Well, actually, I have many… but this blog post is going to focus on just one of those.

Sephora Favorites.

I’ve blogged a bit about these curated sets that Sephora offers and have professed my love for them many times. Basically, Sephora occasionally releases sets with certain themes of beauty related products. These provide a way for people to try a bunch of different products to find favourites amongst them, for a lesser cost than it would be to buy the products individually.

The trick is, they go fast. You can check out the sets that are currently in stock HERE. If you see a set you like online or in store, it’s best to scoop it up while you can because it is hard to know whether it will sell out quickly, or if it does, if they will be restocked. I check the Sephora website on a regular basis just to see when new (or restocked) sets get added.

One set that has been on there forever is the Sephora Favorites “Meet Your Match”. Most sets that I see will last a couple weeks to a month or two at most. Meet Your Match has been available for over two years. My impression was that hey, maybe it’s REALLY bad and just no one is buying them, but with a rating of just over four out of five stars, this doesn’t seem to be the case. So I was intrigued.

Meet Your Match is a Sephora Favorites set that includes three nail polishes and three coordinating lip products. The name of the game is to “match” your nails to your lip colour, and I’m all about matching so it sounded right up my alley. I didn’t buy this throughout 2014 and 2015 because I had acrylic nails from the end of 2012 until January of this year, and my existing nail polish collection was sitting unused by everyone except my kid neighbour whenever she asked if I could paint her nails. Regardless of my love/lust of these sets, it didn’t seem justifiable when I wouldn’t be using 50% of it.

After I took off my fake nails and started growing out my natural nails, I decided it was time to get back into doing them myself. So, I treated myself to the Meet Your Match set.

Photo 2016-05-06, 5 23 09 PMMy first reaction upon receiving the set (I ordered it online) was WOW this is small. Like much smaller than I expected. I’m not sure what exactly I had expected, but it was something a bit more substantial. The size is comparable to three CD’s stacked on top of one another.

Aside from that initial disappointment I was still excited to try these products. I decided to test them out one at a time and only wear the lip product when I was wearing the corresponding nail polish. A little OCD, but hey… I know where I get my kicks.

The set contains three colour families with two products each (the respective nail polish and lip colour). The three colours included are purple (leaning on the magenta side), nude, and coral (more on the orange side). As is stated on Sephora’s website these are “the season’s most popular shades”… the season of reference, of course, being Summer 2014. They are nice and were definitely on trend for two summers ago. I was most excited about the purples, most hesitant when it came to the corals, and pretty neutral when it came to the nude… ironically.

Photo 2016-05-06, 5 23 17 PM

(Note: All polishes were applied on my natural nails with OPI Nail Envy (matte formula) as a base coat and OPI Top Coat.)

Photo 2016-05-07, 4 11 13 PMThe first “match” I tried was the two nude products. These included the nail polish “Invincible” from Sephora’s Formula X line, and the lip gloss “Child” from Hourglass Cosmetics.    Photo 2016-05-06, 5 24 26 PM

In terms of nail polish, I’m kind of a stickler for brands and stay pretty loyal to OPI, Essie, and China Glaze. I’ve always been tempted to try the Sephora brand because they have so many colours, but never had until this set gave me the excuse. “Invincible” (available HERE in full size) is described as “warm vanilla” but I found it to be more cool toned. I thought it was very similar to OPI’s You’re So Vain-illa, but a bit less pink. Of the three polishes, this had the nicest formula by far. It covered nicely with one coat but for true opacity required two. I did apply it over old (chipped) Nail Envy so there was a bit of unevenness, but I’m not attributing that to Formula X at all  It lasted almost a full week on my nails without chipping, which is unheard of for me. I will definitely be purchasing more polishes in this line. Photo 2016-05-07, 4 08 51 PM

“Child” (available HERE in full size) is described as pale pink beige. It is a gloss from Hourglass’ Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss collection and definitely lives up to it’s name. It’s shiny and full of sheen, all right! In general I use lip gloss more than any other formula of lip product so I feel I know my stuff when it comes to these. I really did like Child, I have a similar lipgloss by Hourglass but it is a dark red colour that isn’t as wearable for me personally. This nude is almost transparent, which I personally appreciate. The worst thing for me is when you have a nude lip product that makes it look like you just slathered mayo or peanut butter over your mouth. I am in my third month of Accutane treatment so my lips have been pretty brutal and angry, so I have been limited to what lip products I can wear. This lasted me a couple hours (which is a lot for both a gloss and especially with being on Accutane) but I couldn’t reapply directly without it looking really lumpy and gross. I had to wipe off my lips with a cloth and then reapply. I mean, this is mostly #accutaneproblems, but is good to note. I liked this colour (or rather, lack thereof) and the formula was nice so I might give that red another try! The one downside I found was that this lipgloss is TINY. You can really see in the above picture that my fingers look gigantic in comparison. Normally I don’t mind small sized products, because I can use them up and don’t feel guilty about wasting them, but this being a very wearable colour means I will actually easily use it up and that just sucks haha. Also, each product averages out to $5 CAD which is pretty fair, but for this size I don’t know if the value is truly there?


