The OPI Nail Polish I Collected Across North America

Before leaving on a three month road trip across Canada and the United States I decided I was going to minimize souvenirs and try to only get myself a mug from each place, plus a couple little things if they were something special. Of course, I also ended up in many shopping centres and malls so aside from my many, many mugs I ended up with quite the collection of nail polish. While the mugs and other souvenirs are something I picked up for that purpose, the nail polish is kind of cool in that I bought it because, yes… I love nail polish and liked the specific colour, but these colours also now hold a special significance for me because of where I purchased or wore each one. Probably weird, but I can’t control my odd sentimentality over things like this.

I filmed a haul showing off the OPI nail polishes I picked up everywhere from Winners in West Edmonton Mall to Ulta in Winchester, Virgina and shared some little stories behind some of them!

All colours are OPI so I won’t write that for each one. It would be redundant. And start to look weird.

  1. Designer Series Stonewashed Set including DS Charcoal and DS Top Coat.
  2. Big Apple Red (originally from the Fall 2000 New York City Collection, now in the Classics line)
  3. Avoplex Cuticle Oil
  4. Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? (from the Fall 2014 Nordic Collection)
  5. I Am What I Amethyst (from the 2016 Soft Shades Collection)
  6. The Taupe of the Iceberg & Rebel Without A Moss (Ulta Exclusives from the Fall 2017 Iceland Collection)
  7. Never a Dulles Moment & Freedom of Peach (from the Fall 2016 Washington, DC Collection)
  8. I Cannoli Wear OPI (from the Fall 2015 Venice Collection)
  9. 35 Years of OPI: Love Your Nails set 
  10. 35 Years of OPI: Treat Me Right set
  11. Up Front & Personal (from a mystery Brights collection???)
  12. Chocolate Moose (from the Fall 2004 Canadian Collection)
  13. Mini Iceland Set (I wrote a blog post about them HERE)

Thanks so much for checking out this post! Are there any polishes on your wishlist? I’d love to hear from you!



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