Wishlist Wednesday: Lust List

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// shortalls // vest // black slip ons // plaid slip ons // bracelet // sweater // toms // iMac // runners //

Today I’m doing another Wishlist Wednesday post! If you’d like to check out my previous posts in this little series, you can find them HERE.

This wishlist is more of a “lust list”… things I don’t need but still sigh over and stroke longingly when I see them in the stores. The little collage isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as my last one… but you can tell I have a thing for shoes.



  1. Topshop MOTO Short Denim Dungaree: So fun fact… until like two months ago I thought this was pronounced “dunagree” and didn’t figure out that wasn’t the case until I wasn’t getting any results when I searched for that spelling. So we’ll stick with “shortalls”. This was more a trend of last summer and I never was totally convinced until I saw this pair with more coverage in the back, longer length and cuffed bottoms. They’re presently too expensive to justify (especially since I can’t find them in Canada/ Canadian dollar) for something I’ll only wear a couple months out of the year and probably only around the house or camping. I totally wore these way past the time they were acceptable in the 90’s and early 2000’s but I am all over the idea of shorts that give you more coverage.
  2. Olive Green Military Vest: I don’t have my heart set on this particular one, it was just the closest to what I’m looking for. The one I used for this collage is actually a legit vest for fishermen and wilderness folk. My intention is like… to wear it over a sundress so definitely not necessary to go all out. The one I saw first is from Abercrombie, it’s still in all their promotional pictures on the website even though it’s not in stock. I tried it on in store back when I was in Connecticut but couldn’t justify the $80+ price tag… especially since it was in USD. I found a similar one at Aritzia that is on sale for $85 but it’s not really the shade of olive I’m looking for (I know, I’m annoying). I also saw one online at Charlotte Russe that’s much more affordable at $30 but as there aren’t any CR stores around me. I would have to order it without being able to try it on and both vests and Charlotte Russe clothing are the kinds of things that involve necessary try-ons. I’m hoping I’ll stumble upon one at H&M or Forever 21 that’s affordable but more along the lines of what I’m looking for.
  3. Perf Leather Slip-On Vans: I actually had a crush on the quilted style of these shoes but when I tried some Steve Madden ones on they just made my feet look weird. The perforated style of these have really grown on me and with my current ride or die black slip ons nearing their grave, I’m in the market for a good pair of go-tos. Plus I figure when it comes to this style of shoes, Vans is where its at. I’ll stick to Steve Madden when it comes to boots.
  4. Kate Spade Slip-on Keds: These aren’t available anymore (boo) but I have been eyeing them for ages. I’m hoping they release similar ones this fall.
  5. Kate Spade in the stars Taurus Bangle: This combines my two loves: Kate Spade and Astrology. Each different sign has a different message on the back, and this one is “she’s one of a kind”. I just walk into the Kate Spade store and stare at it. If the bracelet was a person it would be very uncomfortable around me.
  6. Kale Sweater: I’ve wanted one of these for ages but again, can’t justify the price. When I was in Connecticut I saw someone wearing what I thought was one of these but then realized it was the actual Yale sweater. Because Yale is in Connecticut. I felt pretty silly.
  7. Olive Green Toms: Those black slip ons I said are dying? Yeah, it’s my black Toms. Those and my gray ones are both nearing the end and I really like the olive ones but they’re so hard to find in store.
  8. iMac: The ultimate of something on a lust list. I’ve wanted an iMac for close to ten years but at the steep price tag it’s just not possible. My Windows desktop is ten years old and in computer years, that’s senility territory. For now it’s just a giant Sims machine, but if I ever won the lottery the first thing I would buy is an iMac.
  9. Nike Roshe One Flynit Running Shoes: I have three pairs of Nikes. One is black and white. Thus, I definitely do not need and cannot justify these ones… but they’re so pretty… and I mean, totally different from the ones I have. Erica has Flynit ones as well and raves about how comfortable they are, so maybe one day!

What’s on your lust list? Thank you so much for reading this post!


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