Overall I really liked the nude pairing and would recommend both the colours and the brands! It was a bit of a bummer how small the Hourglass gloss truly is, as most of the packaging is just that- packaging, and the amount of gloss is quite minimal. I just know I will run out quickly, and I’m not sure if I want to fork out $33 for the full size.


Next, I tried the purples. These included the polish “Devonshire Row” from the brand Nails Inc. and the lip gloss “Strangefruit” from Bite Beauty. Neither of these products are for sale individually on the Sephora Canada website.


Nails Inc. is one of those polish brands I’ve always seen on Instagram and YouTube but never actually tried. My first impression when purchasing Meet Your Match was that Devonshire Row would be the most wearable polish for me, and would be good as both a toe and a finger polish shade. I really did like it, a blue-toned magenta that went with most of my outfits and was quite flattering on my skin tone. I got lots of complements too, which was really nice. However, I wasn’t crazy about the formula. I am going to attribute this to the set being two years old, so perhaps the polish would have been better when these sets were first made but then again, I have polishes that are 5+ years that are way more manageable than this. It felt like the polish was sticky and dragging along my nail and was really clumping up. My nerve disorder makes painting my nails difficult as it is, so polishes like this really emphasize that and as such I probably won’t be reaching for this colour on a regular basis. It is, however, pretty unique in that I don’t have anything similar to it in my own collection, the closest being OPI’s Get Cherried Away, so that’s a plus. It did cover opaque after two (thick, albeit) coats and it lasted relatively well, about five days before chipping. Overall it was nice once it was on, but the process of painting my nails was a hassle and even after drying the polish had a bit of a texture due to the unevenness


Of all the lip products I have, the brand I have the most of is Bite Beauty. I discovered the brand via MakeupTia on YouTube and just the fact that it’s handmade, a Canadian brand, and natural based… I can’t help myself. To be honest, Dragonfruit is what initially attracted me to this set. I have Bite’s Mauvember lipstick and totally love the more purple hue, so I thought Dragonfruit would be the gloss answer to that. But holy cow… is it ever pink. Like… Professor Umbridge during a wild phase in her twenties would have slathered this on her mouth. Probably. It was quite shocking when I put it on although it photographed really nicely. It’s definitely a gloss I’ll have to get used to, but I didn’t dislike it. It was quite a bit thinner than the Hourglass gloss although I didn’t layer as much to avoid further pigmentation. It wasn’t a very Accutane friendly formula as it did gather around and highlight the dry skin on my lips, so I’ll have to keep testing it out and see if I can get it to work for me. Side note, it did smell really nice!


Even though I was most excited about the purples and felt they would be the most flattering for me, they were the most… surprising, to put it one way. I think the Nails Inc. formula had gone bad and the shock of Dragonfruit’s pinkness put me off a bit. I will just have to play around with these products to see if I can get them to work better for me!


Lastly I did the corals. The two products in this colour family were the nail polish “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Deborah Lippmann and the lip tint “Elite” from Tarte’s Lipsurgence line. Again, I was unable to find either of these individual products on Sephora’s website.


Out of everything in the set, I was most hesitant about the Deborah Lippmann polish. I don’t think I can pull off reds and oranges very well in general, especially on my nails. However, I have always seen Deborah Lippman as more of a fancy high end nail polish brand so I figured it would be worth a try! First, the formula was awful. Like I never knew what a “jelly” consistency was when I read nail polish reviews, until now. It took four coats to get semi-opacity, although you could still see the smile lines on a couple of my nails. Each coat was like someone had put a couple drops of orange paint into water. It took ages to get it to look nice, and even then I wasn’t happy with how it turned out. I squared off my nails for this one, but can’t see that making too much of a difference. Once it was on and done, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the colour. It was perfect for June and a great summer shade. In natural light it actually looks more like a watermelon colour, and I got quite a few complements. Unfortunately, it actually chipped the day after I painted them so I didn’t even get 24 hours out of my efforts. I’m going to try again with a different top coat and see if that makes a difference, but overall this was my least favourite product out of the set.


As a generalization, I really like Tarte products. Their packaging and branding is always on point and everything I have, I love. I was intrigued by this product. On one hand I was nervous about the colour being too orange but on the other, it’s Tarte. I was actually really pleasantly surprised. It applies like a lip crayon, which I’m not generally crazy about, but this was just lovely. It went on smooth and creamy, was fairly moisturizing and was a really nice shade leaning more to the watermelon side of the spectrum. It didn’t last very long (#accutaneproblems) but I was able to reapply without it looking too clumpy. I think out of everything in the set, this was my favourite.


The corals were daunting to me, and ended up being the most polarizing of the pairs!

Overall I did like this set. It caused me to leave my safety zone and I really enjoyed matching my lips and tips (haha)! I really hope Sephora does another set similar to this in the future (imagine this but in fall colours… total heart-eye-emoji!!), or just a nail polish centric one!

Sephora Favorites Meet Your Match is available in some Sephora stores and on their website for $30 CAD.

Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope you have a great day!



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