TenTree #MysteryBag Unboxing Part II

TenTree Apparel is a Canadian clothing company who, for each item purchased, plants ten trees somewhere in the world. Erica has always been a huge fan of them and while I had always debated purchasing something, I never took the plunge. Until #MysteryBag. TenTree came out with the idea of releasing, in limited quantities, “mystery bags” that would would each contain five randomly selected items for the requested size and gender. I was instantly curious of what TenTree would “choose” to put in my bag, and with Erica having a discount code, was easily persuaded into purchasing one. Fast forward a little bit, and I posted a video on YouTube of myself and Erica “unboxing” our TenTree Mystery Bags.

A few weeks after the video was posted in May, TenTree contacted me through Instagram and YouTube asking if they could use my video in a future e-mail blast to promote more Mystery Bags. Without a second thought I said yes, just excited at the prospect of buying another one and, by extension, planting fifty MORE trees!

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.48.53 PM

Months passed and during the summer I was camping with my family and using the horrible wifi connection to check my e-mail. There was one from TenTree! As a thank you they wanted to send both Erica and I our own Mystery Bags from the second batch. I cannot even explain how incredibly exciting this was.

When they arrived I did a “photo” unboxing instead of a video with all intentions of getting a blog post up right after receiving it… but they arrived in September and it is now December. Oops. I can blame it on school and work and life in general but hey, better late than never right?

IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0704


My first item was an orange hoodie. At first I was taken aback from the bright tangerine colour but I now absolutely love it. It’s thicker and warmer than the hoodie I got in my first mystery bag and I’m actually wearing it as I write this post. It’s fun and unexpected but SO cozy and comfy!


The large blue tag that you can see is what holds the tree code. It’s a serial number type mash of numbers and letters that you plug into the TenTree website and can keep track of the trees that the TenTree team plants on your behalf!IMG_0710

The second item was this heathered v-neck. I actually received this exact one in my first bag but I have some creative plans for it. The tree code tag for this shirt is a green and brown instead of blue. IMG_0712

This purple shirt is amazing. As someone who wears a “size L” in most clothing for many reasons, the number one is because I like length. I am tall and it is hard to find tops that cover everything, aren’t too clingy, and don’t ride up. This shirt checks all the boxes and it is INSANELY soft.IMG_0713

This shirt was definitely the most unique of the bunch. It is an olive green/ grey/ taupe colour with a cute aztec print. It’s more of a stretchy materials and has drapey sleeves. IMG_0714

The logo on this pink shirt is probably my favourite. It is a super comfy material and a bright magenta/ hot pink colour with sporty gray details.IMG_0715

As a bonus TenTree included this “mini #mysterybag” with some pins. I literally AWWW’d out loud when I saw it.  IMG_0718

Also included are a sticker (I got two!) and a transfer to TenTree-ify something else. IMG_0720  IMG_0722

I want to extend the most sincerest of thank you’s to TenTree and everyone on their team (Erin, specifically for her updates and always friendly e-mails) who make it such an amazing company. I am beyond grateful for the complimentary #mysterybag and for every item I have received. This post and the video that preceded it are not sponsored in any way and my opinions are 100% my own. I wholeheartedly recommend checking out TenTree, their amazing quality products, the wonderful things they do for our environment, and their various social media, especially Instagram (definite IG feed goals!). Mystery Bags aren’t currently available but they do seem to be seasonal, so I definitely recommend checking their site every so often for updates.

This is a nice little segue! When I was looking at their site to copy the link for this post, I saw Mystery Bags were online! I didn’t receive an e-mail announcing them so they might have been lower quantities this time around. For the last month Erica and I have been annoyingly asking each other what we want for Christmas… and we settled on it! Today (only one day shipping!) the package arrived with both of our Winter 2015 Mystery Bags. I ordered both to get the 10% first time buyer discount (Erica got it the first time around). The suspense is killing me because I can’t open the box until Erica and I can get together next week! Stay tuned for a #MysteryBag Unboxing Part III! 🙂

(UPDATE EDIT: You can watch our third #MysteryBag unboxing HERE!)

Thanks so much for reading (and watching!).



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